How to Use Shock Collar to Train Dog in 8 Steps on 2023

Some dog owners prefer to use a shock collar to train their dogs but many don’t know how to use shock collar to train dogs.

Training with a collar is much faster and easier than regular training sessions. And best of all, you don’t have to go through the process of purchasing a new collar and training materials every time your dog does something wrong.

The stimulation a dog receives from the shock collar can be regulated according to its needs. This makes the shock collar an ideal tool for training your dog. The shock collar works by sending mild electrical currents to the dog’s skin. Shock collars come in a variety of settings from low to high.

It is very important to understand how to use shock collars in dog training. The best thing to do is to ask your veterinarian for advice and guidance. When starting training a new dog, you need to make sure that they are trained with the right techniques.

Before the shock collar technique, train your dog with positive reinforcement, such as a toy or praise. You also need to make sure that you set firm rules for your dog. The most important rule is to always keep your dog under control.

You will be provided with a checklist of things to consider before starting the training. The main purpose of this article is to provide you with a complete step-by-step guide for shock collar training.

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Use Shock Collar to Train Dog

Along with this, we will also elaborate advantages and disadvantages of this technique plus in what direction you can take this training. What you will be able to make your pet learn using this technique.

So, continue reading below.

How Do Shock Collar actually Work?

Use Shock Collar to Train Dog

Shock collars are typically used to prevent the dog from barking, jumping, or exhibiting unpleasant behavior. The shock collar is not meant to cause pain or injury to the dog.

Shock collars equipped with modern features come with vibration and sound features. They are safe to use and you do not have to worry about their negative side effects.

Some collars even let you adjust the intensity of stimulation. These levels can be set according to your dog’s breed, temperament, age, and other factors.

This is a great way to start because it allows you to use the vibration and sound feature to give a signal to your dog even before you move forward to give them a shock.

You need to keep in mind that you can’t use the stimulation at high levels just in the start of the training process. You have to take a start from the minimum stimulation level and gradually move towards the high levels finally to the setting that suits your dog.

The shock collar is actually a device that is used to train your dog. It is not meant to cause pain or distress. Ideally, the shock should be just enough to keep the dog’s attention while you are training him or her.

While you are in control never let yourself exceed the limit. You should remind yourself frequently that you’re not supposed to punish your dog with the collar but correct their behavior.

The shock collar is a tool to help you train your dog and maintain a healthy relationship with him. It is not a weapon with which you can impose violence against your dog. If used properly, the shock collar can be a very helpful tool in your relationship with your dog. 

How to Use a Shock Collar to Train Your Dog?

Use Shock Collar to Train Dog

Even before we jump into the guide to how we can use shock collar to train our dog, we have to know how valuable it is for training purposes. This type of training is based on the fact that a shock collar is capable of delivering a gentle electrical current to your dog.

This is not a painful shock and it is not meant to cause pain. The shock collar is used to give your dog a gentle reminder that he has done something wrong. 

You won’t have to put your dog through any uncomfortable physical or mental stress when using shock collar. The shock collar is very safe, and it won’t cause any harm. The shock collar uses a mild electric current to provide a gentle correction.

However, if you want to train your dog using a shock collar, then you should make sure that you are very patient and show the necessary level of trust in your dog before using it. If you don’t have enough knowledge and training needed to carry out the training then you should better avoid it and ask a professional.

1. Always buy best and a durable shock collar

The best shock collars are easy to use, provide the right level of impact, and are durable enough to last for a long time. You can also choose a shock collar with a long-lasting battery, so you won’t have to worry about changing the batteries every few months.

The most obvious benefit of choosing the best shock collar is that it will make a much safer experience for your dog. It would eventually make your tasks easy.

You can get a number of options for shock collars with different and special features. Choose a model that is easy to use and has a long battery life to avoid any problems in the future.

Make sure you buy the right size as well; some models are adjustable so you can get the right fit for your dog. You also have to consider your environment when choosing a shock collar.

Be sure to get one that is weatherproof to prevent any problems during bad weather. All this research and precautions are needed if you don’t want to waste your money.

2. Start with some basic commands

Shock collars are designed to shock your dog when he exceeds a certain threshold. It is important that you properly train your dog with the shock collar before you use it. Start with low-level or basic commands. Be sure to praise your dog for following commands and use a gentle voice when giving commands.

Once you have a firm grasp on these, you can progress to more advanced training. Even if you are new to the dog world, you can start with basic training to familiarize yourself with the dog’s body language.

There are many ways you can teach your dog these basic commands! You can do this by rewarding your dog. This can be done through verbal commands and hand signals too. 

This will make it easier to interact with your dog and increase your bond with your dog too. The more comfortable you are with your dog, the more likely it is that you will be able to interact with your dog easily.

And reducing the energy that can be expended on annoying behavior can help your dog feel more at ease with themselves in public spaces. These are the easiest ways to give your dog a correction. You can also use the beep and vibration system too.

3. Provide comforts to your dog

During the training sessions, you may see your dog become uncomfortable. This may be because of putting on the collar and then removing it often.

If your dog isn’t comfortable with traditional collars you can let them wear the shock collar by turning it off. They can wear it without getting any stimulation for their behavior.

It doesn’t matter if your dog is new to wearing the collar or experienced. The first thing to do is to make sure that he feels comfortable with it on.

4. Strengthen dog behavior with shock collar

Be sure to keep a positive emotional connection with your dog. By investing time with your dog and teaching him proper behavior, you’ll be reinforcing it in the future. You need to consider the behavior you want your dog to give up.

Don’t forget to use behavior modification techniques such as positive reinforcement when you’re training your dog. You can also use a combination of these techniques to create a behavior modification approach for the training session. This teaches your dog not to do that thing and allows you to more precisely target the behavior you want to stop. 

Try to communicate with your dog, and showcase the things or behavior you want them to adopt. It’s a process that requires work on your part. You’re going to have to be patient, but it’s worth it.  Repeating the process throughout the week can help your dog much. With a shock collar, you can use a combination of words and treats to deter your dog from bad behavior. 

Now that you have worked enough on their commands and behavior you need to reinforce it with the shock collar training.

5. Use shock collar for other basic techniques

First, you have to make sure your dog is calm and at ease with the shock collar before you start training. You have to be patient with your dog and give it the chance to get used to you using the shock collar.

Some dogs are more sensitive to shocks than others and require more time to adjust to the collar. Then it’s very vital that you keep using other techniques to reinforce the behavior like a clicker or positive reinforcement as you don’t want to make your dog depends on the shock to do anything.

Remember you are to give them mental training to adopt the good behavior and drop the unpleasant one. Using only shock collars you’re not giving them training but making them addicted to shocks. When you’ll use different techniques you can better do the training.

6. Try to set different goals to use vibrate goal after training

If your dog has a habit of doing whatever you ask, you will not have to do much effort to train them as they already obey you and want to please you.

In cases when you are dealing with breeds that won’t show you a stubborn nature and won’t give you a tough time you need to move your attention towards the vibration mode of the shock collar.

In the case of other breeds that do need a little more stimulation, you can use the shock feature in their initial training procedure. Dog training includes many skills, but the most important one is the ability to understand what a command means and to follow it.

Shock collar training is one way to improve the dog’s ability to understand these important skills. When you’re dealing with an aggressive dog, you can use shock collar training to reduce the dog’s bad behavior and provide a helpful skill. Once you’re confident enough with their obedience, now you can switch to the vibration mode.

7. Get help from professionals behaviorist

Some dog training problems are due to a lack of knowledge or experience from the dog’s human trainer. It’s time that you need to work with your dog’s professional dog trainer to correct the issue. This is a very important part of the process, as it is in your best interest to work with a dog professional if needed.

If you don’t have enough knowledge on “how to use shock collar to train dog properly”, you should seek professional help without any further ado. This will help you gain knowledge for further training or training related issues, too.

They can help you train your dog, work on problem solving, or work with your dog’s behavior. There are many ways to meet your dog’s behaviorist, like joining a support group, checking out a behaviorist app on your phone, or hiring a behaviorist.

A behaviorist can help you work on improving your own relationship with your dog by teaching you how to communicate with your dog and work on improving your relationship with your dog.

8. Never use the highest correction levels

If you decide to use a shock collar, be sure to read and follow the manufacturer’s instructions. Shock collars can be used in a variety of situations with different stimulation levels.

If you are using shock collars to correct your dog when he’s misbehaving, use a lower level of correction than you normally would. Never jump to the highest stimulation levels even if you’re tempted to.

In order to make them work, you need to know how to use a shock collar. The best thing to do is to start with a lower level and gradually increase the intensity. You’ll stop at the very level where your dog is enough attentive.

Most of the dogs won’t need high levels of stimulation, while others being aggressive and stubborn will have you move upward. What you ought to do is never make a jump to the high-intensity levels, move gradually to the high levels from the lower ones.

What Will You Teach Your Dog Using the Shock Collar?

train Dog

The shock collar is a very effective way to train dogs.  It is very important that you know what you are doing when using a shock collar. You can use this tool to teach your dog valuable lessons. We’ll elaborate below on what you can do using a shock collar.

1. Correct your dog’s behavior and make it more confident

This includes the basics of training such as sit, down, stay, and come. These skills are essential for your dog to learn to interact with people and other animals.

If your dog does not already know how to do these basic skills, he will need to be taught. Once your dog has mastered all these basic commands, you can start working on more difficult commands.

You can use it to help them with their recall, subdue an unruly behavior, or reinforce an action they’re already used to. 

2. Teach them some hunting training

This is a great way to improve your dog’s self-control and knowledge about hunting. It is important to know that shock collars can also be used as a training tool for hunting.

Modern technology has added a variety of functions to the old shock collar. With these features and functions, you can train a dog for hunting purposes. 

Most dogs respond well to a signal like a whistle. This is by far the most popular form of tracking with hunting dogs. But when we see these modern shock collars they even have a feature to provide a signal to the dogs and get them to work accordingly.

3. Give them Off-Leash walking training

Off-leash walking is a great way for you and your dog to bond and socialize. It also gives your dog a physical break from being indoors all day, which can be quite stressful for some dogs. Off-leash walking also helps improve your bond.

You will be surprised to know that with a shock collar you can even train your dog to walk off-leash without causing you any stress.

What you need to do is make him learn some basic commands like come, sit, and stop plus verbal and hand signals to control them. In this way, you will also be able to control your dog with your voice. 

Apart from your convenience your dog also needs to have some space to run and exercise, and a leash will only slow him down. So, training your dog with a shock collar can allow you and your dog to have thrilling jogging in the park every day.

4. Give them some special training

And not only the tasks and training we have already mentioned in this article above, but there are many other ways you can train your dog. You may have seen dogs performing amazing and excellent jobs out there with the police and other officials like bomb-sniffing dogs.

These trained dogs can detect the presence of explosives through their constant observation of their surroundings and the way they react to being approached. They are trained to alert their handler to the presence of explosives and can help you get out of dangerous situations.

There are also many other types of detection dog training you can give to your dog. By learning how to recognize and avoid dangerous situations, your dogs can help you avoid trouble and reach your goals more comfortably. 

We hope you would be excited enough to know all the above directions in which you can train your dog.

Things you Need to Know Before Buying Shock Collars:

To Train Dog

This is especially important if you plan to use a shock collar in an obedience setting. A poor fit will cause your dog to reflexively tense up and react with a shock. Not all shock collars are created equal, and the right collar for the right situation will produce the right results.

We recommend that you do your research, shop around, and get an excellent shock collar that is safe for use around your dog.

So, let’s begin with the things you need to keep in mind before buying a shock collar.

1. Find a collar with adjustable intensity

In this modern age, you cannot go with an old one-feature shock collar, you need to have a shock collar equipped with all the modern features like different stimulation levels, vibration, sound function, etc.

The different stimulation levels allow you to adjust the shock collar for dogs from any breed, of any temperament, and of any age too.

2. Get a shock collar with boundary control

The boundary control feature is designed to give you better control over the shock collar. This is a particularly useful tool for Training and as a preventative measure for dogs who have trouble limiting themselves to their homes. By providing your dog with this training you can avoid neighbors’ complaints.

3. Should be available at an affordable price

This is the most important thing that you need to consider before purchasing a shock collar for your dog. This is a device that you can buy at any pet store. However, if you want to buy a good quality shock collar, you can go for a brand that is reputable.

The more the features of the collar the more it can be expensive and with fewer features, you can buy a collar at an affordable price. Anyhow, regardless of the features you can get a shock collar from $30 to $250+.

4. Try to look for fast result shock collar

Other benefits of using shock collars include their quick response time. You can choose from a range of vibration and beeping collars for dogs, but make sure that they provide you with a quick solution to your problem. Choose a shock collar that provides you with an immediate solution to your dog’s behavior problem.

Other Alternatives of Shock Collars:

If you don’t want to train your dogs with a shock collar there are various alternatives available for this purpose. We will include them in this article. Our first recommendation is KeepSafe collars which can be bought for between $70 to $110. 

KeepSafe collars, which apparently look like normal collars, are designed to produce verbal signals. The sound it produces is like barking. It is one of the very efficient tools for dog training. Unlike a shock collar, it doesn’t make any direct physical contact with the dog. 

These are designed to be used outdoors so you can expect that it would be waterproof. It is safe to use even in rain. You don’t have to worry about its functioning. You can place it anywhere in the yard around your dog above or beneath.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Shock Collar:

Use Shock Collar to Train Dog

When purchasing a shock collar, you’re essentially getting a dog “training” device which would have its pros and cons. After going through them you can better decide whether they suit your needs or not. Below we will list them:


  1. You can switch between different stimulation levels.
  2. You get quick results.
  3. You have full boundary control.
  4. They are affordable.
  5. Modern collars include Vibrating and beeping features.
  6. Settings can be altered according to your needs.


  1. It causes at least a little discomfort to your dog.
  2. Dog’s will may be suppressed.
  3. No function for positive rewards.


Use Shock Collar to Train Dog

I hope this article gives you enough knowledge on How to Use Shock Collar to Train Dog Properly.

You can also use this technique with a combination of training and positive reinforcement. The best part is that the shock is optional. You don’t have to use it, but you can if you feel the need to.

If you choose to use a shock collar on your puppy, then you need to use it at the lowest intensity and then gradually increase it to a level best suited to your dog’s situation. Never directly use the high-level stimulations, as they can harm your pet.

The article also has included different techniques with which you can train your dog. It has included different types of training you can give to your dog. And lastly, it also includes shock collar alternatives. We hope that this article would have helped you in some way or the other. If you liked the article you can share it with your family and friends.