Should Dog Wear Collar In Crate? (No, It’s Dangerous)

Should Dog Wear Collar In Crate

If you are a dog owner who uses a crate frequently then it will be hard for you to decide whether your furry friend should be wearing a collar in the crate or not as I have seen people having arguments over it.

So, Should Dog Wear Collar in Crate?

Just like how we remove our tight belts and jewelry before bedtime to get comfortable, our dogs deserve the same hence; a dog shouldn’t wear any collar in the crate as it hinders the dog’s natural behavior. It also decreases the chance of misfortune when the dog is home alone.

Should Dogs Wear Collars In Crat
Image of a husky who is ready for his collar to get removed before going inside the crate

3 Reasons to Not Have a Dog in the Crate

Above is my quickest answer to the question, but if you want a deep explanation on why dog shouldn’t wear collars in the crate, then here are the 3 other reasons for it.

Benefits Of Using A Collar In Th
Image of a dog sleeping in his crate


There is a safety concern that a dog collar can get caught on crate bars or other objects which can lead to injuries, skin irritation, chafing, and choking in some unlucky cases. It is a particular concern if the crate has a wire design which is common among dog owners.


Again, I will use the same analogy as used in the above answer. Imagine your dog is like you when you wear tight jeans. You wouldn’t want to sleep in them, right? Well, dogs feel the same way about their collars. It’s like making them wear uncomfortable clothes, especially when they are in crates.


Putting a collar on your dog inside their crate can be risky as there ARE cases where a dog collar gets stuck on the crate bars leading to choking. This is more likely to happen with crates made of wire, where the collar can easily get caught in the openings. So, it’s better to take off the collar when your dog is in the crate to keep them safe and comfortable.

When Should You Not Put A Collar
Two dogs sleep together in the crate

Can Dogs Wear a Flea & Tick Collar in their Crate?

Flea & Tick Collars are less risky in crates compared to regular collars because they are designed with a singular purpose – to repel or eliminate pests. Unlike regular collars with additional features, flea & tick collars lack elements that could pose entanglement risks in confined spaces, making them a safer choice during crate time for dogs but still supervision is needed.

Precautions to Take If Crating Your Dog With Collar Is The Only Option

Precautions to Take When Crating
Image of a dog resting in his crate

I can list down thousands of reasoning on why dogs shouldn’t wear collars while in a crate but still, there may be situations where it seems necessary or practical to leave the collar on while in a crate such as aggression issues in dogs where keeping the collar on is considered as a safety measure. In that case, you can consider these precautions to reduce the chance of any risk.

Choose a Breakaway Collar: 

You should consider using a breakaway collar for your dog especially if they will be crated for extended periods. They are designed to release if they are caught on something reducing the risk of injury or choking.

Remove Hanging Tags:

If you’re in an emergency and there is no time to have a breakaway collar then remove any hanging tags or attachments from your dog’s collar before creating them. These tags are recorded reasons that get stuck in the crate or other objects that cause harm.

Make Sure the Collar is Well-Fitted:

Make sure the collar is appropriately fitted. It should be snug enough to prevent your dog from slipping out but not too tight as this will cause discomfort and can restrict breathing. 

And that’s how you CAN let your dog have a collar on while still in a crate.

Common Question:

Do dogs like to sleep without a collar?

Many dogs like to sleep without any collar as they feel more comfortable in it. Collars can be bothersome sometimes especially if they are too tight. However, some dogs do not mind wearing a collar when they sleep. So it depends, but removing the collar is recommended for better comfort.

Is it uncomfortable for dogs to wear collars?

Collars are sometimes uncomfortable particularly if they are tight or are made up of rough materials other than that tags and attachments that can dig into their skin can also cause discomfort. With time they do get used to wearing collars so gradual positive reinforcement techniques are required.

Should you put anything in a dog crate?

It is a good idea to provide some comfort to dogs in crates like a comfortable bed or blanket, and their favorite safe toys. These items can make the crate a more cozy and secure place for your dog. However, placing anything in a crate that is a choking hazard can be dangerous.

How long should a dog stay in a crate?

The duration a dog can stay in a crate depends on their age, breed, and individual needs. For example, puppies have a shorter crate tolerance than adult dogs. As a general guideline, puppies should not stay in a crate for more than a few hours at a time while there are adult dogs that can also tolerate longer periods it is essential to provide regular breaks for bathrooms and exercise and social interaction.


In conclusion, I would say that IT IS recommended to remove a dog’s collar in the crate as collars can pose entanglement risks, leading to injuries or discomfort. But because we humans do get compelled by circumstances, precautions like breakaway collars with proper fit should be taken if your dog NEEDS to have collar on while in the crate.

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