Should I Let My Other Dog See My Dead Dog? [Answered]

Should I Let My Other Dog See My Dead Dog [Answered]

If you have experienced the death of your pet, it is completely understandable how hard it can be.

It is never easy to see our little companions leave the world. Be it unexpectedly or after a long time of sickness, dealing with the distress that comes with losing a lovable pet is a hard task and if you have another dog, deciding on whether you should let them see their deceased companion can be a difficult challenge.

It is crucial to make the decision that is the best one for your emotional state as well as your dog’s.

The most important thing to remember in this situation is that just like humans, dogs have their own personal ways of dealing with depression and stress.

So, it depends on the individual dog how they take the whole situation of seeing their deceased partner.

While some dogs can get consolation and closure after seeing their deceased friend, some may get stressed, confused, and find the sight disturbing. The difference in how they may respond makes it highly important to keep a check on your dog’s body language and pay close attention to any signs of discomfort.

Let’s dig into the details of this and help you decide the better way!

Should I Let My Other Dog See My Dead Dog & When?

Consider your dog’s maturity before allowing them to see their deceased companion. Mature & senior dogs who grasp death can benefit from closure, while puppies may become confused and stressed. So, understand your dogs before making this sensitive decision. Otherwise, your dog may experience stress, anxiety, and sleep problems.


Whether you should let your dog see its deceased companion depends largely on your dog’s characteristics and emotional well-being. If they are mature enough to understand the concept of death and will not get depressed, it can be a good idea to allow them to see their deceased friend and get proper closure while also understanding what happened.

But if you own a puppy, it is best to let them stay away from the distress and confusion of death. They may not understand the concept of death and end up bemused and stressed. Hence, it is important to be sure how your dog will react before making a sensitive decision like this.

How does a Dog React after the Death of a Mate Dog

How Does a Dog React After the Death of a Mate Dog?

When a dog experiences the loss of a companion, their reaction can be different depending on various factors such as their individual personality and the bond they share. Just like humans, dogs can also get sad and exhibit signs of depression, confusion, or even unhealthy anxiety as said above

Some common reactions also include changes in their appetite, sleep patterns, and energy levels. They may also show signs of searching for their companion, such as wandering around the house trying to look for them in the spots where they usually saw their deceased friend. 

Just like humans, dogs can also get extremely sad at the loss of another dog for varying lengths of time. Some dogs may show signs of grief for a few weeks, while others may take many months to adjust to the environment in the absence of their companion. 

It is really important to keep in mind that each dog is different and may try to cope with grief in their own specific way. The grieving process can be affected by many factors and it is our responsibility as dog owners to be there for our dogs, providing extra care and love. 

Cause of Death Also Matters

It’s true! The cause of death can also influence how a dog reacts to the loss of their mate. If the cause of death was sudden or traumatic, such as an accident or illness, the surviving dog may feel anxious noticing their friend’s absence and show signs of confusion or even fear. They may have gone through the event or experienced the sudden absence of their companion, which can be depressing for them.

In cases where the cause of death was long-term illness or old age, the surviving dog may have had more time to adjust to the deteriorating health of their friend. However, they may still show signs of grief and may need extra support and attention during this hard time.

Regardless of the cause of death of your deceased dog, it is crucial to provide a safe and comforting environment for the surviving dog to process this loss. Offering them plenty of love, care, and understanding can help them acknowledge their emotions better and cope with the loss. As there’s a saying

“When we deny it or put it on a shelf, we only delay the grief process.” 


If you notice any concerning behavioral changes or if the dog’s reaction seems aggressive or prolonged, it may be beneficial to seek guidance from a behaviorist or a veterinarian. They can correctly tell you why you’re reacting differently and how you can make it better.

How Long Do Dogs Grieve the Loss of Other Dog?

How long do dogs grieve the loss of another dog

Dogs are social beings who love making friends and playing with them, hence losing a friend is not just losing a friend for them, it is losing someone who has the same energy and loves playing as much.

In addition to that, their long-lasting memory keeps their friends safe in the back of their heads, making their grieving period much longer compared to other animals.

It largely depends on your dog how quickly they can tackle things and move on. While some dogs can take some weeks to stop grieving, some can grieve for months and take a lot of time to adjust without their pal.

When not to let your dog see a d

How Do You Help A Dog Cope With The Loss Of Another Dog?

If your dog is currently mourning the loss of their beloved companion, it can be hard to see them become less active and playful than usual. However, if you want to help them out in this situation, there are a few things you can do. Showering them with love and extra care is the most effective way to distract them from the grief. 

You can spend more time with them, helping them engage in their favorite activities with you and offer comfort throughout. Also, keep in mind that their feelings are valid and they can get sadder if you force them into doing things. Just sitting with them, trying to pet and talk to them can make a difference in their energy levels. 

Their emotional stability is highly important and that gets disturbed during the time they are mourning. Hence, providing reassurance can give them relief and also help them become less anxious or stressed out. 

Taking them away from the place their departed friend used to be can also help them feel better. It will provide them with time and space to try to move on and also make a difference in their emotional state.

Each dog copes with their grief in their own ways and it is important to give them the space to get used to the absence of their friend. It will get better over time. 

Can You Explain a Pet’s Death to Another Pet?

Explaining a pet’s death to another can be a hard task. Animals do not understand the concept of death like us humans and it depends on various factors how they may react and if they would understand or not. 

They do still feel the absence of their companion and a feeling of grief and sadness due to it, hence you should keep them close to you and be watchful of their emotions. 

If you have recently lost a loved pet and your other pet seems deeply affected by it, it is important to keep them company and help them cope with their stress. 

Getting another dog is also a great idea to help them in this grieving period. You can ask your behaviorist or veterinarian, their advice on this might be more beneficial as it will according to your dog’s needs

Can Dogs Sense If Another Dog Is Going To Die Or Dead?

Yes! While we do not have scientific proof of this, many pet owners have shared their stories mentioning how they felt that their dog already knew his companion was going to leave them.

Dogs have exceptional skills including understanding the signs if another dog is going to die or is already dead (there is anecdotal evidence). They can easily identify this with the changes in their environment, behavior, and health of the other dog. 

As a result, they may show unusual behavior and stay uncomfortable. It is believed that dogs can easily sense death with the change in the scent of the dying dog and their energy levels.

It is important to remember that dogs are not fully aware of the concept of death, which is why if you have a sick or dying dog it is recommended to take them to the veterinarian as soon as possible.

So, Consider your dog’s understanding before letting them see their dead friend.

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