How to Stop Dog From Going Under the Bed With 12 Methods [PHOTOS]

how to stop dog from going under the bed

Many dog owners have experienced the frustration of finding their big pup hiding under the bed. While it may seem harmless, this behavior can be problematic for many reasons.

Dogs may damage bed frames or get stuck in the process of crawling under the bed.

Additionally, they may become territorial and aggressive when approached while under the bed because of their ancestral instincts.

But before finding out “how”, let’s discuss “why” first to understand things more clearly.

Why Does My Dog Sleep Under My Bed?

Because of dogs’ ancestral-instincts of hiding in dens, they like to sleep under cover such as the bed. They do it to stay close to you or for the comfort and security of their sleep environment. Also, dogs tend to hide under bed during loud noises such as thunderstorms or fireworks.

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Why Does My Dog Sleep Under My Bed?
Image via: u/werehappyforyou

Now that you’re half solved, it’s time for “how”.

12 Methods on How to Stop Dog From Going Under the Bed

As you now know dogs are somewhat marked as Den Animals. These lovely companions are also affected by different reasons that lead them to go under your furniture or specifically under the bed.

According to Certified Canine-Academy Dog Trainer, Jessika Jake; “Dogs like the little den environment, due to which they tend to hide or go under the bed.”

To stop this behavior;

Nowadays, there are bed blockers, which are designed to prevent dogs from accessing the space under the bed, you can use those. Another way is to make the space unappealing with loud noises (clap your hands) or deterrent sprays (bitter apple spray, but ensure pet-safe).

How to Stop Dog From Going Under the Bed
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If you want to go deep, I’ve also listed 12 ways on how to stop dog from going under the bed.

1# Block the access using Bed Blocker

bed blocker

It’s common for dogs to use furniture specifically beds, to hide, cover themselves, or sleep there.

These spots are both not safe for the companion and also frustrating for the owner.

To stop your dog from going under the bed, one of the best ways is to block the access by any means.

A bed blocker is one of them.

2# Use furniture skirts

furniture skirt

Furniture skirts can be an effective way to prevent your dog from accessing the space under the bed.

These skirts create a barrier that makes it difficult for the dog to squeeze underneath.

You can either purchase furniture skirts or create your own using durable materials like wood or plastic.

But still I would prefer to use Bed Blockers above many.

3# Try a more comfortable bed or tent-shaped dog bed

tent-shaped dog bed

Sometimes, dogs seek refuge under the bed because they prefer enclosed spaces for comfort and security.

Providing a more comfortable bed or a tent-shaped dog bed can offer your dog a cozy alternative to hiding under the bed.

4# Try using an elevated dog bed

 elevated-designed dog cottage

Nowadays, it’s common for dogs to have comfortable dog beds around the house.

If your dog is one of them and still hides under your bed then try to replace the old one dog bed with an elevated-designed dog cottage which will give your dog the same feeling as an ordinary bed.

I’ve found it helpful as I’ve seen one of my neighbors using it.

5# Train a “Leave It” Command

If your dog is still in the training phase, several commands can be taught to your dog to control this behavior. Dogs may go under your bed for habitual reasons, but proper training can fix those reasons. You can ask your trainer or do it yourself by just teaching your dog with “Leave It” or “Stop” commands.

Here are steps for training a “Leave It” or “Stop” command:

  1. Start with basic obedience training to establish a strong foundation.
  2. Hold a treat in your hand and show it to your dog.
  3. Give the command “Leave It” or “Stop” in a firm but calm voice.
  4. When your dog looks away from the treat or stops approaching the bed, praise and reward them with the treat.
  5. Repeat the exercise, gradually increasing the difficulty by placing the treat closer to the bed.
  6. Practice the command in different environments and situations to generalize the behavior.

6# Try to handle loud noises

Why Do Dogs Sleep Under Blankets?

Dogs may hide under the bed when they feel frightened or anxious due to loud noises.

You can try addressing loud noises within the room where your dog is supposed to sleep can involve creating a calming environment.

You can use sound machines or white noise generators to drown out sudden loud noises that might startle your dog.

7# Try to maintain a sound temperature

a dog is sleeping on a mat with a towel

Providing a comfortable temperature within the room where your dog sleeps is essential for ensuring they don’t hide under the bed for warmth or coolness.

Consider using air conditioners, or heaters to adjust the room’s temperature according to the weather.

Providing cozy blankets or cooling mats in your dog’s sleeping area can also help them feel comfortable.

8# Your dog is temporarily scared

dog is scared

Parties or sudden family gatherings can be overwhelming for dogs, leading to temporary fear or anxiety.

If this is a reason then try to ignore your dog for this particular period.

9# Use deterrent spray

bitter apple spray

Sometimes, no matter how much effort you put into the dog’s training, your pet may still go under the bed.

If neither of the above strategies works on your stubborn pup, then you can use different deterrent sprays to prevent and restrict your dog from going under the bed by making the space unappealing.

There are a variety of different deterrent sprays in the market, but the one that I usually recommend is any bitter apple spray because they are pet-safe.

Can Spraying Citrus Fragrance Keep My Pooch Off My Bed?

Yes, dogs do not like the citrus fragrance and do not react well towards citrus things. If your dog is going under the bed oftentimes without any particular reason then spraying citrus fragrance can help you out.

Spraying citrus fragrance under the bed will prevent and discourage your dog from going under the bed because they kind of hate citrus fragrance.

10# Try grooming your dog (unpopular)

dog love to be groomed:

Sometimes, specifically in thick-fur dogs, when their body fur grows big they feel itchy.

The thick fur of your dog can make your companion irritate or feel uncomfortable due to which they may cover themselves or try to go under the bed.

If your dog breed is marked with thick fur, you should take your dog to the groomer.

While it may be helpful to you, it’s still unpopular as it’s not always the case with every dog.

11# Try to use the crate

Can You Put A Dog Crate In The Garage

If none of the above methods seems to be working for you then the best you can do is to let your dog stay in crate.

The recommended way is to place the crate inside your bedroom and make the crate comfortable with a cushy bed and some chew toys.

FYI: Adult dogs can stay safe and sound for 7-8 hours in a crate while puppies should not be in a crate for more than 4 hours.

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12# At last, consult a professional

One of the last reasons for your dog going under the bed may be his health condition. There are a lot of different dogs that may hide or cover themselves under the bed due to any physical or mental issues. If you observe any signs or sudden symptoms in your dog like coughing, pain, vomiting, diarrhea, behavior change, etc, then you must consult a professional or take your dog to the vet to make sure your dog is completely healthy.

What Not to Do For Dogs That Hid

Is Sleeping Under The Bed Risky for Dogs?

Generally, there is no serious risk for dogs sleeping under the bed as long as the underside of the bed is properly ventilated & cleaned. The only concern is for the dogs who have dust allergies because then sleeping under the bed gets risky due to dust mites or mold.

Common Question:

Why do dogs go under pillows?

Some dogs go under pillows, blankets, or sometimes under the bed to sleep or rest in a burrower space or position. In this burrower spot or space your dogs might find comfort or security. It is also a way dog use to show affection towards you.

Should I let my dog sleep anywhere?

Letting your dog sleep anywhere depends upon personal preference and the comfort of your pet. But letting your dog sleep anywhere may have different disadvantages or drawbacks that may harm your beloved pets.

Why is my dog always hiding?

Just like other animals, dogs are also marked with feelings like fear, anxiety, or depression. These symptoms or bad health conditions can lead your dog to shiver or hide in specific places.

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