Can I Use Liquid Bandage On My Dog? 

Can I use liquid bandage on my dog

If you are a pet owner, you are aware of the terrible sensation when your dog gets injured. It is so painful to watch your beloved pup bearing unbearable pain. Whenever I go through these kinds of situations, I try to do anything that can quickly cure my loved one’s pain and your presence in this blog shows that you’re already in the situation.

But hey! Your problem is already half solved as you know about liquid bandages so there’s no need for an explanation about it. All you need to know now is like “Can I use liquid bandage on my dog too”.

Let’s find out…

Can I Use Liquid Bandage On My Dog?

Yes, you can use liquid bandages on your dog. A medically approved liquid bandage helps cure animals’ small cuts including dogs. Properly clean the wound with cotton before applying a bandage to prevent any infection and hasty healing.

If your dog’s wound gets dried, the soothed particles of liquid bandage provide moisture and promote healing.

Normally, Liquid bandages are bitter, so dogs avoid licking them. It is another benefit of this. But keeping monitoring your dog in the wound-healing process is crucial. If he needs, take professional help. 

Can I Use Liquid Bandage On My D

When Should You Use Liquid Bandage On Your Dog?

You can use liquid bandages on your dog for small cuts, and scratches. This bandage will protect or close the opening cuts during walking or different activities. You can use it on the neck, nose, and ear.

When You Shouldn’t Use Liquid Bandage On Your Dog?

Liquid bandage is suitable for minor cuts and small scratches. Here are some situations where you have to avoid using it. 

  • The wound that discharges yellowish fluid known as “pus”. 
  • A small cut or scratch that can heal naturally doesn’t need any treatment. If you cover this type of cut with a bandage, it will take more time to heal.  
  • For a wound that is more than a cut or scratch, it’s better to take your canine to the vet to examine the injury properly. 

Liquid Bandage For Humans Vs Liquid Bandage For Dogs

The straight answer is it depends on the ingredients in a liquid bandage. Most human liquid bandages such as New-Skin Liquid Bandage offer less harmful water-based chemicals that are fine to use on your dogs too such as cyanoacrylate, polyethylene glycol, and benzalkonium chloride.


Some liquid bandages have a huge amount of chemicals, alcohol, and irritant particles, which are human-friendly but poisonous for dogs such as toluene, xylene, and formaldehyde. It can irritate your pet’s skin and lead to rashes or infections in the wound. It can make the wound worse. 

What Is The Difference Between L

Here are some factors that will assist you in differentiating between the liquid bandage for humans and dogs. 

Liquid bandages that shouldn’t be used on dogs if

  • It takes more time to dry. 

Liquid bandage that you can use on dogs if

  • It contains a very small amount of chemicals. So, in case of licking it, your dog will be safe. 
  • It comes with a quick-dry formula as bandages that come with a quick-dry formula are usually safer for dogs

Still, if you’re unsure about your liquid bandage, the best is to buy a Liquid Bandage specially made for dogs and other animals.

My Favorite Liquid Bandages For Dogs 

Although it’s the job of your vet to suggest the best liquid bandage for your dog accordingly, I’m listing some liquid bandages that I found helpful when using personally;

Vetericyn Plus Dog Wound Care Spray

Recommended for the 1st time by my vet, this liquid bandage is the safest one for your canine. It can easily be applied around the nose, ears, neck, or mouth. In case of ingestion, it never hurts. It comes in a spray bottle for easy application and dries quickly. It effectively promotes the healing process of any cuts, scratches, and abrasions. 

Miracle Care Kwik-Stop Liquid Bandage

Miracle Care Kwik-Stop Liquid Bandage is best for small breeds and puppies because it is waterproof as small breeds & pups enter anywhere to explore the supplies and get wet. It works best on minor cuts, scratches, and irritation near the neck, or paw.

Banixx Pet Care for Fungal & Bacterial Infections

Banixx Pet Care Spray is made with infection-fighter ingredients. It contains amino acids that nourish deeply and give the wound a gentle and smooth touch. Its pleasant fragrance and smooth texture with no color ensure its use anywhere or anytime. It is best for use on all small and big animals. 

Burt’s Bees For Dogs All-Natural Paw And Nose Lotion 

The main natural ingredients of this “liquid bandage” are olive oil and rosemary. These natural ingredients provide moisture to your canine’s minor scratches and make it smooth. It can also repair scratches around the nose and make it nourish. While making it, Burt’s Bees deeply considered the balanced pH level of this formula and made it friendly for every age of the dog


I’m sure you don’t have any remaining doubts regarding whether I can use a liquid bandage on my dog. You can worry-free use a pet-friendly liquid bandage or human liquid bandage (that doesn’t contain any toxic chemicals), but before using, remember to clean the wound first.

If you spray or apply liquid bandages on an unclean surface, germs and bacteria create infections in the wound. Get the best liquid bandage for your dog according to its wound requirements. 

In case of severe bleeding or swelling on the wound, get your dog checked by a veterinarian. Don’t try to tackle this situation on your own. Consult your dog’s veterinarian for the best care!

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