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Emma Murphy – MyPetDoggie and Lead Editor

this is emma murphy

Emma is a dog owner named Petdoggie.

She loves to have a pet and has so much knowledge about them and that’s why she started Mypetdoggie.com to share her knowledge with other dog owners.

Pet Specialist, Pet Behavior Analyst: University of South Dakota

So, what you read above was my introduction! My mom taught me how to care for pets and from the knowledge I got from her and some other knowledge I have regarding dogs. I started MyPetDoggie to help others with their pets too!

You can contact me via:

Email: [email protected]

Address: 807 C St, Ellensburg, Washington (WA) 98926

Sarah Parker – Editor and Optimizer

I am sarah parker

Sarah knows how to optimize articles and make them perfect for readers.

Sarah got her editing skills from her last job at an SEO firm. Now she works at MyPetDoggie to show her love for pets and dogs especially. She got herself a beautiful Retriever and use Garmin BarkLimiter for his training.

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