Bright and dark side of leaving toys in the puppy’s crate that you should know

Bright and dark side of leaving toys in the puppy’s crate that you should know

It is not prohibited to leave toys in the puppy’s crate, but it has a bright and dark side. It also depends on the size and the type of toys you are leaving in the crate.

When it comes to the bright side, leaving toys can act as a good source of entertainment for your puppy. Your puppy can fulfill the chewing craving and also get the comfort of a favorite toy. This helps a lot if your lilpup is suffering from anxiety.

On the dark side, there are safety concerns regarding leaving the toys in the crate. Some toys can be a reason for choking hazards. Continuous supervision is required to prevent any trouble. It can also disturb the sleeping pattern of the dog. So it is better to choose wisely. 

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How to choose toys that are safe to put in a puppy’s crate

When it comes to the safety of your puppy, you should act like you are protecting one of your family members. While choosing anything, you should be aware of the pros and cons. Choosing toys for your dog is not a challenging task, you can make it easier by following the below-mentioned tips:

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1# Choose the correct size according to your puppy

Size is the key factor in choosing the right toy. Toys should not be small because it can become a choking hazard for your puppy. Too big toys can also cause discomfort. Dogs find fun in such toys that are neither too big nor too small for them. The size of your dog and breed should be considered before buying toys for the pup.

2# Choose durable toys to minimize the chance of swallowing break-up pieces

Dogs are not responsible and mature enough to take care of their belongings. They are very rough with their toys. Constant throwing can break the toys. You should choose toys that are made up of sturdy and durable material, so they can last longer and the risk of the puppy swallowing break-up small pieces also gets reduced.

3# Go with non-toxic toys

Be vigilant when it comes to the material of the toy. Ensure that the toy is not made up of any toxic material that can cause harm to your dog. Read the labels before buying. If you feel like your dog is allergic to any material used in the toy, then don’t buy it. Below is the list of toy materials that you should avoid;

  1. PVC
  2. Squeakers
  3. Phthalates
  4. BPA
  5. Lead
  6. Melamine
  7. Arsenic
  8. Bromine
  9. Formaldehyde

4# Toys with detachable parts are best to avoid

Toys with small or minor parts are not recommended for dogs. Toys with detachable parts like buttons etc are not safe for dogs. Dogs have chewing habits and they can ingest small parts of toys. 

5# Don’t bring so many toys at once to your pup

Don’t rush into introducing new toys to your dog. Choose one toy at a time and observe the reaction of your dog. Give your dog some time to get familiar with one toy and then introduce another one. Multiple toys at a time can confuse your dog. 

6# No strings or ribbons toys

Toys should be string and ribbon-free. Toys with long strings or ribbons can entangle your dog and it can cause harm to them. Dogs can also ingest the strings or ribbons. So it is better to avoid such toys.

7# Avoid hard toys

Toys with sturdy materials are good but don’t choose too many hard toys. Hard objects can harm your dog. Toys are meant for entertainment purposes not for getting injured. Hard toys are also uncomfortable for dogs such as baseball.

8# Go for washable toys

Dogs play with toys all the time and they throw them here and there. While playing, toys can get dirty and if the dog chews those toys then it will be a reason for the ingestion of germs. So it is better to go for toys that are washable and easy to maintain.

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