How To Keep Your Dogs Safe During Wildfire

how to keep your dogs safe during wildfire

About the Author: Introducing Dr. Adriana Luis, our Senior Content Editor at MyPetDoggie and also Veterinarian (MVZ). Kerry devotes most of her time to penning enlightening pieces about pet health, providing invaluable knowledge to pet owners globally. As the director of our Veterinary Content Team, she ensures the accuracy and comprehensiveness of our content, thereby making pet care accessible and understandable for everyone.

Smoked air is equally harmful to animals as it is to humans. In 2020, the wildfire in Australia killed almost 480 million animals.

The adverse effects on health range anything from respiratory disorders to allergies and conjunctival irritation.

Pets who usually stay at home are exposed to outside smoke for their bathroom breaks and that too without wearing any mask– like we humans do.

Though pets are usually at a safe distance from wildfire, the threat of air pollution is still there which is a silent killer and responsible for approximately 6.7 million deaths worldwide each year.

We often don’t realize that our pets are as much affected as we are as they have the same organ systems as ours. Thus, they are highly vulnerable to air pollution, particularly those who lie in the high-risk category.

Dog in wildfire
Dog stuck in Wildfire
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