10 Best Shock Collar for Aggressive Dog Review for 2023

If you have an aggressive dog that you need to control, then you should look for the best shock collar for aggressive dog. These collars are designed to administer a shock when your dog bites or attacks another animal or person, which will help it learn to not attack in the future.

If you’re looking for the best shock collar for your pet, we’ve put together this list of 10 of the best dog shock collar for aggressive dogs out there.

It includes information on how these collars work and how to use them as well as some tips for getting started with training your dog with one.

These collars work by emitting a painful electrical pulse when it senses that your dog is behaving aggressively towards any other creature in its vicinity.

This gives your pet a negative association with aggression so that it won’t repeat this behavior in the future.

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Do shock collar works for Aggressive dogs? 

The answer to this question is yes. Shock collars are not a cure-all for aggressive dogs, but they can be a useful tool in the right circumstances.

Shock collars can be helpful for dogs that are aggressive toward people or other animals, but only if they are used correctly.

The collar must be fitted properly and used properly, and it should never be used as punishment for bad behavior. It should only be used as a training aid when your dog is doing something right, like sitting when you say “down.”

It’s important to remember that these devices are not toys, they’re powerful tools that can cause pain and anxiety in dogs if they’re not used correctly.

If you feel like you don’t have enough experience using one on your dog, you should consult with a professional trainer before trying one out.

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Best Shock Collar for Aggressive Dog

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What are the 10 Best Shock Collar for Aggressive Dog recommended in 2022

Well in 2022, the best shock collar for aggressive dogs is no doubt the DOG CARE Dog Training Collar because of its affordable price, effective features, and long range.

  1. INVIROX DOG CARE Dog Training Collar – Best shock collar for aggressive dog
  2. PATPET Dog Training Collar – Best training collar for aggressive dogs
  3. Pet Resolve Dog Training Collar – Shock collar for aggressive dog
  4. NVK Shock Collar – Best Collar for aggressive dogs
  5. PetSpy M686B Dog Trainer Shock Collar – Training collar for aggressive dogs
  6. Bousnic Dog Training Collar – Collar for aggressive dogs
  7. Dogtra 200C Training Dog E Collars – Best e collars for aggressive dogs
  8. Garmin Delta Sports Pro Hunting Dog Collar – Runner Up
  9. Pleasantsong Shock Collar – Runner Up

The 10 Best Shock Collar for Aggressive Dogs You Can Buy in 2023

Here’s our list of ten of the best shock collar for aggressive dogs, based on consumer feedback, expert opinion, and product specifications.




Check Price

DOG CARE Dog Training Collar

  • Range: 1000 ft
  • Dog Weight: 15 to 100 lbs

INVIROX DOG CARE Dog Training Collar

  • Range: 1000 ft
  • Dog Weight: 15 to 100 lbs

PATPET Dog Training Collar

  • Range: 3000 ft
  • Dog Weight: 10 to 140 lbs

Pet Resolve Dog Training Collar

  • Range: 1312 yards
  • Dog Weight: 15 lbs or larger

PetSpy M686B Dog Trainer Shock Collar

  • Range: 1100 yards
  • Dog Weight: 10 to 140 lbs

Bousnic Dog Training Collar

  • Range: 1000 feet
  • Dog Weight: 15 to 120 lbs

Dogtra 200C Training Dog E Collars

  • Range: 1/2 Mile
  • Dog Weight: 10 lbs or larger

Garmin Delta Sports Pro Hunting Dog Collar

  • Range: 100 yards
  • Dog Weight: N/A

Pleasantsong Shock Collar

  • Range: 1300 feet
  • Dog Weight: N/A

Why do you need a Shock Collar for Aggressive dogs?

For some owners, the idea of using a shock collar for an aggressive dog is appalling. However, if you have a very aggressive canine friend and are looking for a way to curb his or her behavior without being cruel to them, then using a shock collar is one option that you should consider. Here are some of the benefits that come with using this type of product:

Best Shock Collar for Aggressive Dog

Helps correct behavior

A shock collar is a great device to use if you are training your dog. It can help correct behavior, such as chewing on the furniture or barking at visitors.

Some dogs will even become less aggressive when wearing one of these collars. If your dog is misbehaving, one of these devices may be all you need to fix the problem and make sure your pet does not cause any harm to anyone else in your home.

With this type of collar, there are many different settings that can be used depending on what kind of correction you want from it and how strong that correction needs to be.

This means that it will not hurt your pet as much if they continue doing something bad while they wear it because there will always be some sort of low-level shock sent through their body instead of just an immediate jolt whenever they do something wrong (such as jumping up onto another person’s lap).

Helps reduce barking

Shock collars are devices that use electric shock to punish inappropriate behavior. They’re often used on dogs who bark at night, but they can also be used to reduce other bad behaviors as well.

The collar works by emitting a mild electrical current when your dog barks or performs another undesired activity.

The stimulation is enough to distract the dog from their behavior and redirect them toward the positive action you want them to perform (like sitting down). Over time, this will teach your dog that barking is not an option anymore!

Helps to keep your dog in your yard

A shock collar can also help you keep your dog in your yard. This can be especially important if you have a large yard or live near a busy road, as it will keep them from running away and getting hit by a car.

It can also prevent them from bothering neighbors and other dogs, which may save the relationship between you and your neighbors if there were any issues.

Dog owners often find that their dogs get into fights with other animals or people, even when they’re not aggressive toward humans.

A shock collar can help prevent this by teaching them that fighting is not acceptable behavior.

Allows you to communicate effectively with your dog

A shock collar for an aggressive dog is a device that can help you communicate effectively with your dog.

This device allows you to train your dog, correct bad behavior, and alert your dog when you are not around.

A shock collar does this by using low voltage electric shocks in order for the dog to understand what it did wrong or good. It’s like giving praise or punishment when needed without having to be there physically at that moment.

The best part about this device is that if you have an aggressive dog then they will respond better because they want the attention from their owner so much more now because they know that by doing something wrong they will get punished right away but if they do something good then he/she will be rewarded right away too!

Gives you peace of mind knowing you are able to get the attention of your dog when needed.

A shock collar, when used properly, is an effective way to help your dog learn new behaviors and commands.

It gives you peace of mind knowing that you can get their attention when needed if they are acting aggressively or become distracted in other ways.

Your dog will be able to focus on you and listen to what you are saying instead of acting out because they do not pay attention.

The shock collar can also be used as a deterrent so that your dog knows they should not act out in certain situations such as around strangers or near other animals.

Finally, the shock collar allows you to communicate with your pet even if he/she does not know any language yet!

This means that by using this tool now while training him/her how to behave appropriately which will make learning these skills much easier down the road (and once he/she learns them).

Will help in correcting bad behavior that is difficult to train.

A shock collar is a great tool to help you in training your dog. It helps to train your dog to obey commands, stay in the yard and stop barking.

A shock collar is designed so that when the dog barks or lunges at something it will receive a shock, this deterring them from doing so in the future.

The best part about using a shock collar on aggressive dogs is that it can be used on any breed of dog and doesn’t require any special training methods.

The shock collar has proven very effective in controlling aggression in dogs.

If you have an aggressive stray who has been living on its own and has not been socialized with humans then this may be exactly what you need!

The only downside of these collars is that they are sometimes unpredictable because there isn’t much room for error; however if used correctly this method will work wonders for any situation where fear based aggression is present!

How does this shock collar work, and how to use it?

A shock collar is a dog training device that uses electric shocks to correct unwanted behaviors. The collar is attached to the dog’s neck, and when the dog does something wrong, like pull on the leash or bark at another dog passing by, the collar will give them a small shock.

The idea is that if your dog realizes that pulling on the leash hurts, it will stop pulling on the leash in order to avoid getting shocked.

To use this collar, you will need to first get your dog used to wearing it. Put it on your dog for short periods of time, maybe 10 minutes at first, and reward them with treats during this time. 

After a few days of doing this, you can begin increasing how long you keep the collar on your dog until eventually, they are wearing it for several hours at a time without any problems.

You should also start using food rewards when they behave properly instead of just treats when they behave badly.

What Type of shock collars you should use on Aggressive Dogs?

There are many different types of shock collars you can use on aggressive dogs.

The most common type of shock collar is the electronic collar, which uses electronic signals to create a painful sensation for your dog. Another type is the citronella collar, which emits a spray that irritates your dog’s nose when they bark or whine.

You should use an electronic collar if your dog has become aggressive toward people or other animals because it gives them an immediate negative consequence when they act out.

The citronella collar should be used if you’re trying to train your dog not to bark excessively or whine for attention.

What to Look for in a Shock Collar for Aggressive Dog? (Buyer Guide)

If you’re looking to train an aggressive dog, a shock collar may be the right solution for you. However, there are many different options on the market, which can make things confusing.

Here we will go through some of the most important features that you need to consider when searching for shock collar for aggressive dogs.

The Range

It’s important to note that the range of a remote control shock collar is measured differently than that of a wireless one.

The range of a remote control shock collar refers to how far away from your dog you can be and still use it. If you’re in a situation where your dog might run off or get lost, this could be an important consideration for you.

The reason why it matters is that if your dog is more aggressive than other pets, then there’s a chance that they’ll receive their correction from further away than if they were more docile.

On top of that, having a longer distance between them and yourself means that there’s less risk of injury for either party involved.*

Collar Durability

When you are looking for a shock collar for your dog, you will want to consider the durability of the collar. While some people believe that using a shock collar is unnecessary and cruel, others believe it is an effective way to correct bad behavior.

If you choose to use one of these devices on your dog, then it is important that you are able to find one that will last longer.

Shock collars come in many different forms and sizes, but they all have some common features. For example, all shock collars contain an electrode as well as two metal prongs that produce electricity when activated by a remote control device or a handheld transmitter.

The electrodes are typically made from either plastic or rubber and may also include metal components such as stainless steel screws or rivets for added strength and durability (but this does not necessarily make them more durable than their plastic counterparts).

The Neck Size

When choosing a shock collar for your aggressive dog, it’s important to consider the width of their neck. The collar should be able to fit comfortably around your dog’s neck, without being too tight or too loose.

The best shock collars are adjustable and made from a durable material that can withstand being tugged at by an aggressive dog.

Ease of Use of Collar

A good shock collar should be easy to use. This means it should be simple to adjust the settings, and it’s also important that you can clean the collar with ease.

You don’t want to have to struggle with your pet every time you want to put on or take off their collar.

Remote Control

When it comes to a remote control shock collar, you want something that is easy to use. The remote should have the ability to be used at a distance of up to 1000 yards and be waterproof.

If your dog has a tendency to take off when they are out in public, you will want one that has an automatic training function so they can be trained while they are away from home.

There are two main types of remote controls: wireless or not. A wireless remote control allows you more freedom because there aren’t any wires connecting between the collar and controller devices like there is with a wired system.

This makes it easier for you as well as your dog because there is no hassle trying to avoid getting tangled up by wires which could cause injury if pulled too hard by your pet during playtime activities like running around outdoors or chasing after balls thrown into water (if playing fetch).


When it comes to buying a shock collar for aggressive dogs, the brand is important. As with any product, you want to make sure that you are dealing with a reputable company that has a good reputation and history in the industry.

The best way to research this is through reviews and customer testimonials of other users who have used their products in the past.

If there are no reviews available for your chosen shock collar brand, then you might want to consider going with another option instead.

It’s also important that you check into their warranty policy as well as their customer service record before making any final decisions on which shock collar will work best for your dog’s needs.

Different Training Modes for Shock Collars

Before you decide on the right training mode for your dog, it is important to understand how each one works and what their pros and cons are.

Tone Mode: This feature uses a high-frequency sound that’s delivered through the speaker. The tone is designed to distract your dog from what it was doing and refocus it on you.

Typically, there will be two levels of intensity but some collars also come with three or four different options for tone volume so you can pick whatever feels most comfortable for your pet.

Vibration Mode: This feature sends a gentle vibration through its collar when activated by pressing a button on the remote control.

It’s often used as an alternative form of correction if tone mode does not seem effective enough at getting your dog’s attention or stopping them from misbehaving in any given situation (i.e., barking at other dogs).

Shock Mode: This feature delivers an electric shock directly into their neck when activated by pressing a button on the remote control (similarly as how we humans would use TENS units).

This type of stimulation should only be used as an absolute last resort when all else has failed because it has potential side effects such as fear/anxiety issues later down the road due to being repeatedly exposed without proper conditioning first being done beforehand – like any other training method!

FAQs on Shock Collar for Aggressive Dogs

We address some common questions about choosing the best dog shock collar for aggressive dogs, after evaluating ten different models.

Are shock collars effective for aggressive dogs?

Yes and no. Shock collars are effective for aggressive dogs, but they should not be used as a first-line treatment.

Shock collars can help control dogs who are aggressive toward people or other animals, but they should not be used alone as a solution to helping your dog’s aggression issues. These collars are most effective when paired with traditional training techniques like positive reinforcement, which helps the dog associate good behaviors with rewards.

Will a shock collar stop a dog fight?

The answer to this question is “it depends.”

If you are referring to a shock collar as a device that can be used to stop a dog fight, then the answer is no. The shock collar is not designed to stop a dog fight, and it cannot be used for that purpose.

However, if you are referring to a shock collar as an effective training tool for dogs, then the answer is yes. A properly-used shock collar can help to train your dog not to engage in behaviors that could lead to fights with other animals or people.

Will a shock collar make my dog more aggressive?

No, it will not make your dog more aggressive. A shock collar is intended to be used as a training tool, and it should only be used when you are trying to teach your dog new commands or stop bad behaviors.

A shock collar training cruel punishment should never be used, as that can lead to aggression in dogs. If you use your shock collar correctly, you’ll see better results than if you were just yelling at or hitting your dog.

Can You Use A Shock Collar To Stop Biting?

Yes, a shock collar can be used to stop your dog from biting.

The collar has a remote control that allows you to deliver a small shock to your dog whenever he bites. The shock is meant to hurt enough that it teaches the dog not to bite.

How much does a training collar cost?

It depends on the type of collar, but you can expect to pay anywhere from $30 to $100 for a training collar.

Do shock collars work for training stubborn dogs?

Shock collars are not recommended for training stubborn dogs. While they may be effective on dogs that respond to pain, they can cause fear and anxiety in the dog, which is a counterproductive result.

What to do if your dog doesn’t react to shock collar training?

If your dog doesn’t respond to shock collar training, it’s likely because the shock is too weak to be effective. You can increase the level of shock by turning up the dial on the collar, or you can try a different type of collar that delivers a stronger shock.

Conclusion on Shock Collar for Aggressive Dogs

My best advice is to research the particular collar that you’d like to get and then table it with your veterinarian.

I’m confident that you’ll have answers to all of your main questions, and this with lead you to a collar that is perfect for your dog and your needs.

But please, never buy a shock collar without doing some thorough research first in the safest way possible.

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