Can Poodles Be Guard Dogs? [Answered with PHOTOS]

can poodles be guard dogs?

If you happen to have someone with a dog allergy, poodles are a fantastic breed to think about because of their hypoallergenic coats. To defend you and your family, you might choose a dog that can also be a guard dog. You might want to consider alternative hypoallergenic breeds that might be the ideal fit for your home before settling on a poodle.

So, can poodles be guard dogs?

Generally speaking, poodles are poor guard dogs because of their soft temper but great watch dogs because of their LOUD bark. Poodles are attentive to sounds and other stimuli in their environment, but they frequently lack the aggression that is necessary for them to be guard dogs.


Ask yourself, will the name “Poodle” produce a sense of dread or threat? No. Hence, if you’re looking for a loud bark to keep bad guys away, poodles will have your back. But If you want a dog for protection from wild run-ins, a trained guard dog is preferred.

However, some well-bred poodles may perform the role well if they have the right demeanor and training but having that kind of poodle is like a needle in a haystack.

Anyhow, Poodles are wonderful family dogs and companions.

Tips For Training A Poodle To Make A Good Guard Dog

Are Poodles Protective Of Their Owners

Despite their gentle, sweet nature and being well-known for their loyalty, poodles are known to be highly protective of their families. They will bark when they sense any potential danger in their surroundings.

Poodles form a unique bond with their owners and are committed to their security and comfort. Their devotion is not only restricted to their owner but to the owner’s family and dear ones, ready to face any lingering burglar, threats, and potential danger.

One of my favorite that would answer this question is coming from a “reddit user” who shared this:

I know this kind of behavior IS counted as aggressive but it does answer the question that Yes, Poodles are protective of their owners.

Qualities You Need In A Guard Dog?

Guard dogs are best to fit the role of safety and security and are a vital part of our society, but certain qualities make a guard dog an excellent guard dog that’s why not every dog can become a guard dog which same goes for Poodles:

Protective Nature

A guard dog needs to have a protective nature. They must protect the property, the owner, and their loved ones in the face of danger. They should have defensive skills and be trained enough to recognize intruders and act without fear. This defensive drive makes a dog unique among other breeds.

That’s why Poodles while being affectionate and loyal, do not possess the same level of protective instincts as breeds such as Australian Shepherds, Boxers, German Shepherds, and others.


A guard dog needs to be watchful about their environment. An alert dog can identify any unlikeable motion in his area. This quality can make a dog react quickly in the face of adversity and make sure his owner is safe. A keen eye dog is always looking out for any indicators of disturbances.

That’s why poodles, with their keen senses, are more likely to alert their owners to potential threats by barking rather than physically confronting intruders; hence, they are great as “Alert dogs” or “Watch dogs”.


Guard dogs are faithful to their owners. They are devoted to their well-being and can go to any extent to ensure their owner’s safety. They stick to their owner’s side and provide safety and protection. This quality makes an everlasting and deep bond with their owner, leading to a firm duo.

And poodles really care about their owners and will watch over them, making sure they’re safe, but they might not be as tough as some other guard dogs.


An intelligent guard dog will quickly apprehend the situation and act accordingly. When it comes to safety, a guard dog needs to assess the situation, detect lingering threats, and have defensive skills to tackle the danger. 

While poodles are smart and can figure things out, they might not act the same way as dogs trained specifically to guard.


Fearlessness is a quality that makes a guard meet and deal with danger without reluctance.  A fearless dog won’t shy away from intruders or any situation that risks your safety and well-being. So make sure you train your canine well enough to be fearless in the face of danger. 

If we talk about poodles, then they do stand as fearless but generally they wouldn’t try to attack aggressively in most cases because of their soft temper.

Territorial Instincts 

A guard dog with territorial instincts will have the drive to protect the owner, family, property, or any other area you want to safeguard. This quality makes them alert to potential threats lingering around in the soundings to make sure the area is well secured. 

Again, poodles know what belongs to them and will watch over it. But they will use their loud barks to handle the situation rather than attack or bite to defend against threats.


Highly trained dogs can obey and grab their owner’s commands more quickly and efficiently, especially in dangerous situations. With effective training, dogs can develop self-control, dutifulness, and regulation, making it easier for canines to play their role as protectors.

Although poodles are quick learners, you might have to spend $$$ to train them as guard dogs that’s why it’s not recommended initially to have poodles for guarding purposes only.

Physical Strength and Agility

Physical strength and agility are other qualities that aid a guard dog in tackling a dangerous situation. In case there are intruders in the house, a physically strong dog will deal with them. Moreover, their strong build enables them to supervise large areas in less time, making sure there are fewer chances of threats.

Poodles possess strong bone structures too but again this is not enough to be a good guard dog.

 Barking Ability

Guard dogs with powerful bark can signal their owners or guards about threats in the surroundings, such as intruders in the house or the property. The vocal sign can act as a warning to intruders to step back and take the necessary actions.

And that’s where poodles lead.

Watch Dogs vs Guard Dogs

Watch Dogs vs Guard Dogs (1)

Nowadays, there appears to be a lot of misunderstanding regarding the distinctions between guard dogs and watchdogs, believing them to be interchangeable.

In reality, a watchdog and a guard dog differ greatly in that a watchdog merely keeps watch, observing and serving as a form of alarm system to notify the owner of any odd behavior.

Guard dogs can fend off intruders and untamed animals, as well as attack and even restrain them.

A watchdog can be best described as a gatekeeper or receptionist, someone who stays near the entry to greet guests, watch them, and generally let visitors know that somebody is watching the area. Watchdogs that have received proper training can distinguish between desired and unwelcome individuals, and they are required to notify their owners right away if they notice something unusual. In addition to being alert and energetic enough to keep them busy, dogs who are believed to be excellent watchdogs also tend to bark loudly enough to be heard and deter prospective intruders.

A guard dog (aka Guardian dog) possesses a keen mind, is attentive, and exhibits several other attributes, such as being huge, frightening, and capable of easily immobilizing outsiders. Guard dogs are very devoted to their owners and would stop at nothing to keep them safe. They have a strong innate drive to defend their owners or family. Guardian dogs are hard to frighten, possess a fierce protective instinct, and are rather adverse to strangers. They will also not think twice about attacking. Armed forces and security services alike employ these dogs for a range of tasks.

Breeds Excel in Guarding Roles Unlike Poodles

Now we know that poodles are not guard dogs but watch dogs, there are breeds known for their proficiency in guarding; such as:

German Shepherd

German Shepherd

German Shepherds are well known for their power, intelligence, and adaptability.

Because of their remarkable trainability and protective temperament, they are frequently employed as military and law enforcement dogs.

German Shepherds are ideal guard dogs because of their strong sense of loyalty and keen sense of smell, which enable them to properly identify possible threats.

According to many, German Shepherds are the #1 protective dog.


best shock collar for rottweiler

As they have powerful physiques and intimidating appearances,

Rottweilers have an innate need to defend their people and property.

They are renowned for having confidence and courage, which makes them excellent guard dogs.

To guarantee that they develop into well-rounded and dependable guardians, rottweilers need to be socialized from an early age and trained consistently.

Doberman Pinscher

Doberman Pinscer

Doberman Pinschers are renowned for their sophisticated looks and superb protective skills.

They are a well-liked option for households looking for guard dogs because they are geniuses, extremely smart, devoted, and protective.

Dobermans adapt well to a variety of guarding responsibilities because they are rapid learners and react well to persistent training.



Bullmastiffs are a strong breed that has a kind and serene personality.

But when it comes to defending their owners, bullmastiffs show incredible bravery and tenacity.

Due to their devotion and defensive nature, they can prove to be effective guard dogs.

Belgian Malinois 

Belgian Malinois (1)

The Belgian Malinois breed is highly skilled in a variety of capacities, such as detective work, rescue operations, and security.

They are clever, incredibly vivacious, and trainable.

Belgian Malinois are a great option for anyone looking for a versatile and dependable guard dog because they have a strong desire to defend their family and territory.



Boxers may also be excellent defenders, although they have a reputation for being gregarious and lively.

They have a strong protective sense, are perceptive, and are vigilant.

Because of their loving nature and innate ability to guard, boxers are renowned for getting along well with kids and making great family guard dogs.

Common Question:

Are Poodles good guard dogs or better watchdogs?

Poodles are intelligent and alert watchdogs, known for their instinct to protect their family and territory. They can detect intruders and unfamiliar people quickly, and their distinctive bark acts as a deterrent. They are not better guard dogs.

Are male Poodles more protective than female Poodles?

There is little clear-cut evidence showing that male poodles are more protective than female poodles. Individual nature and conditioning determine protective behavior rather than gender. Poodles may be just as loyal and protective of their owners and their residences, whether they are male or female.

Are Goldendoodles good watchdogs?

Goldendoodles are not trained to be guard dogs and may not have protective instincts. They are generally friendly and sociable, greeting intruders with wagging tails rather than aggression.

Can Poodle Mixes be good guard dogs?

Poodle mixes are friendly and social dogs, making them suitable for watchdog work but not typically bred for guarding or protection work.

Can Toy Poodles serve as effective guard dogs?

Toy poodles, despite their intelligence and loyalty, may not be ideal for guarding due to their small size and friendly nature. However, with proper training and socialization, some toy poodles can become effective guard dogs, making it crucial to choose the right breed.

What size of Poodle should you get?

The size of a poodle depends on factors like living situation, activity level, and personal preferences. Poodles come in standard, miniature, and toy sizes. Consider living space, exercise, mental stimulation, and grooming requirements before choosing.

Are Giant Poodles good guard dogs?

Giant poodles, regardless of their large size and strong presence, are known for their friendly, sociable temperament. They are intelligent, trainable, and gentle, making them excellent family pets. However, if trained properly, they can act as deterrents.

Wrapping Up

Getting a poodle has numerous advantages, one of which is their hypoallergenic fur. They aren’t the ideal breed if you require a guard or security dog. However, they also make excellent watchdogs, which may be all the defense you want.

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