Why Does My Dog Want His Collar On? (Answered)

Why Does My Dog Want His Collar On

Dogs are one of the most loyal and loving animals that you can pet. They are very observant and intelligent creatures and respond very well to their surroundings. Most people prefer to pet a dog because they are perfect companions to keep at home.

Dogs not only get attached to people and surroundings but also to things such as toys, collars, harnesses, etc. Being a dog owner, I have observed several times that my dog gets excited seeing his things, especially his collar. He starts to wiggle his tail and comes running to me as soon as he sees his collar. I bet you will have also observed such behavior in your dog. 

Have you ever thought why is it so? Why does my dog want his collar on? Why does your dog get excited seeing its collar? Why does my dog love his collar? Why does it not let you remove the collar? These are some weird acts of dogs that we all are confused about but these are their way of expressing their emotions.

There are many reasons behind this behavior of your dog. If you are anxious about knowing it then you must keep reading.

Why Does My Dog Want His Collar On?

Your dog may like wearing his collar because it makes him feel safe and familiar, like a cozy hug. The collar might have a familiar scent, making him happy. Also, he might know that it’s time for a walk or play when the collar is on, so he gets excited for the fun times!

Another Example? Here it is

Dogs like their collar because it’s like a happy sign for them to do fun things! Imagine when you wear your favorite clothes for a cool day. The collar tells your dog it’s time for walks, treats, and play, making it like a special party outfit that brings joy and excitement!

Why does my dog want his collar

4 Detailed Reasons Why Dogs Might Like Collars

You will be surprised to see that as soon as your dog gets used to the collar, it will start loving it so much that he/she will not even let you remove it. But why is that so?

Reasons why dogs might like coll

1# Your Dog Has Bonding With Collar

Dogs become very possessive of their collars as for many, it is the first thing that you as their owner gifted them thus they develop a special bond with that collar and consider it very special. That is why they love wearing it, even all the time.

2# Your Dog Embrace The Collar

It will take a lot of effort to make your dog familiar with the collar and make them wear it daily. But once you succeed in this task, your dog will feel like it’s routine to wear the collar and will feel the collar as a part of themselves and will feel incomplete without wearing it. 

3# Dog Loves The Texture & Feel Of The Collar

Dog collars also provide external stimuli that dogs love. They like the texture and feel of the collar and get so used to it that they start to feel irritated without it. The warmth and presence of something around their neck gradually became their favorite thing about collars.

4# Collar Make Your Dog Feel Secure

Dogs wear collars with their names on them for safety. They love their collars because it makes them feel secure. The collar is like their special name tag, and they should always keep it so they don’t get lost.

Should Dogs Need To Wear Collars All The Time?

No doubt, it is very important to put a collar on your dog whenever taking it in public. In fact, laws also force you to do the same. But…

Keeping the collar on for so long can start irritation on the dog’s skin and lead to many skin problems and no one will want that. So a simple formula to follow is just to use a collar when needed. 

For example, if you have a playful dog who loves playing outdoors, put on a collar if you are taking it to a public place or public park. But if it is just playing near your house or at home, there is no need to put on a collar. Many experts are also against putting collars on at home, especially at night time. This results in different types of injuries that can be problematic for the dog. 

Another reason for not using a collar all the time is that accessories that are attached to the collar can also injure your dog while playing alone or with other dogs. So try to use a collar within a certain limit.

Dog collars come with a lot of problems along with their useful purposes. Your dog may have to face different health problems that are mainly due to dog collars. Dr. Barbara Hodges, a veterinary advisor says that even a well-fitted collar can be dangerous for your dog if it is used to tie up a dog in the backyard.

So the best is to use the collar when needed!

When Is The Right Time To Take A Dog’s Collar Off?

As I have mentioned above it is not recommended to put a collar on a dog 24/7. You should just keep it on when necessary.

But, when is the right time to take off your dog’s collar? The answer is pretty simple. As soon as your dog’s day is over you should take off its collar so that it can become comfortable and sleep well. 

When is the right time to take a dog’s collar off

Taking the collar off the dog is also the choice of the owner. Whenever you feel that now my dog does not need a collar, you can take it off. But in this case, you may have to put it back again in case you have to take it out or for any other activity. That is why the best time to take the collar off is the night time just before your dog’s bedtime. 

Other than nighttime, there are certain events when you have to take off your dog’s collar.

  1. When you have to wash the collar, you have to remove it from your dog
  2. When it’s time for your dog to go inside the crate. Then it’s recommended to remove the collar
  3. When taking your dog to groomers for washing or a haircut, you will have to remove the collar
  4. If you have to take the dog for some medical procedure, you have to remove the collar
  5. In case your dog gets collar marks

My dog became anxious at the start whenever I tried to remove his collar. He started to smell and lick his collar for a long time because collars have a dog’s smell on them but gradually he understood that collars need to be removed sometimes.

Common Question:

Why does my dog lick his collar when I take it off?

Dogs usually lick their collars as soon as you remove them. This is due to the smell and affection that they have for their collar.

Do dogs like their collars taken off?

Dogs do not like to take off their collars because they develop a personal attachment to the collar. Also, they are very possessive and do not like when their things are taken away. But if their collar is uncomfortable then they will become happy to take off the collar.

Are collars uncomfortable for dogs?

Generally, collars are made very light, comfortable, and breathable so that dogs can wear them anywhere and at any time. But some collars can be uncomfortable for your dog as well, especially if your dog has sensitive skin.

Why does my dog growl when taking his collar off?

It is very common for a dog to growl when taking off his collar and there can be many underlying reasons for this act such as discomfort from the collar, possessiveness for a collar, or any injury etc. if your dog is injured then it becomes afraid that you will hurt him more so he may start to growl telling you not to touch him.

Why is my puppy scratching his collar?

Wearing a collar is not like dogs from the start which is why it is pretty normal for them to scratch their collar due to irritation or discomfort. But for the safe side, you should check the collar in case it is not properly fit or causes an allergy to the dog.

Is it ok for a dog to sleep with his collar on?

No, you should never let your dog sleep with a collar on because it can get hurt by the collar and you will not even know about it till morning. So it can be very dangerous. Also, sleeping with a collar can be uncomfortable for the dog.

What should you consider about your dog allowing you to take off its collar?

While removing your dog’s collar it is very important that your dog remain calm or else you can hurt him in the process. If your dog has a neck injury then you must ask your vet to properly guide you on how you should remove the collar


Summarizing the discussion, it is important to know that there can be many reasons why your dog wants the collar on and sometimes even at home. They cannot express their emotions through words so they use different means to communicate with their owners. It is normal for dogs to get attached to their things with the passage of time. 

Also, it is very important to follow the correct guidelines for collars while putting them on your dog. Even if your dog doesn’t want it to be removed, you must make them understand that collars should be removed at night.

In the end, make sure that you have fitted the collar properly otherwise it can harm your pet in a bad way. It is very important to remember that our furry friends rely on us for care and love so don’t ever neglect them.

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