This is how many toys your dog should have (It depends)

This is how many toys your dog should have (It depends)

Now, toys are not merely a luxury. They have become important as they play a part in the mental and physical stimulation of a dog. Every toy is built for a specific and significant purpose. Some toys play a role in maintaining physical health while others benefit mental health. 

How Many Toys Does The Average Dog Have

The number of toys the average dog has is not fixed and not even specified. It depends on the owner and sometimes on the dog.

Many dogs prefer to play with a lot of toys but some don’t find it attractive or beneficial to have a lot of toys.

It depends on the personality of the dog.

Let me add another point it also depends on the affordability of the owner. If you can afford an extensive selection, then it’s your own choice to have them or not. 

12 Types of toys to keep your dog busy

Toys are not only of one kind. Dog toys come in many varieties for various purposes. Every toy may be different from others based on its material, function, or use. Dive into an effective guide on dog toys to understand better which toy is better for your dog. 

puppy with his toys

Chew Toys

Chewing is one of the dogs’ favorite activities. To save them from the trouble of chewing anything, chew toys were introduced. Chew toys are hard and durable and they are designed for dogs to chew. Chew toys are further of two types: 

Dental chew toys and  Chew challenge toys. Both of them are used for different purposes. 

Dental chew toys are used to strengthen dental health. They are hard and safe to ingest small particles. These are also good toys for teething. But make sure that a dog doesn’t ingest the large particles. Chew Challenge Toys are made to challenge the chewing of dogs and keep them busy.

Plush Toys

Plush toys are soft stuffed toys made to comfort dogs. These toys are made with soft materials. Some plush dogs may have built-in sound to keep the dog busy and entertained. As plush toys are soft there is a chance that they can get the dog’s smell, which makes a dog highly comfortable with that toy. Plush toys are not recommended for dogs who are heavy chewers, because they will tear them. 

Fetch Toys 

Fetch toys are best for dogs who love to chase and retrieve. These toys keep dogs active and engaged. Playing with fetch toys is also a good physical activity. They stimulate the dog. Fetch toys include tennis balls, frisbees, and many others. Some fetch toys are made to be friendly, so it makes it easier for a dog to breathe with a toy in its mouth. 

Tug Toys

Tug toys are basically designed to have an interactive play session between the owner and the dog. These toys are made of very strong material. One of the common examples of tug toys is rope tug toys, used for playing tug-of-war. It is a good exercise and teaches your dog to learn commands and obedience. Other than these there are rubber tug toys, leather tug toys, bungee tug toys and fleece tug toys.  

Puzzle Toys

Puzzle toys play a part in mentally stimulating the dogs. They come up with great and tricky designs to keep a dog mentally busy. Puzzle toys are generally designed in a way to hide treats inside. Once you hide a treat in a toy, your dog will have to solve the puzzle to get the treat. Treats excite them to keep them from finishing the puzzle. 

Interactive Toys

Interactive toys also work to keep your dog busy. They are built in such a way that mentally stimulates the dog and enhances his problem-solving skills. To make it more interesting, interactive toys have built-in spaces to hide treats. All your dog needs to do is figure out how to get the treat. Interactive toys have the same purpose as puzzle toys and treat-dispensing toys. It keeps your dog engaged. 

Squeaky Toys

Dogs find squeaky toys interesting. Squeaky toys have a squeaky sound that attracts the dogs. It also enhances their hearing ability.  Squeaky toys help to stimulate the prey drive in a dog. Squeaky toys include rubber ducks, squeaky bones, squeaky balls, squeaky dumbbells, squeaky donuts, and many others. All serve the same purpose, but different shapes make them more attractive. 

Floating Toys

Floating toys also known as water toys are made for dogs who love to play in water. Floating toys come in a wide range. They are very helpful in the summer season. They keep your dog entertained while being in the water. These toys are all good until they are floating in the water. Usually made up of material like rubber or foam, to keep them floating.

Durable Toys

Durable toys are specifically designed for dogs who are heavy chewers or aggressive. These toys are made with hard and tough materials, so they don’t break easily. They are capable of bearing the wear and tear. Such toys are a great and long-lasting source of entertainment for dogs. Benebone, GoughNuts, Nylabone, and Kong Classic are some of the common durable toys.

Scented Toys

Dogs have a strong sense of smell. Scented Toys contains appealing scents for dogs such as the scent of beef, bacon, peanut butter, and chicken. These toys are built up to keep your dog’s sense of smell busy and help him to enjoy a good playtime.

Treat-Dispensing Toys

Treat-dispensing toys serve the same purpose as puzzle toys. But they are not as complex as puzzle toys. Dogs don’t need to solve any puzzle or go through any complexity to get the treat in the end. These toys are built like this to stuff treats inside them. These toys are good when you are away, you can fill these toys and keep them around different corners. When your dog finds the toy, he will start to figure out how to get the treat inside. It will keep him busy. 

Hard Rubber Toys

Hard rubber toys are used for multiple purposes. They are made up of sturdy rubber. They provide entertainment as a source of chewing. Beneficial in maintaining dental health. They are tough enough for bouncing and playing. The use of sturdy material keeps these toys durable.  Some hard rubber toys are also designed in such a way as to hide and hold treats. 

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