How Much to Pay a Teenage Dog Sitter in 2023

how much to pay a teenage dog sitter?

About the Author: Emma loves to have dogs as her pets and with so much knowledge about dogs, she started to share it with other dog lovers and parents. She is a Pet Specialist and Pet Behavior Analyst, who studied at the University of South Dakota.

All dog parents want what’s best for their dogs but sometimes they aren’t available to spend time with them or take proper care of them. This can be due to many reasons like busy schedules and inexperience in proper care.

While doing so, you might also want to be fair to the teenagers who actually can take care of our dogs a bit better than us. Well, don’t worry! Still confused about how much to pay a teenage dog sitter? Well, it depends on many factors like their experience, their age, and also their capabilities. It also depends on whether they’re doing an overnight shift duty or just a quick little visit.

Actually, teenagers in the United States often engage in dog sitting primarily for the opportunity to earn money, thanks to the flexible nature of the job, which allows them to balance it with their school and extracurricular commitments.

Additionally, their genuine affection for animals can be a motivating factor in choosing dog sitting as a part-time gig, providing a fulfilling and enjoyable experience while making some income on the side.

Now, I’ll also talk about some common mistakes people make when hiring teenage dog sitters so you can avoid them. So without further ado, let’s begin with how much to pay a teenage dog sitter.

What Does a Dog Sitter Actually Do

Before we discuss the fair rate to actually pay a teenage dog sitter, it’s important for you to first know what they actually do.

a dog sleeping on a couch with a

A Dog Sitter basically does everything possible to make your dog happy and healthy. The things they do include feeding, playing, and taking care of your dog. 

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