When Can Puppies Go In The Backyard?

Puppies are curious, so they like to explore. They may also enjoy playing in a yard with grass or some other type of vegetation. There are several advantages to having a backyard for your puppy.

First, it provides a lot of exercise. Second, it gives your puppy a chance to meet other dogs that he may not usually get to see.

Third, it’s a good opportunity for you to socialize with your puppy. This is a critical time in his development, and he needs to be introduced to different people, dogs, and situations at an early age. But the question here is, When Can Puppies Go In The Backyard?

To answer the question we need to ask a few other questions, or let’s describe to us some factors you would like to consider before deciding when your puppy can go in the backyard!

Some people recommend waiting until they’re 18-20 weeks old, but it’s completely fine for your puppy to go out in the backyard when they are 15 to 18 weeks old.

Yes, as long as you take the necessary precautions, it’s fine. Some special concerns that you should be entertaining are to look out for extreme weather outside and the completion of your pet’s vaccination period.

When can puppies go in the backyard

Let’s get more deep into the topic, and explore with us the basic precautions you should take and factors upon which you should consider letting your pet go in the backyard:

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When can puppies go in the backyard?

When your pup is in his training stages, you should start your puppy training in the backyard. This will help your pup to socialize and get used to being around other dogs. He will also be exposed to his surroundings and get used to being outside.

But before that let us tell you you need to see if your puppy is older enough to be let out in the backyard? Puppies don’t know how to pace themselves when they’re young, so they will run all over the place.

It’s important to keep an eye on your puppy to make sure he’s not getting too out of control. Have they got completely vaccinated? A puppy’s immune system is very much still developing, so you need to be very careful and supervise them while they play. What surface they are going to play on? Are you using a potty pad?

How long should you allow your puppy to be out? You can usually expect your puppy to be outside for around 20 minutes, although this varies depending on a variety of factors such as weather, surface, and age.

If you’re outside with your puppy and there are no other dogs around, you can generally expect him to be outside for around 1 to 1.5 hours, depending on his level of activity. You need to be extra cautious until they are grown enough to take care of themselves. Weather conditions are also one of the most important factors you should consider.

What are the benefits of letting your puppies go outside?

Under supervision, puppies would be able to explore interesting things in their environments. They can get some exercise and socialize with other dogs.

Things to consider before letting your puppies go outside:

  1. Taking precautions and considering factors like location, weather, etc. you can take your 16 to 18 weeks old puppy out in the backyard.
  2. If the puppies have been vaccinated completely you can keep them 1 hour to 1.5 hours outside, taking precautions of course.
  3. If the weather isn’t favorable, don’t take them outside. They may get cold and weather too hot can also affect them seriously.
  4. Don’t let them out unchecked.
  5. You have to keep tracking their movements and locations as they wander around.
  6. Don’t take them outside unless their vaccination is completed.
  7. You have to protect them from cold. Don’t let them out if the weather is too cold, the ground is frozen, or too wet.
  8. Puppies need to urinate often, don’t keep them outside for too long.
  9. Consider using puppy pads during the training session of puppies.
  10. During the training session don’t forget to reward your puppy after they do something correctly.

You may want to bring your puppies outside as soon as possible but in this regard, the advice of your vet is very crucial.

Best backyard fencing for puppies:

You can choose fencing from a range of options and some of them we wil add below:

Using vinyl fencing:

Another most common option for your backyard fencing is Vinyl Fencing. Where it’s durable it’s easy to clean too.

vinyl fencing

Using wood fencing:

When it comes to backyard fencing, wood is a popular choice. It is sturdy and can be stained or painted to match your home’s look and feel.

wood fencing

Using iron fencing:

If a beautiful matters to you more, you should go for wrought iron fencing. Though it’s expensive it will last longer.

iron fencing

Using chain link fencing:

This option is especially common among pet owners. It doesn’t require much effort for it’s maintenance and it would easily match your budget too.

chain fencing

Using electric fencing:

Another popular choice among pet owners or people with small animals. It’s not expensive and easy to set up.

electric fencing

What should I do if the puppy escapes from the backyard?

Never leave your puppy outside unsupervised. You should install fences around your backyard. And if you find out your puppy has escaped from the backyard find them as soon as possible as it may be harmful to them.

Benefits of letting your puppies go on grass:

It’s important to let your pup experience new things. We’ll discuss some benefits below:

It helps them to socialize with other dogs:

In addition to fresh air and exercise, it’s important for your puppy to socialize with other dogs and people. This helps him feel comfortable in his new surroundings and reduces his anxiety.

It helps them to get fresh air:

Just like human bodies, sunlight and fresh air are beneficial for your puppies. This is important for their bodies as it helps them process the sunlight. It’s also important for their mental well-being. 

It helps them to get potty trained:

Outside potty training is a good way to socialize your dog. It gives them something to do besides just lounging around the house. Not only will he learn to go outside but he’ll also learn about potty etiquette and become more social with other dogs.

They get plenty of exercise with it:

They also need plenty of exercises. Exercise gives your puppy a great deal of mental stimulation. It also helps keep your puppy fit.

It helps to provide physical stimulation:

Running around in your backyard is a great way to exercise your puppy and get them moving every day. It will provide them with both: mental and physical stimulation.

What games can I play with the puppy in the backyard?

You have many interesting game options to play with your puppies. For example: Hide and Seek and Fetch. With these games, you’re not only giving your puppy something to do, but you’re also training him to interact with people.

Tips on how to keep puppy safe in the backyard:

While you let your puppy outside in the backyard, it’s important to know that you need to provide them with some safety. Don’t forget to take precautions.

By using backyard fences:

A fence in the backyard will give you a sense of security in case your pup starts to explore the neighborhood. It will also keep them from getting into trouble with the neighbor’s dog.

By arranging cool shades:

Additionally, don’t forget to arrange a cool shaded area for them. They can get very hot on hot days and it’s important to protect them from the sun. Sunlight can be so harmful as to burn little puppies.

By removing toxic plants:

So many plants can be found around in the backyard that is toxic to puppies. Please ensure to keep your puppy out of areas with these plants, as they are toxic to puppies.

By using warning signs:

If you left your puppy outside in the backyard and you’re not around, leaving a sign “Puppy at play” would be best to protect your puppy. As seeing the sign people passing by would be more careful.

By giving them water in the backyard:

Keep in mind that they are still growing, so they will need to drink more water as they get older. They will also need to drink more if they have been outside a lot due to the heat. Make sure to provide them with a water bowl so they can keep their drinks close at hand. 

By supervising:

Make sure they are supervised all the time, especially when they are outside. You don’t want to give your puppy the chance to get into something bad, like a dog door that leads outside.

By cleaning the backyard:

Supervising your puppy is not enough. Once your puppy starts coming out in the backyard you need to keep the backyard clean so to maintain its safety. Now your puppy can roam around in a clean and safe backyard.

Fun backyard activities with your puppy:

You can play a lot of games with your little pet outside. We’ve listed some below:

Fletch: You can play this game with your puppy a few times a day, or whenever your puppy is getting excited. While fetching the ball or toy, praise your puppy for getting it.

Tug of War: This game can be played as: tie a rope or toy around a tree and let your little pet tug on it. It is one of the best games for puppies.

Hide and Seek: This game is particularly entertaining for puppies, as they enjoy trying to find their owners. 

Play in the sprinkler: On a sunny day, put your puppy in the sprinkler! They will love it and be so excited.

Walk: Your puppy just needs some exercise. Get your puppy around the neighborhood under your supervision and enjoy.

How to stop Housebreaking Puppies?

We have some suggestions for you here below:

  1. Crate training a puppy is a perfect way to housebreak. This will stop them from going there when they are not supposed to.
  2. Treating your puppy to a good amount of exercise and potty training will help them relieve themselves regularly without any issues. Make sure you take your pup out for pee and poop every day, as well as after every meal and nap.
  3. You will need to exercise patience while you housetrain your puppy because it takes time.
  4. When they relieve themselves outside, praise them and reward them so they know it’s a good habit and they should continue it.
  5. Nothing works? Don’t worry puppy pads can help train your puppy, too.

Best plants for a puppy in the backyard:

We have listed some plants below that you can have in your backyard. Your puppy can taste or eat them while they play around. These plants are safe for puppies to eat:

Carrot plants:

Yes, puppies love carrots too. Being rich in Vit A and C this plant would also make a great choice for your backyard.

carrot plant

Watermelon vine:

You must know what Watermelon is rich in! Your puppies would love its taste as well as enjoy its richness in water and nutrients.

When can puppies go in the backyard

Blueberry bushes:

Another plant with a great taste is blueberry. They contain antioxidants. And your little pets are going to love it.

blueberry vine

Apple trees:

You can definitely grow Apple trees in your backyard. They are full of nutrients. Moreover, puppies would love the taste.

apple plant

Parsley plants:

Just like the carrots, Parsley is also very rich in Vit A & C. Other than that they also provide a good taste to your puppies.

parsley plant


The taste is great and what they provide to your puppies is high levels of nutrients.


Strawberry vine:

With great taste Strawberries also make the best choice for your backyard. Strawberries are packed with high levels of antioxidants.

strawberry vine


So when can puppies go in the backyard? Well, they can go outside under your supervision after around they are 18 to 20 weeks old. Make sure you take all the precautions we listed in this article. Your puppies need extra care and attention. You need to be extra careful with regard to their health and safety.