When is a Dog Old Enough for a Shock Collar? Behaviorist Answered

When is a Dog Old Enough for a Shock Collar

About the Author: Nettie Finley, the Professional Dog Trainer at MyPetDoggie. Specializing in behavior rehabilitation, Nettie leads our team with her effective training techniques. As a certified canine behaviorist, she brings transformative change to challenging behavior cases. Her experience and expertise elevate our content, providing practical, insightful training advice for our readers. Also, she loves her Cavapoo!

If you are curious about training your little pup then you may have heard about shock collars or e-collars. Well today, I’m going to tell you “When is a dog old enough for a shock collar?”.

A Shock Collar is also known as an e-collar and sends electrical pulses through a dog’s neck. It is used to train them for certain things such as avoiding some behaviors and creating a general fear in them for something. Many EU states that the use of e-collars counts as animal cruelty and that’s why it’s banned in many countries. 

Regardless of everything, shock collars are known for being an excellent tool for training dogs. You might be concerned about when your little friend should wear one and when. In this blog, I will tell you when a dog is old enough for a shock collar. So without further ado, let’s begin!

When is a Dog Old Enough for a Shock Collar?

Your dog can start wearing the shock collar after 6 months (26 weeks). This is because after 6 months, the development cycle of the dog is fully completed and the dog can identify different signals it receives which will help in correcting unwanted behavior. “If your dog is younger than 6 months then DO NOT use shock collar – Dr. Finlay Tayler

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