Top 10 Best shock collar for labs and labrador)

Are you planning to have the best shock collar for labs? Labradors are considered one of the best family dogs because of their protective and friendly nature.

This intelligent dog breed loves to play in the garden and have fun.

If you have a lab, and you want to train him or teach him some sort of behavioral activities, then you should have a shock collar.

In my view, if you want to have the best product, then you need to explore and research that. In the offline and online market platforms, you may have a wide range of shock collars by different brands.

These shock collars come with a variety of different features, benefits, and drawbacks. However, I believe you should consider a few things before having one.

In this article, the author is going to review the top 10 picks of 2023 for the best shock collars for labs in detail.

Furthermore, this article will help you to make a better and good choice, so stick to this article till the end!

Key Takeaways

  • Labradors are friendly dogs who mostly live indoor with humans and don’t like to go outside without their owner.
  • Being indoor animals they need to be properly trained so they don’t cause any damage to households and they willingly go outdoor with their owners.
  • We should use shock collars for these dogs so they don’t do any kind of damage and do everything that their owner says.
  • Use shock collars carefully as it gives electrostatic shock which can cause health problems to your dog.

Why Do You Need the Best Shock Collar For Labs?

In my opinion, this question is usually asked by beginners because they do not know why they exactly need a shock collar for the lab.

By nature, a Labrador is an intelligent and loyal dog breed, however, when it comes to training him, you need to use a shock collar for that purpose.

If you want to overcome the excessive barking or unwanted behavior of your dog then you should have a shock collar.

I will suggest not using a shock collar for the sake of punishment but training because that can hurt your dog. Moreover, the purpose of using a shock collar depends on you and the attitude or nature of your pet. 

Top 3 Best shock collar for labs At A Glance

All the top 10 picks of 2023 for the best shock collar for labs will be reviewed however the editor has separated the top 3 shock collars of his choice based on their qualities and features.

Of course, it’s not easy to come up with the best products, but it is done for your convenience. Here comes the top 3 shock collars for labs at a glance;

Garmin Alpha Dog Shock Collar

The editor’s first top choice is Garmin’s shock collar which comes with a tracking feature. Moreover, this is an adjustable collar for the labs which can be used for 20 hours. Don’t worry about its water resistance because it is waterproof and made of good quality material.

PetSafe Big Dog Remote Training Collar

The next runner-up is the PetSafe shock collar it’s a big collar that offers a remote to make the training easier. Further, it provides 16 adjustable levels and a boost button as well. Not only this but it is suitable for large and medium dogs plus this waterproof device is made for both indoor and outdoor usage.

Educator E-Collar Humane Dog Training Collar

Here comes the editor’s third top choice which is the Educator’s E-collar, which offers 100 levels of stimulation that can be adjusted accordingly. Besides, this collar can be used for 8 hours plus it provides two sets of contact points for long-haired dogs. There is also a stopwatch transmitter included in the package.

10 Best Shock Collar for Labs Recommended in 2023

Collar ModelsRangeMaterialFor More
Garmin Alpha Dog Shock Collar9 mile PlasticView on Amazon
WolfWill Waterproof Rechargeable Humane Remote Dog Training Collar1,980 feetNylonView on Amazon
PetSafe Big Dog Remote Training Collar 100-900 Yard NylonView on Amazon
eXuby-Tiny Shock Collar1000 foot Metal, NylonView on Amazon
Educator E-Collar Humane Dog Training Collar1/2 MilesPlastic, Nylon, Synthetic FabricView on Amazon
SportDOG Brand 425X Remote TrainersN/LPlasticView on Amazon
DOG CARE Dog Shock Collar1000 foot PolyresinView on Amazon
FreeSpirit Dog Training Collar330 yards Plastic, Nylon, Synthetic FabricView on Amazon
GROOVYPETS 2000 Feet Remote Dog Training Shock Collar650 Yard RangeN/LView on Amazon
Dogtra Remote Training Collar¾-mileSyntheticView on Amazon

When you research, you notice that there are lots of products and dog accessories launched by a variety of brands however a shock collar is one of those essential accessories. after researching a lot, here comes the editor’s best choice for the best shock collar for the lab. These products are reviewed in detail including their features, functions, drawbacks, and flaws as well.

Garmin Alpha Dog Shock Collar

The editor’s first choice is Garmin Alpha Dog Shock Collar. Along with this collar, you’ll get a handheld plus it’s a useful dog device that can help you out in many ways like if your pet gets lost somewhere then you can track him easily through the tracking feature of this product. It comes with a good range and training modes.

It’s a model of Garmin which is a known brand for its good quality dog collars. This collar is adjustable and can be adjusted according to the neck size of your dog.

If you want to control the unwanted behavior of your pet then you can use it for 20 hours and teach him a lot of useful manners.

As far as the design is concerned, this collar offers a buckle design closure which allows an easy closing experience. Moreover, here comes the GPS which has high sensitivity and comes along with GLONASS.

If I talk about its display, it is 1.53 in width and 2.55 inches in height. Not only this but it has 3 inches of diagonal. You can have it in black color plus the extended range is there.

Hmm, according to my observation, this collar is effective for the training of labs because it offers two types of stimulation such as vibration and tone, and also allows you to adjust the levels accordingly.

Besides, you can also set the boundaries on your map and this device can receive an alert. I think this product is worth buying because of its features and quality.

Furthermore, the material is not mentioned in the product’s description however it provides ease of tracking your pet plus the LED beacon lights and rescue modes are also part of this device.

According to the description, this device comes with a touch screen controlling system.

Key Features

  • Offers a TFT touch screen.
  • Comes with high-sensitivity GPS.
  • Provides a rescue mode.
  • Has LED Beacon lights.
  • Training through a remote control.
  • Allows you to set up boundaries on the map.
  • Good battery life.
  • Offers preloaded maps.
  • A life-saver device.
  • Ease of operating.
  • Comes with an accuracy feature.
  • Two modes of stimulation.
  • Batteries are not included in the package.
  • This device is quite expensive to have.

WolfWill Waterproof Rechargeable Humane Remote Dog Training Collar

Our next runner-up is WolfWill Waterproof Rechargeable Humane Remote Dog Training Collar. If you are willing to train your Lab, then you may go for this collar because once the battery is dead, it allows you to charge the collar again. You can easily use it because it comes with a remote which provides you the ease of control.

Further, this is a model of WOLFWILL plus it offers a good training range. There is a wide range of materials used in the production procedure of the collar. You can have a remote which can be used for multi-functionality, and it’s a wireless remote. Likewise, don’t worry about its durability, and rechargeability plus it’s a comfortable humane design.

According to the product’s description, this device provides a simple and blind operation that has three buttons. One of the buttons comes with the identification of a map that allows you to train your pet without even looking at the transmitter. Moreover, it can easily fit on the dog’s neck with a size of 8.7 to 19.3 inches. Plus the weight can be between 22 to 88 lbs.

This product is effective because it comes with a large battery that can be recharged in 2 hours. For ensuring safety, it doesn’t come with a shock feature because it has the ability to provide training effectively without that. If I talk about its range, it is up to 660 yards and the frequency is 433.92 MHz.

In this collar, thermoplastic polyurethane, rubber, and Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene are used to make it a high-quality product for the dogs. This high-quality material also makes sure that it can withstand wear and tear plus it can be used in water because it is waterproof.

Key Features

  • Multi-functional wireless remote.
  • Offers a simple blind operation.
  • Comes with a quick rechargeable battery.
  • It’s humane.
  • Effective to use.
  • Provides good neck size.
  • Comfortable to use.
  • It’s safe.
  • Offers a good battery capacity.
  • Comes with a remote.
  • Provides a good controlling range.
  • Its waterproof.
  • According to the customer’s reviews, it may not offer a strong vibration effect.
  • It may stop working all of a sudden.

PetSafe Big Dog Remote Training Collar

Our next product to be reviewed is PetSafe Big Dog Remote Training Collar which can be used to train your dog whether he is a medium-sized or large-sized dog. This product comes with an appealing controlling range and offers a good weight limit. Furthermore, it’s an electric collar and durable as well.

A model of PetSafe provides a snap-type closure. If you want to have the proper size of the collar then you need to measure the neck size of your Lab. This collar is not suitable for small dogs plus you can control it through a remote even at a range of up to 100 yards. Besides, you can have it in black color.

As far as the design is concerned, it comes with a static and tone correction. Along with a good range, this collar is suitable for indoors and small outdoor spaces. Moreover, for training purposes, it offers 16 adjustable levels which contribute to teaching commands and also correct the behavior as well. There is also a boost button that allows you to stop your pet whenever you want.

According to the product’s description, this device gives an appealing output because of its good number of training levels which can be adjusted. It is also effective and worth buying because it comes with 35 to 11 batteries. Not only this but it offers a manufacturer’s warranty.

In the product’s description, the material is not mentioned however this collar can be used for all types of outdoor activities because of its water resistance. It is quite obvious that good quality material is one factor that makes a product durable.

Key Features

  • Good enough range.
  • 16 adjustable levels.
  • Offers a boost button.
  • Batteries are included.
  • Compatible with medium and large dogs.
  • For indoor and outdoor usage.
  • Offers warranty.
  • Waterproof collar.
  • Easy to use.
  • Provides a remote-control mechanism.
  • Good battery life.
  • Fits up to 28 inches neck size.
  • For the recent customers, the design of the product is not appealing.
  • It may burn the neck of your dog.

eXuby-Tiny Shock Collar

Our next runner-up for the labs is the eXuby-Tiny Shock Collar which is just suitable for small pets because of its small size. If you are looking for the best shock collar for a Lab then you may go for this one because it is the smallest size available on the market. Likewise, it offers a good number of intensity levels and training modes too.

This is a model of eXuby, and it comes with a remote. I think this is an interesting fact about this device the remote is tiny but useful which means you can easily keep it in your pocket. Not only this but the battery possesses a long life so that your pet’s training does not face any kind of hurdles and does not stop.

According to the description, this small shock collar is ready to stop the unwanted behavior of your dog and correct his behavior. You can easily switch between the three different modes such as shock, vibration, and tone. Also, you can make your choices between the 9 different intensity levels according to your requirements.

Besides, this device is useful because by pressing a single button you can overcome many unnecessary behavioral actions such as barking, scratching and biting, etc. Moreover, you can teach him manners for a long time because the battery comes with a good capacity, and also the device is easy to carry.

In the manufacturing procedure, plastic is used. Usually, you should look for the quality of the material and plastic is also available in both high and low quality however it’s your responsibility to make sure of the quality. This device of eXuby is a good quality product and water-resistant as well.

Key Features

  • Compatible with a neck size between 5 to 15lbs.
  • Offers three training modes.
  • Provides nine intensity levels.
  • A pocket-size remote.
  • An effective model.
  • A functional and cute device.
  • A small device.
  • Easy to carry.
  • Ease of usage.
  • It can withstand water.
  • Comfortable.
  • User-friendly.
  • The static shock option may stop working.
  • It may break even a few months.

Educator E-Collar Humane Dog Training Collar

The next choice for the best shock collar for the lab is the Educator E-collar Humane Dog Training Collar. It’s a training collar which is the editor’s best choice because it comes with a good number of features that make this device appealing and attractive. There is a maximum of 100 levels that offer safe stimulation.

Furthermore, Educator is a known brand in the world of dog accessories and this is the model Educator. A shock collar is one of the essential dog accessories which is used to overcome the unwanted and correct the behavior of the dog. There’s a mini ET-300 one-dog system that has a range of 1/2 miles. Not only this but there comes a tiny receiver for the dogs having a weight of 5 pounds.

As far as the design is concerned, this device includes a Biothane dog collar which is 3/4 inches wide and 30 inches in length and a receiver. Moreover, there is a stopwatch transmitter. This device also delivers a tapping sensation which is like vibration however it has more intensity which adds more effectiveness to the stimulation.

Not only this but there is a Pavlovian tone feature that offers an effective contribution to the stimulation. A user can select the levels of stimulation between 1 to 100 along with more boost stimulus choosable from 1 to 60. You may have this good quality product because it comes with two sets of contact points for long hair.

The strap of the collar is made of Biothane. The padding is of high quality and a dog can easily wear this for 8 hours. There is a tracking light included in this package plus you’ll also get Lithium-polymer batteries with dual which can be recharged.

Key Features

  • A humane dog collar.
  • Comes with 100 levels of stimulation.
  • Offers two sets of contact points for long-haired hairs.
  • A tracking light.
  • Provides a Pavlovian tone.
  • A stopwatch transmitter is available.
  • High build quality.
  • An appealing device.
  • A tapping sensation effect.
  • Safe to use.
  • Rechargeable batteries.
  • Ready to use.
  • You’ll have to buy separately the set of Contact points for short-hairs.
  • It may not last for a long time.

SportDOG Brand 425X Remote Trainers

The following best choice of the editor is SportDOG Brand 425X Remote Trainers which comes with a good range. It’s an E-collar with statics and doesn’t worry about durability or water-resistant because it comes with this feature which makes it long-lasting. You can train two dogs with the same remote.

Likewise, this is a model of SportDOG which offers a buckle type of closure. Along with a good range of 500 yards, this dog collar has the capacity to support the training of 3 and more than 3 dogs, and you just need to buy a separate quantity of collars according to the requirements. This collar is suitable for dogs of large size.

Moreover, the design is quite appealing because it is designed to provide ease of usage and offers an operation without even looking. This device comes with a number of additional stimulation levels which provides more customized training. According to the description, this runner-up can be used by a dog having a weight of 8 pounds and a neck size between 5 to 22 inches.

This product is worth buying because it offers 21 levels of stimulation along with medium and high ranges accordingly. It allows you to choose the training mode whether with vibration or tone. In this package, there are lots of things included to provide enough output and effectiveness such as a test light tool, operating guide, large contact points, etc.

In this collar, again plastic is used just like the Educator’s collar however this material is of high quality. This product offers the feature of being submersible to 25 feet because DryTek technology is used. You’ll also have rechargeable batteries which can be charged in 2 hours only and can last 50 to 70 hours per charge.

Key Features

  • A good range.
  • Different training modes.
  • Allows training more than one dog with the same remote.
  • Offers no-look operation.
  • Provides a training manual.
  • DryTek Technology.
  • Rechargeable batteries with long-lasting time.
  • Offers customized training.
  • Water-proof.
  • Simple to install.
  • Good vibrating strength.
  • Excellent training collar.
  • It may not be worth your money.
  • According to the customer’s reviews, the instructions given by the brand are terrible.

DOG CARE Dog Shock Collar

The following product is the DOG CARE Dog Shock Collar and this is one of the best products for the labs. This device is basically for large dogs, and it’s a rechargeable dog training collar. Here comes a remarkable range which I think makes this product more reliable for dogs. As a dog parent, of course, you’ll be concerned regarding their safety, but don’t worry about that because this product has safety features.

DOG CARE is presenting its model which is designed for large-sized dogs. If you are a beginner and going to start the training of your pet then I think you should start with low-intensity levels. In this device, you’ll get three training modes which allow you to select one according to your requirements. Moreover, the device offers a remote control mechanism.

While keeping in mind the safety of your lovely pet, this shock collar is designed. There is a safety keypad lock that prevents such incidents in which a wrong button can be pressed or something like that. It’s an adjustable dog collar and medium-sized dogs also can wear it easily. Furthermore, the strap comes with a neck size between 4 to 27 inches and a weight between 15 to 100 lbs.

As far as effectiveness is concerned, this product offers three different training modes such as shock, vibration, and tone which can be adjusted from 1 to 99 levels by using a remote control.  Additionally, the safety keypad comes with auto power off for 8 hours. If you are planning to have a shock collar, you can buy this because it’s easy to charge.

According to the product’s description, this device has a controlling range of 1000 yards which means it can be easily used in your outdoor space. If I talk about the material, Nylon is used in this collar which is basically considered the comfiest material for a dog to wear. In the description, it is not mentioned whether it’s water-resistant or not.

Key Features

  • Suitable for medium and large-sized dogs.
  • A variety of training modes.
  • A remarkable range.
  • Comes with a safety keypad lock.
  • Comfortable to use outside.
  • Affordability.
  • Easy to charge.
  • Adjustability.
  • It’s safe.
  • High-performance quality.
  • Durability.
  • Good quality.
  • The shock option for the training may not work properly.
  • It may stop working after one day.

FreeSpirit Dog Training Collar

Out of the best pick-ups of 2023 for the shock collars for labs, FreeSpirit Dog Training Collar is one. It’s a remote trainer collar that can be controlled through a remote, and you can correct the behavior of your dog. In addition, this collar comes with three training modes which make your training experience good and train your pet properly.

It’s a model of FreeSpirit which just does not provide three training modes but also 99 levels of shock. During training, if the battery gets dead off the device then it will spoil the training session that’s why this brand offers a feature of rechargeability which allows you to charge the device again whenever you want to train your pet and teach manners.

If I talk about the design, it allows you to train 2 dogs with the same remote-control device. Apart from that, there are three modes used for training such as shock, vibration, and tone. Even by just pressing a single button, you can customize the training from 1 to 100 levels plus it will also provide you stimulation that will match the temperament of your dog.

You can have this device for your pet because you can recharge it plus it’s water-proof. Don’t worry about the safety because this shock collar does its job safely plus it fits a lab that has a weight of about 8lb and a neck size between 6 to 41 inches. As it’s an adjustable dog collar that’s why it can be used by any sized dog such as small, medium, and large.

Hmm, If you ask me about the manufacturing material that’s not mentioned in the product’s description. The strap of the collar is easy to fit which ensures that the contact points touch the screen appropriately. Furthermore, you don’t need to be worried about the durability of this collar.

Key Features

  • A remote training collar.
  • 3 training modes.
  • 99 levels of shock.
  • Offers 330 yards range.
  • Provides safety.
  • With the same remote, you can train two dogs.
  • Easy to fit.
  • Compatible with all sizes.
  • Rechargeable & waterproof.
  • Worth Buying.
  • Simple usage.
  • An Effective device.
  • It may be dangerous for your pet’s neck.
  • There is a possibility that it may not work for all dogs.

GROOVYPETS 2000 Feet Remote Dog Training Shock Collar

The second last shock collar for labs is the GROOVYPETS 2000 Feet Remote Dog Training Shock Collar. It’s a safe and humane device that won’t harm your pet’s neck, and you can train him with protection. If it is compared with other shock collars for labs, it has also the same three training modes for making your training more effective and easy.

Likewise, it’s a model of GROOVYPETS which is also a known brand in the market. The battery of this collar is long-lasting and if it gets down you can again charge it. The best thing about this device is that it is suitable for all sized dogs. Further, it’s an easy-to-use device that offers a water-resistant transmitter and receiver as well.

As far as the design of this amazing shock collar is concerned, it’s a tiny and lightweight product. This can help you to teach your pet some basic commands and rectify their bad behavior. If I talk about the range, it has a range of 650 yards plus it comes with a super bright working indicator light which will allow you to see your dog even in darkness.

If you ask me whether this device is effective or not I will say that it is because along with three training modes, your pet can have a proper training time. You can have a waterproof device along with a remote. Additionally, it’s a humane device that is ready to use and also comes with a rechargeable battery.

This product has a rugged construction and is fully water-resistant which provides a standby time of 90 days. However, in the product’s description, the material is not mentioned. According to my research, it can withstand wear and tear plus dampness which means it has a high build quality.

Key Features

  • A humane device.
  • Long-lasting.
  • Suitable for all.
  • Offers a large LCD.
  • Provides static pulse stimulation.
  • Comes with a foolproof safety lock feature.
  • Simple but effective.
  • Rugged construction.
  • Fully waterproof.
  • Patented signal wake technology.
  • Sleep mode.
  • An appealing battery life.
  • Some customers are not satisfied because of its quality.
  • The battery of the device may not be able to hold the charge after a few days.

Dogtra Remote Training Collar

The editor’s last choice is Dogtra Remote Training Collar which has a quite good range. If I talk about its further features, there comes rechargeability, training modes, and others as well. This is another runner-up which is added to the top picks of 2023 on the basis of its qualities and features. You can have this in black color.

It’s a model of Dogtra which is a famous brand, and it provides a weight limit of 10 pounds for the dogs to be trained through this shock collar. The neck size of this device is 6 to 24 inches which is I think good enough. If you ask me about the range, it comes with a 1/2-mile range and is also compatible with all breed dogs from mild to medium.

According to the description, you will have a waterproof collar plus receiver, 127 levels of stimulation, LCD display and there are also 3 different training modes which can be adjusted from low to medium accordingly. Furthermore, the battery offers a rapid charging of 2 hours, and most importantly that shuts off automatically to prevent overstimulating.

This collar provides a positive stimulation to its user and also correct their behavior. In my opinion, this product is worth buying because it comes with a fast charging feature, durability, and effectiveness as well. Don’t worry regarding its output because along with 127 levels of stimulation, it provides a compatible stimulation to your pet.

If you ask me regarding the material, that’s not mentioned however the collar has a closure type of clicker. A durable and water-resistant collar is a clear sign of a good quality product. And this device also comes with a waterproof feature which makes it long-lasting and usable for your pet.

Key Features

  • Offers 1/2-mile range.
  • Different training modes.
  • Comes with additional features.
  • Provides LCD.
  • Rapid charging.
  • A long-lasting product.
  • Suitable for all breeds.
  • High-construction.
  • User-friendly.
  • A reliable product.
  • Works well.
  • An innovative design.
  • You may face remote charging issues.
  • It may be a little expensive for you.

What are the Benefits of Using the Best Shock Collar for Labs?

Shock collars are not just used for training, there are other advantages as well. The lab has a friendly nature that’s why he is considered a family dog. Depending on the nature, you should use a shock collar just for the training, not for the punishment. A dog can be trained well if using a shock collar carefully. Here are some other benefits of using a shock collar for labs;

  • Allows you to control your behavior from a distance
  • Controls excessive barking
  • Helps while commanding
  • Offers fast results
  • Eliminates aggression of the dog
  • Provides good training
  • Doesn’t cost much
  • Worth buying
  • Easy to operate

Which one is Suitable For Labs; Collar Vs Harness?

If you ask me the importance of figuring out what’s better for a lab whether a collar or a harness, I will suggest that you know your dog’s nature well. A lab can be trained by both harness and collar however both come with advantages and disadvantages if you use them excessively.  


Collars are usually used to train your dog and also control his unwanted behavior. There is a wide range of collars that come with different styles, designs, and features. Through a collar you can track your dog easily and also without staying near to him, you can teach him some manners and also overcome their over-barking. However, excessive use of them can hurt the neck of your dog and can damage that. 


Harnesses are useful when you want to take your pet out for a walk. During walks, you need to control your dog because he can go anywhere and may have a severe accident.

Furthermore, I think harnesses are used to prevent injuries; usually, dogs respond more to them than collars. You can control your Lab without any cruelty. However, your pet can take time to get used to it and also can’t wear a harness all the time. 

Which one is Better?

Usually, I think it depends on and varies from breed to breed, some dogs do respond to collars or maybe to harnesses however some go with both. When you are using a collar, you must make sure that the collar is not too tight otherwise it may cause irritation or burning. According to my knowledge, the collars are used to put more stress on the neck. Whereas a harness puts stress on the neck, back, and chest which is less painful. 

I will suggest you go for a harness when you are going to take your lab out for walks because that’s a quite safe option as compared to collars. As you know, labs love to play and have fun, so they are a more exciting dog breed, in my opinion, the harness will be a better option. However, if you make sure to use a collar carefully then you may go for that too but always choose a high-quality product.

Buyer’s Guide for the Best Shock Collar for Labs

In my view, it is essential to have the best shock collar for a Lab because a high-quality collar can be more useful and safe for the dogs. Shock collars are used for the training purposes of the dogs, but there is a limit to using them otherwise they can be risky for your pet’s neck. Here are some essential aspects or things that you should always consider and make sure of before having a product for your pet if you are a beginner;

Proper Size

When you are buying or choosing a dog shock collar, you really need to be careful because that’s just not a training device but also can harm the neck of your dog. Moreover, the dogs have irritation and damage to the neck due to the tight or loose collars. This is the reason that you should make sure the size of the collar is according to the neck size of your dog then you may go for a small, medium, and large-sized collar accordingly. 


The size of the collar is not the only thing that matters but also the material. While exploring the market, you will get to know that the shock collar comes in a variety of materials, however, there is also some manufacturing stuff which is considered the comfiest material such as Nylon, Polyester, etc. in my view, you should make sure the quality of the material because the safety of your dog also depends on the quality of the material. 


While making up your mind for purchasing a shock collar for the lab, you need to keep in mind a number of things. The range of the collar is one of those essential things. Usually, you make your pet wear the collar, and he goes far from you, and you are not able to control or track him due to the less range of this device. At a long distance from you, you need a shock collar that has a good enough range so while staying at the distance, you can also control your pet.

Safety Features

According to me, a shock collar is nothing if that does not come with safety features. There is a wide range of shock collars that can be harmful to your dog because they do not offer safety features. If you are going to buy a shock collar for the lab, you need to make sure first whether the collar is safe for your pet or not. I will recommend you to have a good quality product and ensure the all required features in that. 

Training Modes

A shock collar comes with a variety of training modes such as beep, vibration, and shock as well. It also offers different levels of intensity for the shock which you should always start from the low level. Besides, I think these features matter a lot when you are going to train your pet with a shock collar because the results of the training depend on the training modes. The more training modes there will be, the more you’ll be able to train your Labradors well. 


Sometimes, you need to train your dog in water or rain, in such a situation you need to have a durable shock collar. After all, when you are going to spend a handsome amount on a collar, it is one of the crucial aspects which you need to consider before getting a shock collar. A durable product is always a clear sign of a high-quality product. Likewise, if you won’t get a durable collar, in the dampness, your collar won’t be able to work for so long. 


The brand of a shock collar matters a lot because there is a wide range of brands that offer shock collars in offline and online marketplaces. Some provide low-quality products which can be harmful to your dog’s life and others known ones offer high-quality products. Additionally, I think there are also some companies that tend to manufacture shock collars that are not low-quality or high-quality. I will suggest having one according to your requirements. 


If you are going to have a good-quality shock collar for the lab then obviously you need to purchase a high-quality product. In the market, you’ll get to know that you can have a low-quality collar at a cheap price, however, a high-quality one can be bought at a remarkable or high price. In addition, you can also get one at a reasonable price or within your budget.  Not only this but in my opinion, you should go for a good quality collar if that is a little bit expensive. 

Safety Tips

To use a shock collar on your dog, it is important for you to keep in mind and follow some safety tips because that can eliminate the chances of damage or severe injuries on the dog’s skin. I understand that some collars come with safety features, however, you still need to know about some safety tips if you want to give fear and harm-free training to your dog. Here are some safety tips to make sure your Labrador’s safety;

  • Have an opinion of a professional trainer before using.
  • Ensures to get a used and tested collar.
  • Do not use a collar as a punishment.
  • Avoid excessive use.
  • Do not fasten the too-tight or too-loose collar.
  • Keep checking the dog’s neck.
  • Prevent using shock collars in dampness or water.
  • Do not make your dog wear a collar for more than 12 hours.
  • Use carefully.
  • Don’t make your dog get used to it.
  • Try to train your pet without a shock collar.
  • Start giving shock from the low intensity. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Are shock collars good for labs?

They are good when they are used just for the sake of training instead of for punishment purposes. You should make sure not to excessively use a shock collar because that will not just irritate, burning, and rashes on the skin but also can be a reason for a change in the behavior of your pet.
I will suggest you use a shock collar too much otherwise the consequences can be severe. 

At what age can you put a shock collar on a Lab?

It depends on the puppies or dogs because some puppies are ready to be trained at the age of 14 to 15 weeks however the best age for a Labrador is 6 months.
At this age, you can use a shock collar for a dog and train him to overcome his behavior. In my opinion, you should figure out and make sure of the age frame of your pet, especially when you are a beginner. 

Do bark collars work in Labs?

If your dog barks in the night excessively, you don’t need to be worried because you can use bark collars for him to control his barking. There is a condition for using a bark collar for your Labradors.
I think if you use a collar properly and train your pet well then anti-barking collars can be effective tools for labs however I don’t think that you will get a good output without proper usage and training.

How do you train a lab with a shock collar?

In my opinion, you should first make your pet comfortable. There is a transmitter on the remote and a receiver on the collar which catches the signals from the remote according to the requirements. To stimulate your dog, you need to choose a good location and start training him.
Besides, there are some levels of intensity for the shock which can be used accordingly as low, medium, or high.

How do training collars work?

According to my research, there are some contact points on the upper side of the collar which touch the neck. An electrical shock passes through those contact points and gives shock to your pet and this shock can be painful as well. So, you should follow some safety tips while using a shock collar which is discussed above because that can assist you in keeping in mind which things you need to avoid or follow.

Are training collars safe?

Of course, they are safe if a high-quality material is used in their production. A low-quality material does not just harm the dog but also can’t go for a long time.
Moreover, if the collar is too tight or too loose then it can also be dangerous for the Labrador such as your dog may have redness, rashes, irritation, burning, etc. That’s why shock or training collars should be used carefully and for training reasons.

How much does a training collar cost?

The price of the shock collars depends on the brand, size, and quality. Usually, I think low-quality shock collars cost less, and you can have them at cheap prices however high-quality ones are expensive. According to me, the cost of the training collars starts from $50 to $300, or it may be exceeded depending on the brand because the prices may differ from brand to brand.

What to do if your dog doesn’t react to shock collar training?

In my point of view, there can be many reasons that you may need to increase the range of stimulation to make your dog react. You can also make sure whether the contact points are touching the skin of the Labradors or not.
Furthermore, you can also trim the hair of your dog if he has long hair plus if you don’t want to do that you may go for the shock collars specially made for long-haired dogs.


Labradors or Labs are loyal and family dog breeds who also need to be trained for learning some manners and to overcome their unwanted behavior. For that purpose, you need a shock collar device that offers enough features and allows a customized training experience.

In the market or world of shock collars, you’ll find uncountable products which may confuse you however for your ease, I have researched a lot about the best shock collars for labs for your ease and comfort. Because it is important to have the best product otherwise the risks may be increased.

Before purchasing a dog shock collar, you need to consider the above-discussed essential things if you want to have a quality product. In my point of view, you can also choose out of the above top picks of 2023 for the best shock collar for labs if you want.

Do you want to correct the behavior of your pet or train/teach him some manners? Go and grab a high-quality shock collar for your lab and make him a good and educated member of your family. Best of Luck For Your Best Shock Collars For Labs!

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