Can Great Danes Live Outside – No, Here’s Why

Can Great Danes Live Outside

Equipped with different qualities and attributes, Great Danes are dog breeds that are marked with great strength, humongous size, and excellent companionship. These dogs are kept as family-friendly pets or in some homes as watchdogs that deliver great protection to the household and family.

Great Danes, or Gentle Giants, need to stay inside because their thinner coats don’t allow them to live outside. They need cozy homes, yummy food, and lots of love. Taking care of them every day and playing together makes them super happy and healthy!

Still, if you are wondering and asking yourself, “Can great Danes live outside” then I have discussed the points regarding it like why they can’t live outside which I hope will clear all your headings.

Can Great Danes Live Outside

Can Great Danes Live Outside
Great Dane enjoys hugging

Great Danes deliver human-friendly attributes, protective features, and patient personalities, but due to their thinner coats and lesser fur, these dogs aren’t made to live in the outside world with extreme temps. Furthermore, Great Danes are known to be bred from Mastiffs and are not natural, they require human attention.

There are a variety of different factors or reasons due to why Great Danes can not live outside, and some of them are listed below;

Physical factors

  • They have short body hair
  • They are equipped with thin-layered skin
  • Contains less body fur
  • Large body size and immense structure

Physiological Reasons

  • They possess a social nature
  • Needs human attention
  • They are disturbed by sounds and noise pollution
  • Requires proper maintenance 

Whether Resistance

  • They can not undergo harsh weather conditions
  • These dogs can’t survive in cold weather
  • Their skin is affected by sun rays
  • They can’t survive in extreme temperatures

Why Great Danes Can’t Live Outside

Why Great Danes Can’t Live Outsi
Great Dane standing on the stairs

Great Danes do not have the abilities and are not capable of living outside because of their physical and psychological necessity. Great Danes can make up good pets indoors but they are not very good at living outside.

There are many factors such as they have short hair and thin fur, they crave human attention, and they are not capable of being left outside for long periods. 

Great Danes can not survive in extreme temperatures whether too hot or too cold because they have short hair and thin fur so their body is incapable of surviving in harsh temperatures.

Moreover, great Danes are attention seekers and crave attention from their owners now and then. They can’t live well away from their family and are great family pets. Great Danes behave well indoors and are great dogs to keep inside but if you are willing to keep a great Dane outside it will not work well and you might regret your decision.

Social Nature

The social nature of the great Danes is very different from other breeds of dogs. Although they are big in size and are aggressive sometimes, they are incapable of living their daily routine life outside according to their nature.

Great Danes have a great bond with their owners and family members and are always seeking attention from their families. Great Danes have a physiological and physical nature of living indoors.

Also, their bodies have short hair and are incapable of bearing extreme temperatures. They have a social nature and crave attention from their owners. Also have great indoor physical properties which makes them great pets for indoors to live with their owners indoors all the time.

Extreme Weather

Great Danes do not do well in any type of extreme temperatures because of their physical abilities and capability. These dog breeds are great for indoors but are not efficient for outdoors and the biggest reason for that is their physical properties. Great Danes have short hair on their body and thin fur.

Due to these factors, the Great Dane is not capable of isolating in extreme temperatures. When there is cold and the temperature is very low the great dane can not retain and produce heat due to short hair and thin fur. If there is a hot temperature outside then it might be good for them but extreme heat is not suitable for them.

Predator Threats

There may be predators in the area outside and if you keep your Great Dane outdoors there may be a chance that a predator might attack it. Although Great Danes are not weak and are a strong breed there are still threats of predators larger than which this dog can not survive and can cause harm to the dog.

Behavioral Issues

If you keep your Great Dane dog Outside for living there are high chance that it can develop behavioral issues and lack of discipline.

However, these dogs are great pets and if they are trained correctly they behave well and obey their owners. But if they are left alone to live outdoors then they might disobey you and gain behavioral issues which can not be tolerated by their owners.

Lack of Exercise

Exercise and outdoor activities are great for your pets. However, if you leave the Great Dane outside to live it may not be very active and energized. They can show a decrease in their daily life activities and lack the energy for exercise. Lack of exercise is not good for the health of the dog and it can cause a lot of consequences.


Great Danes are great for the security and protection of the area and many people pet this breed because of their security and protective properties. Great Danes are great for the security of the family and home and they are very protective when there is a danger or threat.

If your Great Dane is living outdoors it will greatly increase the security of your house because outdoors this dog is more alert and attentive. And can always alarm you of any type of criminal act or trespassers that have bad intentions towards you. All these properties of the Great Dane make it great for security and suitable for the protection of the owners and their houses.

Noise and Disturbances

Great Danes are very obedient and always obey the commands of their owners. If they are trained completely and carefully these dogs can prove to be great dogs in all aspects of life.

However, if these dogs are left outside to live they don’t do well. It is the social nature and physical properties of this dog breed that make it incapable of living happily outside. If these dogs are left outside they can be disturbed due to the sounds and noises of the outside areas.

If there are noises and unpleasant sounds around the area these dogs might feel disturbed and annoyed and will show unpleasant reactions towards noises.

Parasites and Disease

The Great Danes are not built in a way to survive outdoors and they do not do well if they are placed outdoors. Great Danes are not mentally and physically able to live happily outdoors.

If you decide to let your Great Dane live outdoors then there can be many problems associated with that and the most lethal one is Parasites and Diseases. If your dog is living outdoors there is a high chance that it can take up a life-threatening disease or different germs and parasites can attack its body making its life miserable.

Common Questions that Great Dane Parents Ask:

Can Great Danes be outside during the winter?

The Great Danes or gentle Giants might be able to take a walk or round outside in the winter, but keeping them outside for a long period may lead to illness. As these dogs are marked with thin coats, they have less fur on their skin that can not undergo long periods in the winters outside, and if kept outside, they might be affected with common health issues.

Can Great Danes be outside during the summer?

The Great Danes are not suitable for extreme temperatures or can’t live outside in extreme environments. When it comes to living in summer, these gentle giants tend to suffer due to their thin skin and less fur, the ultraviolet rays fall directly on their skin, causing several diseases.

How do Great Danes get their exercise if they’re inside?

If we compare the Great Danes with other types of dog breeds then they are moderate to low-energy breeds, meaning they do not require much exercise or running compared to other dogs. Danes can be easily exercised by taking them on short strolls or some casual walks.

What kind of dog is the Great Dane?

The Great Dane is a dog breed that is well-known as a gentle giant, having a humongous size, and calm personality. These gentle Giants are known to be bred from the mastiff dogs and do share some similarities like being watchdogs, equipping great strength, and possessing a patient or gentle soul.

Will a Great Dane destroy my house?

Great Danes are marked as calm, patient, and gentle dog breeds that are widely kept as family-friendly pets in different regions of the globe. These dog breeds are also marked with moderate to low energy levels, meaning they are not much energetic like other dog breeds, and would not mess up the place. Furthermore, they can destroy household equipment if not trained properly.

Do Great Danes require a lot of space inside?

Due to their large size and body structure, the Great Danes are categorized into dogs that require large housing space both inside and outside. Although they are less energetic than others, these dogs must be kept in a comfortable, suitable, and large living space to ensure better growth and a healthy lifestyle.

Is it cruel to leave a Great Dane alone outside?

Any human companion, specifically pet Dogs is marked as a human-dependent animal that requires proper care, maintenance, and routine for their living. Yes, it is cruel to leave a Great Dane alone outside as they are huge dogs that require proper shelter, food, water, and living temperature to live a stable, healthy, and comfortable life.

So, No Great Danes Can’t Live Outside

Petting and keeping animals as beloved companions is a joyous, heart-warming, and delightful act but this companionship also requires great responsibilities, balance, and maintenance. Dogs like Great Danes are marked as one of the dog breeds that deliver some of the best qualities and attributes as a pet or family companion but in return demand proper care and a maintained lifestyle.

I hope now you know that your BIG GIANT BUDDY isn’t suitable for the outside environment so the best you can do is to hug them TIGHTLY!

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