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When Can I Give My Puppy Flea Medicine

When Can I Give My Puppy Flea Medicine?

Confuse on when can I give my puppy flea medicine? Well, keep reading this article! Pets such as dogs and cats that have fleas are at risk for other parasites, so it’s important to start treatment early. As soon as you notice any signs of

Why Do Dogs Hang Their Tongues Out (1)

Why Do Dogs Hang Their Tongues Out? Actual Reason 2022

Have you wondered why do dogs hang their tongues out? Well, when the tongue is hanging out, dogs can pant more efficiently. This way they cool down in warm weather and avoid overheating. When a dog is panting, its tongue hangs down from the mouth

Why Do Animals Chase You When You Run?

Why Do Animals Chase You When You Run?

Do you wonder “why do animals chase you when you run?” We will take dogs as an animal to complete this whole article because dogs are actual predators and therefore, they naturally chase things. These animals have an inherent desire to play with their owners

Do Dogs Yawn When Happy

Do Dogs Yawn When Happy? Scientific Reasons 2022

It’s generally known that when dogs are tired they yawn, but people are still confused about do dogs yawn when happy? There are several theories out there about why dogs yawn. One theory suggests that dogs may yawn when they’re happy because it’s a way

Why Do Dogs Groan When Sleeping?

Why Do Dogs Groan When Sleeping?

If you have a pet dog, you may have heard him making strange noises in his sleep. Among these noises, you can hear groaning too. So, why do dogs groan when sleeping? You can find different factors underlying dogs making noises at night. The first

When Is A Boxer Full Grown (1)

When Is A Boxer Full Grown?

A boxer is a breed of dog popular in many parts of the world. It is a large, powerful dog with short legs and an upright posture. There are also a few different ways that a boxer can be considered full-grown, but the most common

Why Do Dogs Bite Blankets

Why Do Dogs Bite Blankets?

Why do dogs bite blankets? Some dogs just enjoy gnawing on blankets. For example, little pugs or Boston terriers may enjoy munching on their blankets at night. However, if your dog loves to gnaw on blankets but doesn’t seem to be getting away from his

Dog Holding Mouth Slightly Open

Dog Holding Mouth Slightly Open | Possible Reasons 2022

Ever wondered why your dog holding mouth slightly open? Well, this is a normal behavior of dogs when they are engaged in some activity. For example, if your dog is playing with other dogs, or interacting somehow with them it will hold its mouth slightly