Why Does My Dog Go Under The Covers? Possible Reasons 2023

You may have even asked yourself this question: Why does my dog go under the covers? While there are a number of reasons why your dog might lie under the covers, some of them will be discussed in this article. Some dogs will do it whenever they are feeling playful. If your dog is doing it just for entertainment, and you’re not liking it, you can definitely stop it. 

You will find it quite interesting, as this habit is related to the dog’s nature. Dogs are pack animals. They like to curl up in warms, and cozy places. They find it enjoyable and comfy.

Experts say that this behavior is more of an indicator of compassion than anything else, as it shows that owners recognize that the dog is in need of warmth. While some say they feel playful or safe while covered up like that.

We have covered a lot of information in this post if you’re interested keep on reading. We’ve compiled this article after doing thorough research on this topic.

Why does my dog go under the covers?

We know that every action has a reaction, but if you go a little back, we can see that every action has a trigger behind it. So, there can be different reasons why do dogs go beneath the covers.

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Some say it provides them a thrill or satisfaction creating a Den-like place. While some believe that the process of being hidden away relaxes dogs and reduces their anxiety. Another assumption regarding this question is that dogs curl up themselves with covers in search of warmth.

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Following are the possible reasons:

Reasons behind dogs going under the cover is depends on their behavior, some of the reasons are the following:

They like to create a cave-like environment:

As naturally dogs were used to residing in cave-like places and from their birth to growing up to be an adult they spent their lives there. Although your pet has not witnessed the life in caves but it’s their natural instinct that shows up in them.

Hence you see them playing around and forming a den-like place for them with a blanket or any item they get around.

They stay warm under the covers:

It’s likely that this strategy works for many dogs. Some studies suggest that lying on top of the sheets or blankets can help maintain a regular body temperature. Maybe their coat has not had enough hair to protect them from cold, so, they curl themselves up in blankets.

They feel safe and secure when staying hidden:

Dogs who feel insecure or anxious may try to hide under the covers. This behavior may also be a sign that the dog needs more exercise or that he’s being overstimulated. It’s a good idea to let your dog rest under the covers when he’s feeling stressed out. 

This tendency to hide also points toward their natural instinct to use shelters or caves as a place to access safety. Therefore, if a dog encounters a situation that makes it feel threatened, it might use its den as a safe place to escape.

They hide when feel stress:

While this might be a common belief, scientific evidence suggests that pets can experience anxiety and stress the same way people do. In addition to being a way to relieve anxiety in your pet, under the covers are also a way to provide some security. Over time, this behavior could become a habit. It’s important to stay calm and try to put your dog at ease whenever they start to feel anxious.

The good news is that you don’t have to accept any negative behavior from your dog and you can change it with a few simple tips. By learning how to recognize and change negative behavior, you can stop your dog from doing it and start teaching him better behavior at the same time.

You can also ask your veterinarian for a behavior report, which will outline the dog’s past behavior and patterns of engagement with his environment. A behavior report can help you identify the triggers that cause your dog to become anxious or fearful.

Should I be concerned about my dog if going under the covers?

There are many things that could be causing your dog to act this way, from stress to medical reasons. Your veterinarian can conduct a physical exam and recommend test and treatment options to ensure the best health outcome for your pup.

how to stop my dog from hiding?

It’s important to know why your dog is doing what he’s doing and to address the situation when it happens. There are a few solutions you can try if your dog is getting under the covers too much.

  1. Certain smells and music can have a calming effect on dogs, and some dogs react very positively to particular smells. Try to identify which smells or music relax your dog and which one might make him feel stressed.
  2. Make sure to have a bed that is firm enough to support their bodies without being hard. Soft mattresses will make it harder for your dog to fall asleep and cause them to feel tired throughout the day. You can try putting a couple of pillows in there.
  3. If anxiety isn’t a problem, but your dog is having trouble relaxing, you might want to consider adding a few activities to his day that reduce his anxiety. A thorough medical exam can also help identify any underlying issues that might be contributing to your dog’s anxiety. 
  4. In case your dog might be showing signs of a phobia, try to help them overcome the fear. It might also be a good idea to put them in a quiet environment as soon as they start to show signs of anxiety. Some might be scared of the change in environment, while others might be more anxious about it
  5. Exercise not only gives your dog a physical boost but it relaxes your dog as well. Researchers believe that these physical and mental benefits of exercise are even greater when your dog gets plenty of playing time.

How can I calm my dog to stop going under the covers?

We have a couple of solutions for this problem. Providing your dog with a cozy bed of its own is a really important step. Additionally, try engaging them in exercises frequently. Also, try to recognize their fears and help them overcome them.

My dog is going under cover for unknown reasons, is it normal?

If your dog is prone to going under the covers and you’re not sure why don’t force the issue. Instead, ask your vet to perform a thorough examination. Your vet may be able to identify the cause and cure that problem. 


There are many different reasons why your dog might prefer to stay hidden under the covers. Maybe they are fearful, nervous, anxious, or just feeling playful and enjoying the activity. It’s important to know why your dog is under the covers and how to make him feel more at home by removing the cover and giving him a cozy bed to sleep in.

If your dog is comfortable enough to lie under the covers, he’s probably feeling secure. You should try to understand why your dog is hiding before you try to solve the problem by removing his cover.