Why Does My Dog Sleep Under The Covers?

Why Does My Dog Sleep Under The Covers

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Usually, when someone asks a question to me I like to answer precisely. But the answer to this question “Why does my dog sleep under the covers” requires in-depth knowledge and a bit of knowledge about the history.

So, I am going to do the same. The answer to the question lies somewhere in the history of dogs.

First of all, dogs were not meant to be pets, our ancestors started to train them as guard dogs, shepherds, and hunting dogs. So, they can use them for guarding their large places, for herding a large number of sheep, and as hunters. Before that dogs used to live in dens like moles and groundhogs in order to protect themselves from wild hunters and dogs themselves were hunters of small prey.

Because of dog ancestors’ habit of hiding in dens, today’s dogs like to sleep under cover, bed, or blanket. It’s the instinct of dogs. However, sometimes they do it for the comfort and security of their natural sleep environment or when they feel nervous.

Why Does My Dog Sleep Under The
A dog hides his face under the cover

Final Thoughts on Why Does My Dog Sleep Under the Covers

Now I hope that you know that a dog’s sleeping under the blanket isn’t something to be worried about. If your dog is hiding under a cover, blanket, or even bed then it simply means that the dog wants to feel comfortable and that’s that!

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