Why Do People Wear Dog Collars? They Do Because of This

Why Do People Wear Dog Collars

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Everyone knows the use of dog collars, but you may have seen a trend of people wearing dog collars and must have thought, what type of fashion is that? Why are they wearing a collar that is made for dogs? Are they imprisoned by someone or what?

To get answers to all these questions, you may need to find out the actual reason behind this trend. What are people’s beliefs or reasons behind wearing dog collars? Starting from symbolic significance to some personal reasons, there can be many causes.

Today, we will discuss our article about dog collars, what are they, what the law says about their use, and most importantly, why do people wear dog collars. So, if you are also curious to discover the reason behind wearing dog collars, continue to read!

History Of Dog Collars:

Dog collars date back to the ancient civilizations of Egypt and Greece. Earlier, they were used for decorative as well as practical purposes. Collars were available in materials like leather, metal, or some even from shells. With time, spikes were introduced on these collars, particularly during the Roman Empire. These spiked collars were used to protect dogs from hunters and predators. 

Dog Collars (1)
A dog wearing a stylish dog collar

Dog collars were a sign that this dog had an owner. As time passed, these collars also evolved. Dog collars are now available in different materials like polyester, nylon, etc. They also contain many new features like safety buckles, reflective elements, e-collars, etc. People started using them for other purposes and connecting their beliefs with dog collars. 

Dog collars started to hold a special place in society. They became symbols of confidence, rebellion, power, dominance, etc. They became connected to unique cultures and communities that made it part of their lives. Thus, this is how dog collars evolved from just being used for dogs to start getting involved in our cultures and societies. 

Why Do People Wear Dog Collars?

People that wear dog collars (choker) represent their association with different cultures. The most commonly known cultures that involve wearing dog collars are goth, punk, etc. It is a ritual to wear dog collars in these cultures. Some wear them just because wearing collar is STYLISH and FASHIONABLE.

Students wearing collars (Choker) representing Goth Culture | Image by Freepik

Dog collars are used as dog training tools and to attach name tags to dog identification. It symbolizes a dog being officially registered and owned by someone. While the primary purpose of collars is for dogs, you may have seen them used by humans for different reasons. This is becoming common day by day. While it was used for cultural significance in the past, now people also wear them in fashion. 

From ancient times, dog collars have also been worn by people due to various reasons and concepts. Some wear it due to personal attachment or love for someone, while others wear it following particular cultures or beliefs. People also wear it because they find it cool and fashionable. 

Here are some main reasons why people love to wear dog collars.

Cultural Associations:

Dog collars are trendy in some cultures. People wear dog collars in certain cultures to identify as belonging to that culture. That collar represents power and ownership related to that culture. It symbolizes being connected to that culture and sharing your interests with that culture.

The most commonly known cultures that involve wearing dog collars are goth, punk, etc. It is a ritual to wear dog collars in these cultures (as said above). It is an identification mark that tells others that this person belongs to this culture.

Personal Expression:

People also wear dog collars because they like to wear them. Just as you want to wear jewelry or watches, they love to wear collars and make them part of their personalities.

Also, for many people, these collars hold some personal expression and connection, due to which they make it compulsory for themselves to wear collars. These collars give them a feeling of protection or courage, due to which they make it part of their everyday lives.

Sensory Stimulation:

Dog collars can also psychologically affect someone due to how they wear them. Many people find it very comfortable to wear collars, giving them a sense of comfort and security. Having something around the neck giving pressure becomes their habit, and they feel uncomfortable without it. Thus, with collars, they feel complete.

Fashion And Style:

Dog collars are also becoming a fashion trend for all other reasons. People wear them as they think they look STYLISH and FASHIONABLE on them. People even customize them using different materials or accessories such as spikes, studs, etc. This unique accessory makes their outfit more glamorous. They are becoming more common in the fashion industry.

Identification And Safety:

Dog collars are usually used to keep your dog safe by putting a name tag on it. Similarly, some people use these collars for identification and safety purposes. They put their information on the collar, which makes it easier for them to get back to their group or ask for help in case they get lost.

Also, dog collars have reflective and high visibility features that make you look cool and offer good visibility during night activities. This makes sure that you do not get lost on dark nights.

Which Subcultures Have Associations With Dog Collars?

Wearing a dog collar can be just a fashion for someone, but it may hold a great meaning for someone else. Many subcultures have close associations with wearing dog collars.

They have associated many different meanings with these collars such as courage, protection, etc. so, for them a dog collar is no less than a precious thing. Here are some of those cultures that include dog collars.

Subcultures Have Associations With Dog Collars

Goth Subculture:

Goth is a music-based culture known for its “DARK AESTHETICS”. People in this culture wear dog collars, making them look more dark. They wear collars made up of leather and often decorated with spikes. Although chokers are now replacing these collars, the real goths still prefer dog collars.

Punk Subculture:

Punks are very similar to goths. They also have a dark and aesthetic fashion style and are known for their rebellious nature. They wear dog collars as a symbol of rebellion and anti-establishment fashion. These collars are usually decorated with spikes and studs.

Collaring yourself:

Apart from all communities, some people also love to wear dog collars as their personal preference. They feel comfortable and protected in those collars. Some people may also wear them due to personal attachment, either with any pet or a memory. As a girly juice blogger, Kate Sloan writes, “Even when I’m single, collars bring me comfort. They are like an encouragement from a hypothetical future partner or the bravest part of my inner self.”

Criticism and Controversies in Wearing Dog Collars as Human:

Although wearing dog collars is quite a trend now, many people criticize this practice. As different people have different points of view, there are many controversies about this practice. People consider it unethical and unnecessary.

They also object that it is a violation of human rights. Society has not accepted these people for a long time. Here are some of the controversies related to dog collars that are commonly seen.

Criticism and Controversies
An Image of Collar, now known as Choker

Society’s norms:

People consider wearing dog collars against the norms of society. People think of it as a tool for attention seeking or over-sexual, so they are against wearing it. These concerns are generally raised by people with backward thinking or belonging to a specific set of ideas and cultures without space for introducing new ideas.

Animal Rights:

Another debate is that dog collars are specifically for dogs, so they should be used only for dogs. Using it as a fashion accessory exploits the concept behind collaring. So, the things that belong to dogs should only belong to dogs and should not be misused by humans for their concerns.

Personal Safety:

As dog collars can sometimes hurt dogs, they can also be a safety threat to humans. People wearing dog collars usually decorate them with accessories like metal prongs, studs, spikes, etc. These sharp objects can even kill you if mistakenly forced into your neck. Also, collars can even choke you or cause skin allergies, etc. which is why many people are against wearing them.

Legal issues:

In some areas, there may also be a set of rules about using collars. In such cases, you are not allowed to wear a collar if your government forbids it, or you can be punished or fined for it.

Cultural issues:

As discussed above, collars are related to many cultures and are used as symbols for that culture. When these people see other communities wearing collars, they consider it offensive and declare it as misusing those collars. They have a personal connection with those collars, which hold specific meanings for them that they think other people cannot understand. Thus, they oppose wearing collars in other communities.

Approaching a Person Wearing a Dog Collar

It is human nature that when he sees something odd, it raises many questions in his mind. Similarly, when you see someone wearing a dog collar, you may have many questions and need to learn precisely how to behave. Many people start making assumptions about such people who they see wearing collars. 

But here are three simple things that you must remember whenever you see someone wearing collars:

Never touch someone’s collar:

Dog collars can be very special to the one who is wearing them. You might become curious about what that thing is and want to touch it, but wait to do that! Touching someone’s collar means intruding into his personal space, which that person may not like. It is considered a rude and disrespected act. So, if you are too curious about the collar, ask the other person if you can see the collar.

Do not make assumptions:

Try only to assume someone is wearing a collar if you know the exact reason. Everyone has their preferences, so try not to interfere in their life. Also, don’t coracoid correcting on how they should wear the collar, as there is no such correct way. Everyone has their way. So always keep an open mind towards such people, or else it will affect your relationship with that person.

Ask them out:

If you are unsure about why a person is wearing a dog collar and want to find out the reason positively, then you may ask them about it. But make sure to do it in the right way and make sure that it does not hurt that person’s emotions. Chances are that person will happily tell you all about his or her collar and what it signifies.

Dog Collars for Dogs vs. Humans (Choker):

There is no wrong with wearing a dog collar, but as these collars are made for dogs, you might find it very uncomfortable. Materials used in dog collars are rigid, which can cause skin irritation. That is why unique collars are available for humans that look precisely like dog collars but are far more comfortable than dog collars. 

The primary difference between these two is that dog collars have a D-ring next to the buckle, while in human coolers, the D-ring is at the back of the neck. Also, human collars are made up of comfortable material.

While an option is available for humans, people still go for dog collars because human collars could be costly. People also prefer them because they wear dog coolers as some ritual or connection they could not find in human collars.

Common Question:

But what about wearing a collar outside of a relationship?

Although collars are usually worn due to some association with culture or showing a particular religion, if you want to wear a collar just because you feel it is pretty or like it, you can go for it. There is no restriction about wearing a collar. It has now become a fashion trend.

Who wears dog collars?

Apart from dogs, many people also like to wear dog collars. These generally include Christians, priests, goths, punks, etc. Many other people also wear collars due to some belief or personal attachment.

Why do Goths wear dog collars?

A dog collar is an essential accessory in goth culture. They wear it to create a darker and more dramatic look, which is the central theme of goth culture. It also shows their rebellious nature as a sign of belonging and sharing values with this culture.

Are there any specific styles of dog collars that people prefer to wear?

People’s preference for dog collars can vary to a great extent. Some people like simple leather dog collars, while some like collars decorated with spikes and studs. Thus, it depends on people and their tastes and what style they want.

Is it a new trend for people to wear dog collars?

No, the trend of wearing dog collars is not new but has been going on since ancient times. This practice was often seen in subcultures like punk and goth. But with time, this trend is becoming common and evolving as well.

Are there safety concerns associated with wearing dog collars?

Yes, specific safety concerns are associated with wearing dog collars, especially if they are made up of harmful material. Also, collars with spikes and studs are considered even more dangerous.


Dog collars have evolved from ancient times and are considered an excellent tool for controlling and also a fashionable accessory. They hold a great cultural history. Apart from dogs, collars hold significant value for many people as well. 

While it is a personal choice of every person to choose what to wear or not, one must remember the harms associated with wearing collars, such as skin irritation or choking. Also, if you wear a dog collar, you may face opposition and criticism from many people. 

Ultimately, the decision is yours if you want to wear a collar or not and what are the reasons behind wearing a collar. Also, make sure to be open-minded for others wearing dog collars. 

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