Why Do Dogs Like Wet Towels? Vet Answered

Why do dogs like wet towels?

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90% of the population of the world loves to keep pets in their homes. Most of them love dogs because dogs are best companions, workout partners, faithful and loyal as well. Do you have dogs in your home?

You are obviously aware that keeping a pet is a big responsibility. You have to take care of him and always keep an eye on him.

We regularly see our dog playing with toys, puzzles, and fetch gauges, along with these they love to play with clothes and wet towels. They literally enjoy playing, rubbing, rolling, chewing, pawing, digging, and tugging with wet towels. Why do Dogs like wet towels and play with it like crazy? Sometimes they also sleep on it without any irritation.

Have you noticed anytime that your dog likes the wet towel which you often leave anywhere? I don’t understand why dogs like wet towels. We will try to understand this fact in a further article. I do research and try to find the reason why dogs roll in our dirty clothes.

Let’s find the advantages and precautions along with him. Is it harmful to them? Or we have to protect our dogs from these wet towels? 

a small dog sitting on the floor with a towel
A puppy sitting on the floor with a towel

Why do dogs like wet towels?

Lots of answers to the question, If the wet towels belong to you. The dog recognizes the scent of his owner. Wet towel provides mental and physical stimulation and satisfaction. Dogs seek comfort and mental peace from it. It also helps them to release anxiety.

Dogs contain a high-temperature body, it heats up more than a human. Wet towels help them to maintain their temperature. In summer, dogs feel comfortable with wet towels, as we get solace from being in blankets in colder weather. These clothes have a soothing effect on dogs.

If you observe an odd behavior of a dog, you can provide him with an enriching environment and engaging toys. 

You must have felt that dogs hear you while you are talking, like he is understanding what you are saying. Dogs are not aware of your words, but they can feel your thoughts and emotions. Dogs can gather information about you, from your wet towels. They like to know about their owners. And can enhance your mood, and relieve stress. Dogs are the best companions in all over the world. 

During the training, wet towels motivate them, they are attracted to the water’s smell and taste. It enhances their sense of smell and helps them to recognize scent which helps them to be cognizant of harmful material.

Wet towels have sensory stimuli, smoothness, and a comfortable texture, which provides consolation to them. Dogs are often playing, rolling, chewing, and rubbing these wet towels. It’s really a great joy to see them engage with a nonliving towel. Looking at him doing all of these things, definitely fascinates you. Playing with wet towels satisfied their nature of exploring new games. 

There are many more benefits of why dogs like wet towels. This would have to be considered; wet towels relieve them from itching, protect them from heat, and skin issues and avoid irritation. Playing with a wet towel makes them fresh enhances their mood and provides temperature regulation. 

a dog wearing a green sweater and a bowl
A dog wearing a green sweater and a bowl

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Why Your Dog Loves To Roll On Your Dirty Clothes

Dogs have an extraordinary sense of smell by birth. When dogs are only two weeks old, they aren’t able to see and hear perfectly, at that time their sense of smell is strong. With the passage of time, where dogs are growing, their senses enhance as well. Unfortunately, dogs have weak eyesight. They have very limited capacity to watch this colorful world. Their sense of smell helps them to navigate and understand the world. 

You are wondering about why your dogs love to roll on your dirty clothes. Various possible reasons for this, including ‘Apocrine glands’.All human beings and mammals have sweat glands called ‘Apocrine glands’. Dogs are attracted to these pheromones released from the apocrine glands’; it helps them to find all the information about their beloved owner through a sense of smell.

 ‘By rolling on dirty clothes, he gets a treat.’ if your dog suddenly started to roll in your clothes, find where he learned this strange behavior. Maybe, sometimes you offer him a toy or food to leave the dirty clothes. The dog considers it as a reward. These treats encourage him to do so, he will get the treat. 

In research, I came to know that dogs don’t like their own smell, that’s why they often cover themselves in dirty clothes to mask their own scent. Dogs are often in love with the scent you use. Whenever you are not at home, or went somewhere. They are anxious and feel you from your dirty clothes. 

a dog laying on the floor next to a pile of clothes
A dog lying on the floor next to a pile of clothes

Why Does My Dog Eat My Towels?

In this world, where humans are getting anxious, they face depression and anxiety. Animals can also be depressed. Might, that’s why my dog eats my towel. Reasons for why your dog is getting anxious like, you are busy with your work and don’t give him proper time. He faces boredom and starts doing weird things, like eating and chewing your towel, taking your clothes and laying on them.

Keeping a pet in your home is a full-time duty. You have to keep a close eye on him. What is he doing or eating? Sometimes the scent of towels attracts him and encourages him to eat them. He probably thought that this towel may taste like his yummy food like chicken or fish. 

 Nutritional imbalance, liver disease, and anemia are the medical causes of dogs’ behavioral changes. When Your dog wants your attention, he starts doing weird things to seek it, like licking, chewing, and eating your towel, or some kind of clothes, toilet paper, furniture corners or anything from your home to release his stress.

A dog who consumes non-eating continuously may have ‘Pica’ which is a medical issue that he is not getting proper nutrients. In Pica, the dog eats clothes and rocks. Otherwise, he can consume these things to avoid stress and boredom.

A dog is curious by nature, whenever he sees any towel lying on the floor, he smells the scent, considers it tempting, and consumes a little shredded piece, which is totally fine. He can pass out it easily. But if he takes a big piece of towel it will be dangerous for him.

Eating a large piece of towel may attack or stick on his digestive tract and get him blocked. In this case, try to get him to vomit or immediately call the vet to assist you and get him checked. This kind of illness makes your dog weak and lazy. Keep a 

Close your eyes and see what he is consuming. 

 Why Does My Dog Eat My Towels
A dog sits and grabbing a tissue roll in his mouth

What can I do to stop my dog to rolling on my bath towel

Do not stress why do dogs like wet towels. I know that, being a human, you don’t like your dog’s habit of playing with dirty towels. As I mentioned in the above article, there are so many reasons why dogs like wet towels. Maybe your pet is stressed or feels lonely. Let’s try some techniques to stop them from rolling on the bath towel. 

 Why Does My DOG ROLL My Towels
A dog tries to hide itself into the towel

Provide an alternative

You can provide some alternative to your dog which helps them to release stress and play with it. Many things you can use as an alternative to distract them from the wet towel. 

You can keep an extra wet towel for your dog as well. Wet the dog’s towel and let him play with it. Sometimes wet towels help him to avoid heat and release stress. You can also put your scent on your dog’s towel, he considers that wet towels belong to his owner. 

Give lots of toys to him and observe which type of toy he likes the most. Provide them with toys of multiple colors, according to dogs’ color senses. They mostly like to play with colorful puzzle toys, chew toys, fetch, ball pets, and teething toys.

The most important thing is to spend some quality time with your pet, he only wants your attention. Get some time from your busy schedule and play, walk, and cuddle with your beloved pet. 

Supervise and redirect

Playing and rolling in a wet towel is totally fine. But if you find any kind of destructive behavior such as; eating your towel or clothes, damaging something from your household, or destroying food items. Then it’s time to keep a close eye on your pet, and supervise him with love and pleasant mode. Do not shout and get angry at him. 

Replace your important thing from dog toys, at that place where your dog can approach. Guide him to play with their toys and praise him for good behavior. 

Keep your towels out of reach

If you want to stop your dog from rolling on your towels. You have to be a little responsible. Don’t throw your wet towel on your bed or floor. You have to keep it away from your dog’s reach. 

Teach off command

You are obviously feeling quite uneasy, to see your dog and thinking “Why do dogs like wet towels?” Teaching commands to your dog is a tricky game. Firstly you have to keep an eye on him, whenever he behaves inappropriately like, do his paws up to get any food, or rolling in your towel. You have to quickly react and say him off. 

Dogs usually love to get treats. Give him greed of treat, if he yields on your command, reward him with his treat. 

Deter with scent

There are many kinds of scents that dogs hate the most. Use these scents to keep your dog away from your wet towels. Dogs really hate the mustard oil, white vinegar, peppers, eucalyptus, and lavender smell. You can deter these scents wherever you want to keep dogs away.

Maintain consistency

While you are trying tricks to stop your dog from rolling on your towel. Along with following these tricks, you have to be consistent and maintain it. Because teaching dogs an off-command or supervising them is a time-consuming and long term procedure. But in the end, you will see how your consistency works. It will totally change your pet’s behavior. 

Provide mental and physical stimulation

Dogs enjoy playing with wet towels for mental stimulation. It helps them to engage their mind. By tagging with a wet towel dogs’ teeth get stronger. And it also helps them to regulate their body temperature. You can use a wet towel or provide mental and physical stimulation to your pet. 

 Wet towel can be used as your dog’s tug toy, when you tug the towel from your side it helps them to strengthen their teeth. 

Hide the towel to a hidden place, and ask your dog to find it, dogs love to find and explore things. This trick engages his mind, provides physical stimulation, and makes him active. 

Scented towel with dog-friendly scents, it helps to enhance his sense of smell. Remember that, always prefer a safe and clean towel, clothes or toy for your pet, its dominant hygiene . This kind of play with towels provides physical and mental stimulation to your beloved companion.

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Is this a bad habit 

Dogs are usually obsessed with wet towels. They love to roll on their owner’s clothes and lay on the bed. We have already discussed why dogs like wet towels and its benefits. 

We cannot consider this as a bad habit because they usually attract people with towels and dirty clothes when their owner is busy and he is feeling alone and anxious. Playing with it provides them with mental peace. Create some engaging and interactive activity for him. Which will be helpful to avoid wet towels. 

As you know this is not a bad habit, but taking precautions is always beneficial for them. Monitor him during wet towel play time, to prevent injuries and accidents. Observe your furry friends, don’t let them get too involved with these towels. Supervise him and engross in different activities. Take him outside and give a chance to interact with the world. 

Always replace and wash the towel after every single use. When the dog wants to play with it, make sure it is completely dry. Numb towels have germs and bacteria. Regularly clean and disinfect towels, to prevent the allergy and skin irritation of your pet. These precautions will be beneficial for your dog’s well-being and safeguard against skin issues and allergies. 

a dog is sleeping on a mat with a towel
A dog is sleeping on a mat with a towel

Why does my dog rub on my wet hair?

As per research, I came to know dogs have affection and love for their owners. They feel the owner’s presence from the scents. Have you observed why your dog rubs on your wet hair? The answer is attachment and fondness they feel with you. 

Every dog have different ways to show love to his beloved. Rub on wet hair, lick on hair, bury his face to the owner’s face wag his tail, and jump. Sometimes they close their eyes to the owner’s face and want to say, It’s time to play, let’s play with me. 

After your shower, most dogs love to lick your face and hair, sometimes they like the scent of your shampoo or body wash. They show unconditional love by licking and rubbing their face on your hair.


Is it ok to leave a dog wet?

No, this is not ok to leave your dog wet. Make sure that you dry him properly after taking a bath. Leaving a dog wet can cause an inflamed respiratory tract, cold and pneumonia.

Can I use my hair dryer on my dog?

Yes, you can use it. But with precautions. It is a little bit risky for the pet. Dogs have thin skin layers. Always use a hair dryer on your pet in a roll-around motion, constantly using it on specific spots, can burn skin.

Why does my dog smell my towel?

Your dog has a special bond with you. If they smell your towels or dirty laundry, they want to feel your scent from it. Dogs always smell their favorite person’s laundry, it is pleasant for the dog owner.

Why do dogs like warm laundry?

A warm hug can relieve your tiredness. Dogs have higher body temperature, they are naturally close to warm and hot objects. Warm laundry appeals to them and provides a feeling of security.

How often should I bathe my dog?

It depends on the following factors: if your dog has oily coats, bread, you can bathe him once a week. Otherwise, bathing dogs once a month to avoid odor and bacteria is totally fine.


Dogs have an aroma with you and that’s why dogs like wet towels, clothes, and things that belong to you. Dogs are the most faithful and lovely creatures of God. Dogs gathered information about his owners from their dirty clothes.

They can recognize their beloved owner’s scent and love to smell it from your dirty laundry. Dogs are able to understand your mood and can cheer you up.

When you give them love and time, they provide tons of love and attention in return. Playing and rolling with your dirty clothes makes your bond stronger with your pet. It is not an issue, you can provide him an extra hygienic wet towel for playing and rolling on. 

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