Can You Use A Cat Flea Collar On A Dog?

can you use a cat flea collar on a dog

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Being a pet owner, I usually face the problem of fleas and ticks in my pets. I am sure that everyone faces this problem. People use different products for protecting pets from fleas which include cat flea collars. These collars are specifically designed for cats but some people also use them for dogs.

Cat flea collars may sometimes work for small dogs, but one must consult their vet before using such products on dogs. Moreover, many other anti-flea formulas designed especially for dogs are also available which can work better on dogs than cat-flea collars.

Can You Use A Cat Flea Collar On A Dog

Many have this question in mind like can they use cat flea collars for their dog?

No, because cat flea collars do not fit dogs as they are very small. Although it can fit some small dogs and pups you should not use it for them, because permethrin which is used in cat flea collars is highly allergic to most dogs and can cause excessive drooling and vomiting.

Actually, flea collars are specially designed for cats which have chemicals that suit cats only. If you start using it for dogs without discussing it with any expert, it may prove dangerous for your dog. Your dog can get an allergic reaction from it or can get sick. 

Another reason for not using cat flea collars for dogs is the difference in lifestyles of both pets. Cats generally prefer to stay indoors and stay away from water activities. While dogs love to lay in mud and water. Cat flea collars are not water resistant so putting on your dog can be of no use if he loves to play in water. 


Dogs are very susceptible to fleas which can easily get fleas and ticks which cause irritation in them.

Protecting them from fleas is very important. Flea collars does this job very efficiently but one must only use dog flea collar for dogs. Using cat products for dogs can be dangerous and even fatal for your dog.

Moreover, flea collars also have some toxic effects which is why you should never leave your dog unsupervised with flea collars and try to use other preventive measures for flea control so that you don’t have to use flea collars for a very long time.

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