Do You Leave Rubber Tips On Shock Collar?

Do You Leave Rubber Tips On Shock Collar?

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Do you leave rubber tips on shock collars? People training their dogs tend to have different approaches, and these approaches may sometimes be contradictory to each other. One among these is the rubber tips present on the shock collar.

So, what is the idea behind leaving the rubber tips on, on the shock collar, or removing them altogether?

People who think that they should be left on are of the view that in this way the shock intended by the collar would be mild and more humane. They take it to be more convenient for their pet and for themselves.

The other approach is removing the rubber tips. People who use this approach are of the view that this makes the shock more effective. When the shock can be felt with accuracy, it can lead to a better response. 

What is your approach to using the collar? Would you prefer using the collar with the rubber tips on or off? Before you decide, we’ll explore both approaches in detail, so you will be able to differentiate between them and decide which is the one you’re going to adopt.

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Do you leave rubber tips on shock collar?

Let’s first look into what people would do when they are not using the shock collar. In this case, a few owners prefer to remove the rubber tips from the collar.

They say that without detaching the collar from the dog’s skin they cannot have an idea of the shock collar that needs to be recharged. Additionally, if the dog is constantly wearing the collar it may develop irritation or injury.

Some people with a similar approach put up the idea that when the collar is not being used to train the dogs you are no longer aware of their functionality. As you’re not using them you neither know if they are recharged nor if they are anymore functional.

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These are the people who think that their dogs will be more attentive and alert when the rubber tips are left on. The constant pressure caused by the rubber tips would make them realize they need to be careful. Lastly, some people do not remove the tips as they think it will reduce the functionality of the shock collar.

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Rubber pieces on a shock collar:

While the shock collar is there to correct your dog’s behavior, these pieces are meant to provide a gentle means of correction when needed. These rubber tips can be seen covering the prongs that emit shock.

These are essentially thin cushions that fit over shock collars’ metal prongs and prevent any unpleasant surprises from brushing your dog’s neck. As the prongs are metallic they can be hard on the skin and cause discomfort.

The rubber tips covering them can prevent any skin abrasion or piercing and ultimately prevent any further trauma to your dog’s skin.

If you have already searched about these rubber tips, you may have read or heard the term ‘protective bumpers’.

They are called so because they provide a comfortable barrier between the dog’s neck and the metallic prongs. While these may seem like simple solutions, they are very effective. 

Let’s discuss some advantages of these rubber tips. They can help reduce your dog’s anxiety by reducing the level of stimulation on his neck.

The presence of these rubber tips not only reduces and softens the stimulation but their presence constantly puts off a smell to the dog. In this way, the dog is aware of the collar and avoids unwanted behavior without receiving any shock.

So, now you have an idea how this can be very useful if you are training a dog. With a shock collar that is soft and non-abrasive against your dog’s skin, you’re not only helping your pet avoid unpleasant behavior but the treatment becomes more friendly and non-invasive.

The more sedating your approach, the less intense the stimulation. Prongs covered by the rubber tips also help appropriate the shock collar for dogs of different ages, breeds, and temperaments.

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Do You Leave Rubber Tips On Shock Collar
A Shock collar to control your dog

Can I charge a shock collar with rubber tips attached?

You can leave them attached while the charger is plugged or you can detach them before you plug the charger. Just don’t bother in this regard, leave it as you have it.

Benefits of rubber tips on shock collars:

Many people who choose to train their pets using shock collars prefer them with rubber tips. The only important thing for these people is that the stimulation on their dog’s neck is as low as possible to minimize any discomfort.

This makes it much easier to stimulate your dog, it also reduces the chance of any skin reactions or even pain. It is because the direct contact of the metallic prongs with the skin that can cause any harm is eliminated.

Finally, we’ll do mention that this approach works for some dogs, as they are subjected to a high level of stimulation that can cause fear in them, instead they are directed to a mild vibration that is enough to make them realize they did something they were not expected to do.

Collars with naked prongs cannot be worn for long times. The rubber tips also provide convenience in the sense that the pets can wear the shock collars even when they are not being trained. And you’re not fearful to use the shock collar in a close range of other animals as well.

Additionally, if you’re pet is wearing the shock collars for a long time, you don’t need to worry about the battery timing of the shock collar. As it would help the shock collar not lose the battery.

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Is it recommended to put the rubber tips on?

It depends on your personal preferences, you can put the rubber tips on the collar to make the shock mild and less harmful. But don’t forget to remove them when you’re not using the collar.

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Drawbacks of rubber tips on shock collars:

It is believed that people who leave the shock collars on their dogs’ necks at all times, even when they are not using them may develop a wrong assumption that the collar is always functioning.

Whereas the functionality of the collar depends on the contact of the points to the dog’s skin. When they are in contact the collar may function but when they are not it’s not functioning.

The comfort the rubber tips provide can become uncomfortable and harmful. For example when the functionality of the collar is doubted your dog may even try to escape, which can actually lead to any injury.

Again, people of the view that rubber tips become a barrier to the stimulation provided by the collar to a dog’s neck claim that it may reduce its effect and function. It can hence create confusion. Direct contact of the collar to the skin can have better results in training the dog.

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Do You Leave Rubber Tips On Shock Collar
A close look of a shock collar

Is it bad to leave rubber tips on shock collars?

Make sure you deactivate it when the collar is not in use. Because if you have removed the rubber tips and still have to store the shock collar and not put them on your pet the charge emitting from the points can affect the performance of the collar.

Tips to remove the shock collars:

Let us share with you some tips regarding the use of shock collars along with the rubber tips. Removing the tips while you’re not using the collar to train your dog is actually a good idea.

The function of the rubber tips is to soften the stimulation provided to the dog’s neck. When the collar is not in use there is no function of the rubber tips as well so it’s better to remove them. The best way to save the shock collar is to pack it in a plastic bag.

Remove the shock collar from your dog’s neck and place it in a clean, dry place where it won’t get damaged. You don’t want to put any moisture back into the collar as well. 

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It all depends on the situation and the circumstances as well as your personal preferences regarding whether you should leave the rubber tips on or off the shock collar.

If you’re confident enough to use the shock collar without rubber tips you should go with it. And you’re also fine if you don’t want to detach the rubber tips from the prongs.

You should be aware of the effects it may have on the shock collar and your pet.

If you’re more concerned about the safety of your dog and do not want them to be vulnerable to direct shock you should better keep them covered when in use.

In this way, you can reduce the anxiety and fear caused by the collar and can transform it into a mild stimulant to signal your dog. Just make sure you put them on only when you’re working with your dog and remove them otherwise.

I hope you may have got enough knowledge regarding your concerned topic do you leave rubber tips on shock collars. If you liked it you can share it with your family and friends. In case you have any further questions or thoughts on the topic share them in the comments below.

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