Does My Dog Need Winter Boots?

Does My Dog Need Winter Boots?

As the winter approaches, the first thing we all do is to take out our jackets and warm clothes. This is our normal behavior due to the changing weather. But have you ever thought that are we the only ones who need warm clothes in winter?

As a dog owner, I always try my best that my dog never feels any discomfort. So this question pops into my head: does my dog need winter boots or not? I bet other dog owners also have the same question. Let’s find out the answer to this question in this article.

Does My Dog Need Winter Boots?

Unlike us, dogs are not made that delicate. They can withstand harsh environments better than us. Mostly there is no need to put winter boots on your dog. But still, you CAN use winter boots on your dog to prevent the risk of frostbite and injuries from sharp ice or snow.

If your dog is very tolerant to cold climates then there is no such need for boots. But if you notice that your dog is finding it difficult to walk in the snow or having any other issues, you CAN consider buying a pair of winter boots for added traction. 

Does my dog need winter boots

Should All Dogs Wear Winter Boots?

If you think that your dog requires winter boots then you should buy one. But this does not mean that all dogs require boots.

Some dogs are very resistant to harsh weather such as Huskies and can walk easily below freezing temperatures as well. So they don’t need winter boots. But, they sometimes may need to protect their feet from melting salts and other things so that they do not get infections. For that purpose, light boots can be used.

Therefore, there is no universal rule for all dogs on whether they should or should not wear winter boots. This decision depends on their nature and how well they adapt to the environment.

If you start to notice that your dog is getting an infection in paws or snow is settling between paws, due to low temperature, then you should put on winter boots for at least some time so that the infection does not worsen.

How To Train Your Dog To Wear Boots

Wearing boots is not natural for dogs so they may find it weird to wear them. That is why training them to wear winter boots can be a hard task.

Many dogs are used to wearing winter clothes, but wearing boots can be confusing at the start and they may not understand how they should walk with them. 

Here are some tips on how you can make your dog wear winter boots:

  1. First, introduce the boots to the dog and let him/her get familiar with them. Let them smell the boots so that they will gradually become used to it.
  2. Put the boots on the dog for a short period at the start. It is better to start with one or two boots at the start so that they can learn to walk with them and then put on others after some days. 
  3. Your dog may be dislinking the boots because you have bought boots with thick soles and due to that they cannot feel the ground. So try replacing them with thin-sole boots.
  4. Do not forget to trim your dog’s nails before putting on the boots. Long nails can make boots even more uncomfortable for dogs.
  5. Use positive reinforcement for introducing boots to the dog. As Cesar Milan, a dog Behaviorist says “Introducing your dog to boots should be done gradually”. The use of positive reinforcement can help your dog in getting comfortable with them.
  6. If your dog does not seem comfortable with the boots, try to get another in a different design as some dogs do not find some designs comfortable.
Dog boot alternatives

Why Do Dogs Walk Funny When You First Put Boots On Them?

It is not the natural behavior of dogs to walk with shoes. So when you introduce boots to them, they walk quite funny. This is because they cannot understand what they have on their feet and what is its purpose. 

Their feet suddenly start to feel heavy and they cannot feel the ground. Due to this, they raise their feet higher and thus start to lose balance. Also, they try to remove the boots as they move which makes their walk funnier. Their walk becomes somewhat stiffer as well. 

In the start, it could be very hard to get your dog used to the boots but with the passage of time, your pup will get used to it.

10 Dog Breed That Can Withstand Winter (Doesn’t Need Winter Clothes)

Here I have made a list of some dog breeds that are resistant to cold weather and might not need winter clothes as well as boots.

Dog breeds that might not need boots



Huskies are medium-sized dogs with thick coated fur, who are made to live and work in frozen environments. They have thick and nimble feet which make them walk easily and quickly in cold and snow as well. As they are made to live in cold and harsh environments that is why they do not need winter boots at all.

Alaskan Malamute:

Alaskan Malamute

Alaskan Malamute is in dogs and is heavily coated with fur. They also have an arctic origin which makes them quite resistant to harsh weather. Due to its weatherproof coat, there is no need for winter boots for these dogs.



Newfoundland is of England origin. They have long and heavy fur which keeps them warm even in cold weather. They are known as WATER RESCUERS and help to rescue people from water. As they work in water, they become prone to the environment and don’t need anything for protection or to keep them warm. 

Labrador Retriever:

Labrador Retriever:

Labrador Retrievers are one of America’s most popular dogs. They are highly active, enthusiastic, and athletic dogs who love to do outdoor activities. They have hard coated fur which also helps them to stay in cold weather. These dogs also do not require any type of protection through dog boots because they are used to the outdoor environment.

Bernese Mountain Dog:

Bernese Mountain Dog

These mountain dogs are large and sturdy workers having thick and silky triple coats of fur. They thrive in cold weather and are generally found in agricultural regions of Switzerland. As they live in low temperatures, they have adapted accordingly due to which there is no need for winter boots for this breed as well. 

Saint Bernard:

Saint Bernard

This breed includes large working dogs of Switzerland origin. They are rescue dogs and are used to freezing temperatures and snowstorms. 

Irish Wolfhound:

Irish Wolfhound

Irish wolfhounds have an origin or Ireland and are famous as hunting and guardian dogs. They have rough and hard coats. They are capable of running at great speed. These dogs also don’t need any type of paw protection generally. 



Keeshonds are medium-sized dogs having double coats of fur. They are descended from arctic origin and thus are used to living in icy cold weather. That is why they don’t feel any need for winter boots.



It is a Japanese dog breed that originated from the mountains of northern Japan. They have short-coated fur and are known as guardian bears. 

Golden doodle:


Goldendoodles are Scottish dogs that are well known for hunting and fieldwork. These energetic dogs love to play outdoors and are highly intelligent and active dogs. They generally don’t like to wear anything on their feet for protection and also don’t feel any need to do so.

Common Question:

Can salt in sidewalks harm my pet’s paws?

Yes, salts or other chemicals can definitely harm your dog’s paws causing cracks, pain, or irritation in it. That is why it is recommended to use dog boots or other alternatives to keep your dog’s paw protected.

Is it good for dogs to wear boots?

Although dogs are not made that delicate like us, it is good for dogs to wear boots, especially during cold weather. They can help to keep their paws warm and protect them from injuries, irritation cracks, etc.

Are all dogs comfortable wearing winter boots?

No, it is not necessary that all dogs would like to wear boots. Some may find them uncomfortable and irritating and do not want to wear them. So for such dogs, you may need persistent effort and a lot of patience until the dog starts to get used to wearing boots.

How do I know that my dog needs winter boots?

If your weather starts to drop near freezing temperatures and you start noticing that your dog is finding it difficult to walk or notice any injuries on its paws, it is a sign that your dog might need winter boots.


Although it is not necessary that every dog require winter boots you can still put on boots to protect them from extreme weather and winter-related injuries.

While there are many uses for these boots, you must not forget to keep in mind your dog’s comfort and try to buy boots that keep your dog’s feet comfortable. Ensuring that your dog’s paws are in good condition is very important as any injury on the paws can make it difficult for your dog to walk or play.

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