10 Best Shock Collar For Boxers You Can Buy in 2023

Best shock collar for boxers

Many looks for Best Shock Collar For Boxers in 2023 because of their aggressive behavior but you have to ask some questions yourself first, like: Is your dog anxious, stressed, or frightened?

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There are many ways to help your dog or puppy cope with the stress of training. There are several ways in which you can help to calm your dog, from spending time with them and giving them extra attention, to playing music that has been found to reduce stress.

This article is all about your boxer’s behavioral improvement with the help of a shock collar. These collars are designed to deliver a small electric shock when your dog barks or pulls on the leash. The sensation is designed to interrupt your dog’s behavior and redirect its focus towards you.

These collars are not designed to be used as a form of punishment, but rather as a way to give you better control over your dog’s behavior.

Boxers require a lot of physical and mental stimulation and exercise to keep them happy and healthy. They are very people-oriented and love to be around their families as much as possible.

Even though they are very friendly, they are also very protective of their families and will not hesitate to stand up for them if they feel the need. Still, the boxer becomes aggressive as some point.

Using shock collars can be an additional way to get your dog to obey a specific command or stop a certain behavior. By pressing a button on the remote control, you can deliver a negative stimulus to your dog.

Now, these aren’t going to be harmful or severe. They are designed to startle your dog and get their attention but aren’t meant to cause any type of physical or mental harm. They are just one more way to get your dog to obey a command or stop a certain behavior.

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In this article, I’ve reviewed the best 10 best shock collars for the training of your Boxer. And these collars are not randomly chosen but I have reviewed these from a long list of 90 shock collars. So, let’s dive into the article.

Key Takeaways

  • Boxer is a breed of dogs that are used for hunting and guard so they should be properly trained.
  • Boxers are adorable and affectionate but they can be aggressive and highly destructive if left alone.
  • Best Shock collars like Flittor Dog Training Collar can prove beneficial for training Boxers. Also. there are collars that can train 3 Boxers at a time.
  • Use shock collars carefully as they can damage your dog’s windpipe if pulled too hard.

What are the best shock collars for boxers recommended in 2023?

The best shock collar for boxers recommended to buy in 2023 is Flittor Dog Training Collar which is good in its quality and long-lasting usability. There are many others shock collars which we can use for our dog. All of them with their main differences are detailed below.

Comparison Table for Best Shock Collar For Boxer:

Product NameMaterialBatteriesFor More
Flittor Dog Training CollarSilicone1 Lithium Ion batteryView On Amazon
Educator E-Collar Humane Dog Training CollarBiothane Collar Strap2 Lithium Metal batteriesView On Amazon
SportDOG Brand 425X Remote TrainerPlastic2 Lithium Ion batteriesView On Amazon
PATPET Dog Training CollarThermoplastic Polyurethane3 Lithium Ion batteriesView On Amazon
PATPET Dog Shock Collar with RemoteNylon3 Lithium Ion batteriesView On Amazon
Dog Training Collar with RemoteAcrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene1 Lithium Polymer batteryView On Amazon
F-color Dog Training CollarSilicone, Metal, Rubber, Polyvinyl Chloride2 Lithium Polymer batteriesView On Amazon
Dogtra 1900S / 1902S Remote Training CollarVinyl, Stainless Steel3 Lithium Polymer batteriesView On Amazon
Dogtra 1900S Series Remote Dog Training E-CollarPlastic2 Lithium Polymer batteries requiredView On Amazon

Flittor Dog Training Collar

Flittor Dog Training Collar, Shock Collar for Dogs with Remote, 2 Receiver Rechargeable Dog Shock...
  • Dog shock collar with remote:The remote rang of the dog training collar up to 1000ft that allows you to train your pet easily both indoors and...
  • 3 Modes,Training Dog Effectively :This dog shock collar has 3 modes-Standard Tone, Vibration(1-8)levels and Shock(1-16)levels.These modes are...
  • Waterproof Dog Shock Collar & LCD display with backlight screen:The training collar receiver is waterproof IPX67 which give your pet more freedom...
  • Multi-Dog training System &memory for settings: Our dog training collar have A+B channel design, This can train two dogs at the same time.Whether...
  • Security Keypad lock&Certification:The security keypad lock is the features of dog shock collar. It protects your dog from unintentional...

So, you want to train your Boxer and correct their behavior but you don’t want them to get hurt or be fearful? This collar comes with a remote which is helpful for training your dog at a distance. You can use this collar for different purposes like correcting your dog when it misbehaves, teaching it new tricks, keeping it away from certain areas, and much more. It is comfortable to wear and has a durable construction for long-lasting usability. 

This collar has three modes – vibration, shock, light and sound. You can choose the one that best suits your dog. It is a great tool to have when you want to train your dog quickly. 

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The remote has a range of up to 500 yards so you can keep your dog in a certain area. You can even train your dog remotely. This collar is designed to train your dog with ease by offering 99 levels of vibration correction. This is one of the best dog training collar with remote that you should consider buying.

This collar is all about helping your pooch become a more obedient and well-behaved dog. It is also a useful training tool for you as the owner. This is a great option for puppies as well as adult dogs to correct unwanted behavior and enforce good behavior.

This collar is designed to be comfortable for your pet, with a soft exterior. It is small and lightweight, so it is easy for your dog to wear around his neck. And it is safe to use on dogs of all ages and sizes. 

Additionally, the remote has a light finish, so the buttons can be easily distinguished from each other even in low-light conditions. The collar itself is lightweight and slim, so it is comfortable to wear and fits snugly without being too tight. This high-quality shock collar suit the use of both professional trainers as well as new pet owners. 

It is perfect for outdoor training, such as hunting, agility, and sniffing. Its long range also makes it convenient for you to control your dog from a distance. It is waterproof and it can cover a wide range of up to 1000ft, isn’t it amazing?

The collar can withstand rain and moisture. The product is one of the best dog training collars for large dogs thanks to its durability and reliability. The collar is easy to use and has an ergonomic design.

Now let’s come to its battery life, which is a lot longer than other options on the market. This is perfect for those who don’t want to continuously buy batteries. The battery lasts for days. During the charging process, the remote can still be used to give commands to the pet. The in-built lithium battery and the receiver can be charged with the USB charging port.

It takes only a couple of hours to charge fully and can be used unstoppably for up to 25 days. The interesting functions of this collar make it more joyful to be used. 

For instance, take the cover of the remote keypad, you will fear no more for the unintended stimulation provided to your dog. What else we liked about this product: It is a one-time investment that you can avail of for years. 

  • Completely humane stimulations with increased safety.
  • High quality ergonomic layout.
  • Indoor/outdoor versatility.
  • The battery can be recharged.
  • It is expensive.

Educator E-Collar Humane Dog Training Collar

Educator E-Collar Humane Dog Training Collar with Remote, 100 Safe Tapping Stimulation Levels,...
  • The Mini ET-300 one dog system with 1/2 mile range, small receiver for dogs 5 pounds and larger with neck size 11-1/2 to 24 inches
  • Includes 1 Biothane dog collar (3/4" wide x 30" long), 1 RX-090 mini receiver (2" long x 1.5" wide x 1" high, 2.4 oz.) and 1 Mini ergonomic...
  • Delivers a tapping sensation similar to vibration, but more intense, making it an effective addition to the stimulation
  • A Pavlovian tone feature provides an effective addition to the stimulation
  • User-selected stimulation levels range from 1 to 100 with additional boost stimulus selectable from 1 to 60

Do you want a shock collar that is both effective and comfortable for your Boxer? You got it here! This dog collar is flexible and comfortable, making it an ideal choice for dogs with sensitive skin. The Biothane material used in its manufacturing is a synthetic material that is both weather-resistant and sustainable. It is also stain-resistant, which makes it easy to maintain and a perfect fit for your furry friend.

This collar has a few different settings that you can choose from depending on the situation. You can either choose to give your dog a small tingle whenever he or she starts getting close to a certain boundary, or you can set the level of static much higher if it is time to shut down a more serious behavior.

Depending on the setting that you choose, the collar will either shut off or deliver a small tingle whenever your dog gets close to the boundary. The best thing about this product is that you can use it both indoors and outdoors.

It’s incredibly beneficial for all dogs, but especially those with behavioral issues, such as fear, aggression, or separation anxiety. It also provides a healthy outlet for your dog’s energy, which can reduce destructive behavior.

Neck Size And Training Modes

With its 100 levels of intensity and 3 types of stimulations, this collar will be able to adapt to your dog’s needs, from the most sensitive to the most stubborn. With a single touch, you can select the level of intensity you want the collar to emit. This shock collar has a built-in LED light to help you trace your dog in low light.

The best way to train is with vibration. Vibration training is a great way for beginners to get started with working out, as well as a great way for experts to get the most out of training sessions. It’s a more relaxed way to train, but it’s just as effective.

What we would like to eliminate from this collar is the confusion it creates between the shock feature and the vibrations feature. As you would want to have firm control over the stimulation it sends to your pet. The vibration alone will be enough to get the dog to stop the unwanted behavior. Vibrations can be used to condition your dog and you would probably not need to use the option for shock,

It is also suitable for dogs of all sizes and all ages, from puppies to adults. It is recommended that pet parents do not use electric dog collars on puppies who are younger than 6 weeks old. And this is because puppies at this age do not understand the purpose of the stimulation.

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Wireless Range

Additionally, this collar comes with a durable Lithium-polymer battery with a full charge time of 2 hours with a dual charger. It covers a range of 1/2 mile. You can control the collar from a long distance so that you don’t have to go near your dog to calm him down and let them roam the yard freely without having to worry about losing connection.

And like the last collar, you’re provided with the chance to control two dogs at a time with one remote. You need to choose the package for two dogs for this collar.


When you’re thinking to buy a shock collar in these modern times we recommend you go for a waterproof one. Although this collar is waterproof and thus seems reliable and durable, but checking some of the reviews we found some users unsatisfied with its durability.

Battery Life

This collar comes with a durable Lithium-polymer battery with a full charge time of 2 hours with a dual charger. The two leads allow you to easily charge both the transmitter and the receiver, simultaneously. Within just a couple of hours, you’ll be able to carry out training sessions for days. You can avail of live phone support from 8 am to 7 pm EST, in case you’re caught with any kind of issue or confusion. 


It is best for puppies, senior dogs, and dogs with health issues. Moreover, it will help to protect your dog from jumping into any serious issues by avoiding their negative or unwanted behavior. It will help you condition them. 

  • Two-year manufacture warranty for transmitter and receiver.
  • One-year warranty on accessories.
  • It is waterproof.
  • The material used for its manufacturing is of high quality.
  • 3 Types of Stimulus.
  • Users’ complaints regarding it’s durability.

SportDOG Brand 425X Remote Trainers

SportDOG Brand FieldTrainer 425X Remote Trainer - Rechargeable Dog Training Collar with Shock,...
  • 500 YARD RANGE: e-collar that can support training up to 3 dogs with the same remote with purchase of additional collars (SDR-AXS). For dogs 8...
  • NO LOOK OPERATION: Designed for ease-of-use and no look operation while offering more levels of stimulation which allows for more customized...
  • TONE, VIBRATE, AND STIM: This electric e collar offers 21 levels of static stimulation with medium/high ranges. Option to train with vibration...
  • WATERPROOF: Submersible to 25 feet using DryTek technology.
  • RECHARGEABLE BATTERY: Lithium-ion batteries charge in 2 hours and last 50-70 hours per charge. System has low battery indicators.

This collar is great for dogs that are very curious about nature and tend to explore their surroundings with their nose always to the ground. The collar comes with a small and lightweight design that is comfortable to wear. The collar is also water-resistant, so you do not have to remove it every time go swimming together. It can be submerged up to 25ft.

Neck Size And Training Modes

This collar comes with 3 training modes. The first one is vibration only, the second one is tone and the last one is static stimulation. Moreover, you have 21 levels of stimulation to choose from. So, you can adjust it according to your need and according to your pet’s comfort, breed, age, and size.

Once you set it, it works great. The issue is a little bit with the setting. You can’t get the right setting just in a minute or two. If you’re a beginner you may have to do a little struggle. Excluding the not-so-quick-adjust feature, It is worth your purchase. It is one of the best dog bark collars on the market.

The collar can be adjusted to different sizes of the neck ranging from 5′ to 22′. What you need to keep in mind is that it is designed for dogs that weight more than 8lbs.

Wireless Range

So, this collar covers a range of about 500 Yards. You’re going to have a very fine and easy experience controlling your dog from quite a large distance. With this collar, another interesting benefit is that you won’t lose track of your dog.


It was constructed to withstand frequent use and regular wear. This collar will be useful in every weather. It is waterproof so, you don’t have to take it off if it rains. The suitable dog sizes have been mentioned above. If you have a small (more than 8 pounds) or a large dog at home, you can use this collar.

Additionally, the collar comes with a one-year manufacturer’s warranty, which means that you can get a new one or a refund if it stops working within a year.

Even during harsh weather, the collar will be your best friend as it will keep your dog safe and sound, and always in your control.

Battery Life

It has the same charging time as the above collars. It’s fully charged in a couple of hours and allows you to use it for multiple training sessions across days. Stepping a little forward the manufacturers even make a statement for the battery to last for up to 50 to 70 hours. 

  • Waterproof and submersible up to 25ft.
  • Wide range of about 500 yards.
  • 21 Stimulation levels to choose from.
  • 1-year manufacture’s warranty.
  • None.

PATPET Dog Training Collar

PATPET Dog Training Collar for Large Dogs - IPX7 Waterproof E Collar for Dogs Training with Beep,...
  • 3 Training Modes: Beep, Vibration and 1 to 16 levels Static.
  • Blind Operation: The remote button can be distinguished by touch.
  • Waterproof: The receiver is IPX7 waterproof and the remote is IPX5 rainproof.
  • Long Battery Life: The rechargeable battery provides uninterrupted dog training.
  • Adjustable Belt: It is size adjustable for different dogs.

PATPET Dog Training Collar has a unique design that allows you to get a grip on it very easily. It cannot only be used by professionals but can be easily handled by pet owners who are new to pet training.

The collar is equipped with three different kinds of stimulations first which is sound, second, vibration, and last shock stimulation. Sound stimulation can be used to attract them to you, while shock is the last option when are stubborn or showing repeatedly an unpleasant behavior. Apart from these, the vibration can be used for puppies and other breeds for which you find shock stimulation unsuitable.

Like some of the collars which confuse the different modes by not functioning well, this set of collars comes with a special key button that helps you change the stimulation modes, i.e. from shock to vibration. This feature allows you to move freely without any fear of providing shock to your dog, unintentionally.

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What’s more? It’s the perfect combination of ease and functionality. While you train your dog you can easily switch between different levels of intensities of the stimulations. How? Just look at the 3 buttons above that are meant for this function. Now you can focus your eyes on your dog’s movements and monitor their response to changing stimulations without actually looking at the buttons. 

This multiple-functional collar delivers a safe and controlled electrical current when your dog barks or reaches toward something it shouldn’t, which corrects the behavior without causing any physical harm. 

It is equipped with 434 Mhz technology which allows the maximum range of coverage; 3000ft. Amazing right? With this range, the training sessions are not easier but mind-blowing.

Another feature that places it above all other shock collars is its waterproof technology. With an IPX7 waterproof design, you can use this collar even when it’s raining outside! Not only will it keep your dog safe from electrical shock, but it will also protect the device from getting wet.

Not only that but it’s covered with silicone. You won’t have to worry about getting your dog’s neck damaged from the edges of the collar.

The only precaution is to use it only as directed and make sure to not let the dog wear it for an extended period i.e. for above 12 hours. And this case is not only with this collar but some collars shouldn’t be worn for more than a few hours at a time or the hard edges can cause irritation on your pet’s neck and may even lead to injuries.

Here you may think it beats other shock collars, right? Well, we think that, too. It does give tough competition to other collars.

You can carry out training sessions without losing your battery. You only need to charge it fully once in 20 days. And it provides non-stop training support. Like some of the other collars on the market, it doesn’t sleep off without any indicator. You can monitor the battery percentage easily and charge it on time when it runs out of battery.

  • Adjustable size/ suitable to most dog sizes.
  • Enough battery life.
  • Has a battery indicator.
  • One year manufacturer’s warranty.
  • No complex design/ easy to use.
  • Waterproof.
  • Less durability.

PATPET Dog Shock Collar with Remote

PATPET Dog Training Collar with Remote - Electric Dog Shock Collar for Small Medium Large Dogs - 3...
  • Powerful Remote Control Function: If you want to train two dogs through one remote, 680 can meet your needs. It features a robust remote control...
  • Multiple Training Modes and Adjustable Options: : Provides 3 Safe effective humane training modes. Customized static shock (1-16) levels,...
  • 2 Hour Quick Charge & Longer Battery Life : After 2-hour fully charging, Supporting 40-60 days training sessions. Additionally, it offers...
  • IPX7 Waterproof Technology : If your dog likes to play with water? Don't worry, The IPX7 waterproof collar stays in a water depth of 3.2 Ft for...
  • Precise Adjustment and Reliability : The adjustable nylon collar fits dogs with neck sizes 7" - 27". Stronger and smaller collar, Perfect for all...

This product comes from a very well-known brand. And it has made its name for using high-quality materials for the manufacturing of its products. Moreover, you won’t require additional expenses to keep this collar in working condition. It’s important to be aware of the fact that not all collars are suitable for all dogs. It is durable and won’t give you a headache.

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Neck Size And Training Modes

The collar is adjustable, comfortable, and secure. It is suitable for puppies to adult dogs weighing up to 140 pounds. It is a reliable product that will serve your dog for a long time. Well, it’s not that bad, we have to go with it. I have used it myself on a dog weighing 90 pounds. I didn’t face even a small issue with the adjustment.

The very shock collar also offers three functions; sound, vibration, and shock. The sound is for mild stimulation to make your dog attentive, and the band vibration is for puppies and dogs who don’t need strong stimulation and shock in case you’re dealing with a strong and stubborn dog breed.

Although we use shock collars to make our dogs behave well, but none of us can see our pets getting hurt or irritated by the collar. PATPET takes special care of it by using premium material in the construction of its collars.

Wireless Range

You can control this device from up to 1000 yards away, which makes it suitable for hunting or keeping your pet safe on the farm. You can also set up a safe zone for your pet and not let it wander around without you knowing. This allows you to bring training sessions without putting yourself and your dog under any sort of stress or discomfort. This allows you to have better control not only over your pet but their actions too.


It applies modern technologies to save it from damage from water. The receiver is equipped with IPX5 rainproof technology while the collar with IPX7 waterproof technology so, you don’t have to worry about carrying out training sessions in rain. Although that also applies that you can’t use it in heavy rain or submerge them in water.

Another interesting function is that you can use it for up to 2 dog collars at the same time. You can buy two collars with the same remote control and switch between them. 

Battery Life

Once you give the battery enough time to fully charge it won’t disturb your training sessions for 48 hours. This may not be impressive but it isn’t that poor, too, as long as it serves efficiently.

  • Waterproof.
  • Fine coverage.
  • Suitable for dogs of various sizes.
  • Modern design.
  • A little expensive.
  • Not that durable.

Dog Training Collar with Remote

Remote dog training collar night light removable shock vibrate anti bark beep – hunting standard...
  • SUPER LONG RANGE HIGH QUALITY WITH MEMORY; forget other dog training collars which use cheap plastic that breaks when you drop it and are...
  • VARIABLE SHOCK AND VIBRATION LEVELS; train up to 3 dogs at once (additional collars required only $34 each!), with up to 10 levels of continuous...
  • WATERPROOF CONSTRUCTION; does your dog love to run outside or swim? Unlike cheap collars, our training system is completely waterproof (remote...
  • ULTRA LONG LASTING BATTERY; the dog training collar with remote is powered by a super high capacity rechargeable Li-ion battery, fully charged in...

This collar comes with a comfortable fit, making it an excellent choice for any dog. Pet Resolve Training collar has up-to-date functions and would work fine in almost every way. With a limited investment, they offer a package value more than any other available in the market. It comes with a minimal design that allows you to control the correction level on your boxer without any difficulty.

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Neck Size and Training Modes

I liked the option for momentary and consecutive stimulation features. It does help. For instance, if you have guests over and you don’t want your dog to jump on them, you can use the momentary option to give him a “stay off” warning. And it’s amazing how easy it is to train my pet with the help of this feature.

It’s not just the shock feature that works fine but the other two modes, vibration, and sound are also very convenient in training and getting the attention of your Boxer. There are a couple of other features; an LED light and the fourth mode for training purposes which is the Anti-bark mode. These are beneficial for your dog as well as for you as the owner. To stop this unwanted behavior or barking this feature will help you.

Wireless Range

Now let me tell you that the manufacturers claim, the device is capable of covering a distance of approximately 3/4 miles which is almost 1300 yards. Well, isn’t it quite a lot? Well, this is going to allow you to have decent control over your Boxer’s activity. For example, you can use this collar when it’s raining or snowing outside. 

I did some more research and found out that the actual distance they claim does not work unless an open area is provided. 1300 yards claim is not going to work in your neighborhood. And these comments are not read from anywhere but stem from my own experience.

But let me add here though, the 1300 yards claim only works in an open field, it anyway provides you enough control over your pet. If your pet roams around the neighborhood you can trace him and monitor him at least a couple of houses far.


It is completely waterproof which adds up to its durability. You don’t need to worry if your Boxer plays around in the water while wearing the collar. The water will neither cause harm to your pet nor the durability of the collar. 

While most remote training collars only work with one dog at a time, this one can be used with multiple dogs at the same time, making it more convenient for training. You can buy 3 collars that you can monitor with only one remote. I know, It’s exciting, so was for me.

The reliable design of the remote makes it the best choice. Thanks to the long-range as well, you can easily control your pet without getting up from the couch or leaving the room. 

Battery Life 

Another great feature of this training collar is that the collar can be used consecutively for long hours of multiple training sessions and needs time for recharge for only about 2 hours. Anyhow, compared to the other option available on the market it doesn’t match up to the expectations in this sense.

  • No standby mode.

  • Additional anti-bark mode.

  • Fully recharged in just a couple of hours.

  • It is Waterproof.

  • Battery life can be improved.

F-color Dog Training Collar

F-color Dog Training Collar Rechargeable Waterproof Dog Shock Collar for Dogs with Remote 2600ft...
  • Train Your Dog With Ease: Our Dog Training Collar with Remote Range of up to 875 Yards (2600Ft) with no Obstacles, Making it Perfect for Training...
  • Multiple Training Modes: With 0-99 Levels for Shock,Vibration, a Tone Mode & Night Light Mode, Our Dog Shock Collar offers 4 Types of Stimulation...
  • Waterproof & Rechargeable: Our Training Collar for Dogs is IP65 Waterproof, Allowing you to Train your Dog Even on Rainy Days. The Rechargeable...
  • Adjustable Collar for a Perfect Fit: Our Soft Collar Fits Neck Sizes From 7.1 to 25.6 Inches, Making it Perfect for Medium & Large Dogs Above...
  • Smart Design for Added Safety: Our Night Light Built-In Receiver Helps You Locate Your Dog At Night, While The Conductive Silicone Sleeve On The...

So, finally, we have a low-cost collar but of course, it does not compromise quality. The collars have been designed by taking into consideration the habits and behaviors of the dogs. After this process, you are provided with the required product. Not only does this ensure that they are supplying you with the right product, but it also provides them with a detailed overview of the exact specifications that you wanted. 

All the products are of the highest quality and will serve you and your dog just fine. You can help your dog to get used to being handled and to accept the environment. You can also learn more about them. These are all important things to know about your dog, and handling them and controlling their activities helps you to learn about them.

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Neck Size And Training Modes 

It has three stimulation modes with the addition of an LED light feature. For quick stimulation you can use shock mode, for just distracting them from some activity you can use sound stimulation and for mild stimulation, vibration mode can be used.

You have in total 99 different levels of stimulations to switch between. The lower stimulation levels are to help your Boxer learn commands while the higher stimulation levels are to help you out if you are to deal with the aggressive or stubborn behavior of your dog.

Speaking from my experience I found the collar best for small dogs and small breeds. The reason is that these collars are meant for dogs that have a weak temperament and are easy to control. If you have a dog with a high-energy temperament, then you should consider investing in another collar.

I tried this collar on my Drake and he almost went away not affected at all. I would say at this price you do get this only, am I wrong?

It features a safety lock that prevents the shock from being administered if the dog gets too close to the boundary. Moreover, it features low voltage, which is a safe level of electricity. Most electronic dog training collars are set on high voltages, which might be a bit high for a small pet.

With the help of clever remote management, you can easily control the behavior of your dog and can make him obedient. Dog owners who are not comfortable training their dogs can easily control them by using this kind of remote control. 

The collar is made from high-quality material so, you don’t have to doubt its durability. You can use the training sessions whenever you want same as a professional. It will help you to make your dog understand the commands easily and also keep him on good behavior.

Though this collar is made for medium to large dogs, it is worth mentioning that it is adjustable for any size dog up to 100 pounds. This collar is made from durable and strong materials and will last for a long period.

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Wireless Range 

The wireless signal cannot be hindered along a distance of about 800 yards. You don’t have to worry about losing the connection. Now you have a correction method that your dog responds to more easily. And you can apply it without bothering to change your position. It is a great tool for training purposes as it gives you control over your pet without being too close to them


This collar is easy to use, and clean, and can be removed when you are going out of the house. It helps prevent your dog from pulling on the leash by offering them a static correction. It also helps to control excessive barking by emitting a high-pitched sound. It is affordable, safe, and easy to use.

If you are looking for a static correction collar to use on your dog, this is the best collar for the job. It is made up of high-quality material. 

You don’t have to keep digging through your pockets to buy a collar and this collar provides much more than the price.

When we are talking about its durability let us mention here it’s not fully waterproof. So handle it with care.

Battery Life 

To ensure the best results, you have to have consecutive training sessions with your dog which can be possible with a good battery life/timing. The battery timing of this shock collar system is very fine which is necessary for a continuous training session.

  • Water-resistant.
  • Strong design and body.
  • Good battery timing.
  • Wide wireless coverage.
  • Not that effective on large breeds and dogs.

Dogtra 1900S / 1902S Remote Training Collar

Dogtra 1902S 2-Dogs Remote Training Collar - 3/4 Mile Range, IPX9K Waterproof, Rechargeable, 127...
  • Ergonomic Design: Dogtra 1902S Remote Training Collar and PetsTEK clicker. Perfect for large dogs from 35 pounds and up. Slim, waterproof collar...
  • Advanced Features: Up to 3/4-mile range, fully waterproof ergonomic collar and receiver, 127 training levels ranging from low to high, Momentary...
  • Designed with Purpose: This ultimate dog training tool that is durable, dependable, and designed for the most demanding conditions. This system...
  • Customer Service Based in the USA: The quality of the collar is unmatched in comparison to the cheaper alternatives. Dogtra Collars are helping...
  • Positive Reinforcement: By using the PetsTEK training clicker along with your dog’s favorite treats, you can train your pet to follow your...

The Dogtra is one of the most versatile training collars on the market. It can be used with a wide range of dog training methods to achieve the best results. The remote system makes it easy to use with one hand while walking your dog.

People who have a hard time maintaining their attention might struggle with a training session and will quickly lose interest. Dogs that have high prey drive, high energy levels, or a stubborn nature might also have a hard time with training. These are all cases where obedience training might not be the best fit.

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Neck Size And Training Modes

Dogs are naturally packed animals, so it’s important to create an environment that promotes socialization, obedience training, and leadership. This adjustable dog collar suits the training of large breeds as well.

The collar is adjustable up to 26in the minimum being 8in. And it supports breeds as large as weighing 35 pounds.

The usual drawback of training collars is irritation and in some cases, injuries caused by the continuous use of shock collars. There is a limit suggested by experts and often by manufacturers in the manual to keep the collar on your pet. With this collar, you don’t need to worry about this. The construction of the collar implies soft and high-quality material which is not going to hurt your dog.

You are offered to choose from 127 different stimulation levels depending on your needs and your Boxer’s comfort, age, and size. Not only that but you can select a mode from momentary to static shock or vibration mode.

The collar comes equipped with a rheostat dial to help you out selecting the perfect stimulation level and switch between them.

It also features a memory function that allows you to save your favorite settings with a battery indicator and show the stimulation levels.

Wireless Range

The distance range it covers is said to be 1300 yards, which I found to be quite decent. Talking from my personal experience yes, I did find it working up to 1000 yards, which is not bad too.

You can easily bring about training sessions outdoors. In the wide area, you’re not going to lose control of your dog. You must be thinking about how I can say this confidently!

You must be thinking about how I say it confidently. The reason is I have checked the collar on a Pitbull, which is very aggressive. As we were on a routine walk he started barking at people jogging. I switched to the 55 stimulation level of the vibration mode and successfully stopped him from doing so.


IPX9K waterproof technology has been used to manufacture the collar as well as the remote. This technology allows the owner to bring out the training sessions and use the collars even in tough weather situations. Furthermore, don’t let it submerge in the water. 

IPX9K can be read online. So, you can decide whether it is according to your needs or not. However, if you want a stylish and comfortable leather collar that offers great value for the price, then this one is what you should get. 

Battery life

Li-pro batteries of this collar system can be easily fully charged within a couple of hours.

And can you guess how many hours it is going to be working? It’s 40 to 50 times.

  • Waterproof.127 levels of stimulation to switch between.
  • Wide range coverage.
  • Good battery time.
  • Easy to handle big dogs .
  • Expensive.
  • Leather isn’t durable.

Dogtra 1900S Series

Dogtra 1900S Ergonomic 3/4-Mile IPX9K Waterproof High-Output Remote Dog Training E-Collar
  • SEAMLESS DESIGN: The 1900S receiver is sleek and slim, which allows the strap to wrap around the receiver and your dog’s neck seamlessly. Its...
  • IPX9K WATERPROOF CERTIFIED: The 1900S come with a durable receiver that is IPX9K waterproof certified, which means it has passed the...
  • 3/4-MILE RANGE: The range of this training e-collar is perfect for simple to complex training commands for your dog. With a range of ¾-mile,...
  • PRECISE CONTROL: With 127 correction levels, you’ll have no problem finding the perfect level for your dog with the gradual and precise...
  • CORRECTIONS: This e-collar has two different correction types. The first correction type is a Nick (quick ½-second) and the second correction...

You can use the Dogtra 1900S Remote Training Collar for a variety of different reasons. You can use the remote training collar for basic obedience training. You can also use the remote training collar for aggressive behavior training.

With the press of a button, this remote control collar delivers a “shock” that is just enough to stop your dog from barking. The shock can be a very low level and is not painful at all. It is meant to be a minor deterrent so your dog knows not to bark.

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It will work for dogs of various ages and sizes. The collar can be adjusted to your dog’s neck accordingly. Thus it proves to be very comfortable.

You can take your dog for a swim or outside in the rain without any worries. And if you face any weather issues during your training you don’t have to worry as well. The collar plus receiver are waterproof.

As with all remote training systems, you can use treats to reward your dog when it does something right. You can use a clicker, which is an additional feature that comes with this training collar. The clicker produces PetsTEK’s unique sound.

Some people with certain conditions or sensitivities might want to start on a lower setting, or perhaps switch to static shock mode instead of static high. With this collar, you’re provided with 127 options of stimulations to choose from and switch between.

By wearing a vibration collar, your dog will learn that unwanted behaviors, like jumping up or scratching the furniture, should be avoided. This can help your dog realize that these behaviors are unacceptable.

It is also useful for dogs who become stressed in crowds or when meeting new people, whether at a walk in the park or at a party. It can be used for a wide variety of issues, such as fear, anxiety, hyperactivity, or even aggression in certain situations. 

On the screen, you can see the setting you are using i.e. the stimulation level on which you are training your dog. Hence, it allows you to set vibration and static stimulation levels very easily and can be used as a training tool to help condition your dog and make them more receptive to commands. 

It offers a quick response time and consistent correction when your dog misbehaves. It stands among the top training collars for Boxers.

The collar is waterproof and would not cause any issues. The wireless range between the collar and the remote is up to 1.75 miles which is quite enough for training sessions while providing a free ground to your Boxer.

The battery life is up to 18 hours for this collar. It will allow you carry out training sessions for hours without being worried for its battery.

  • Smooth design & ergonomic shape.
  • Adjustable strap to suit dogs of any age and size.
  • Additional Clicker function.
  • 127 Stimulation levels to choose from.
  • Perfect for strong and large breeds like Boxer.
  • Waterproof.
  • Wireless range of 1.75 miles.
  • Can’t be used for 2 dogs at once.
  • Complaints regarding late customer service.

Things to consider before buying the best shock collar for Boxers

There are several factors you will want to consider when making a purchase. The most important thing to keep in mind is that the right shock collar will fit your dog’s personality and lifestyle. Among the wide range of options available on the market, some are better suited for certain types of dogs and some are better suited for aggressive/fearful dogs. 

To learn more about each variable and how to set it correctly, you can refer to the guide below. You can always come back to the article to help you continue scanning your products and finding out about any issues you have with the quality of the products you are buying.


Some materials are not that healthy for your dog’s skin, so you must choose the right ones. It’s best to avoid collars made of plastic. You also need to keep in mind the metal materials and the leather.

Leather of lower quality is not a healthy material for your dog’s health, so it’s best to avoid it. Although if it is of premium quality it cannot only stay longer but also would be safe for your dog’s skin.

Also, always ensure that the collar fits right and is not too tight. If the collar is too tight, it could cause discomfort to your dog. The collar should be close enough to your dog’s neck that it leaves space for two fingers.

The collar must fit your Boxer correctly and he’s comfortable wearing it. If the collar is too big, your Boxer may be able to slip his head through the collar, possibly causing him to choke. The collar should fit snugly, but not be so tight that your Boxer cannot turn his head or breathe freely. The collar should fit loosely enough that it does not cause rubbing or chafing on your Boxer’s neck.


You can use a remote training collar for your dog, which will let you control the activity of your dog from far. There are many training collars available in the market but it is important to select the best one according to your requirement and the situation of your dog.

The range of a training collar is another important factor to keep in mind while purchasing. In case you are worried that the training process might be traumatic for your dog, you can always take the help of the remote range feature. You will want your pet to get some alone time so he can move freely around.

With a too-narrow range, you cannot do this. Your dog’s wandering around would make you worried and that’s not what you want out of a training collar! You should feel at ease while you use a gadget like that.

So, make sure you choose a collar that offers a wide wireless range.

Shock Collars

There has been opposition to the use of shock collars from the very start considering it not so. Shock collars are not meant to be used on pups all the time, and they are certainly not a “cage and chain” training method. Instead, they should be used when the dog displays problematic behavior, such as jumping, barking incessantly, or lunging at passers-by.

However, if you want to train your dog effectively, then you need to use some sort of training method. You can use any type of training method to get your dog to perform behaviors you don’t want him to do. The only difference is that shock collars are a much more direct way to stop them from unwanted behavior and make them obey commands.

Shock collars, while they do emit an electric stimulus, are not harsh enough to cause any physical discomfort to your dog. A great number of people use these collars to train their dogs as they are not only effective but also safe.

There are numerous benefits to using shock collars for training your dog. From housebreaking to obedience training, you can use these collars to achieve any goal. They are safe, effective, and very easy to use.

Pairing options

If you have multiple pups and want to keep them from fighting or correct their behavior in some way, be sure to choose a set of collars that allows one remote with multiple collar control. 

Yes, a wide range of options are available on the market. Lot of them I have listed above, too. 

Reflective Collar

Be sure to keep an eye on your pup when they’re out and about, especially when they’re on their own. A reflective collar will help you in this regard. Especially when you’re out at the evening or in the night it would help you locate your Boxer.

Long-lasting Battery

The most important thing that you need to keep in mind while buying shock collars is that they should have long battery life. It will allow you to avoid the hassle of constantly charging the batteries, saving you a lot of time and money. Also, you would be able to continue your training sessions without any interruption.

Above, we have listed many of them which have long battery timing. In case you want to go far away from your house to train your dog you’d not be disappointed to find your shock collar dead.

Level Of Sensitivity

So choosing a collar that is too loud could confuse the dog, which is never a good thing. But a collar that isn’t loud enough can also cause this problem. So it’s important to choose a collar that is just the right level of noise and other stimulation.

Blind Operation Design

Blind operation is also a vital feature you should prioritize. The remote system of the collar should have such a minimal design and function that it should allow you to operate without looking at it again and again. This will help you to avoid any distractions while watching and monitoring your pet’s movements and taking measures accordingly.

Variety Of Colors Option

Well, this isn’t an important factor to consider while purchasing a remote collar, but what if it allows us a little excitement? I love to see my Boxer in different colors. So, I like the range of colors in collars as well. If you do too, let me tell you some brands do provide multiple colors along with quality products. You can have a look if you want to.

Buckle Design

A buckle that’s difficult to open could cause your dog to become frustrated. Similarly, a collar that is too loose can open up without you knowing this can cause a headache during the training sessions. So, it is very important that you check the Buckle design closely. It should be effective.


If you’re brand new to the world of dog training, it might be a good idea to start with something more affordable. Once you get the hang of things and feel comfortable making the right corrections, you can then move on to something a little more expensive. Well, this is my recommendation but if you’re confident enough you can put in more money and buy a high-quality product.

The choice is yours. However, I have mentioned above both high-quality products and ones with affordable prices. If you have a got keen eye you can get both benefits in one package.

Different Types of Dog Collars for Boxers

Flat Collars

Flat collars are adjustable and easy to put on your dog. They are comfortable, practical, and versatile. As such, they are one of the most frequently purchased types of collars. Nonetheless, flat collars can have negative impacts as well. These are not recommended for training purposes since they can cause injuries and eventually death.

It’s best to avoid them if possible, I do not recommend flat collars.

Choke Collars

They have been widely used by dog owners and are still commonly seen at pet stores and online. If your pup has a habit of pulling on its leash or collar, sliding it around its neck can help discourage that behavior.

Again it’s not safe to use choke collars for your dogs. So, I will not recommend this as well for your Boxer.

Martingale Collars

Keeping the kennel locked at all times will prevent your dog from escaping and will keep him safe. If you are not around, then your dog will be safe inside the house. A Kennel that is too small may not be safe for your dog. Kennels should be large enough to prevent any harm to your dog and they shouldn’t be too loose to strangle them.

Martingale collars are very easy to use and your dog will get used to them very quickly. They don’t get loose and provide safety for your dog by not letting them escape.

It’s especially suited for large breeds like Boxer. I do recommend this collar.

Spray collars

Do you find training your dog a difficult task? If it is so, a spray bark collar would be a great choice for you as it will help you stop your dog’s excessive barking. As the name suggests, the collar leaves a smell. It will help your dog understand that the behavior is not acceptable. And you don’t have to worry about their health too, as it would not cause any kind of harm to them.

It is important not to confuse the training with punishment. The main goal of this collar is not to cause pain to your dog but to teach him to behave properly. 

Electronic/GPS Collars

Here comes a little expensive option. E-collars tend to prove more productive and useful, too. They need a GPS device attached, which helps you track your dog. You can continuously trace your Boxer with the help of an E collar.

Prong collars

Have you heard the name of Pinch collars? Yes, Prong collars are generally named as Pinch collars. The design of the prong collar is a little tough and unkind, too only if you don’t use them the right way.

Some dog trainers use prong collars on overly aggressive dogs or pull on a leash when walking or being walked. The static correction from the prong collar will make the dog understand that it is not to pull on a leash, and it will help train the dog as well.

These collars can cause your dog stress. Although they are also very helpful in training your Boxer.

Reflective collars

If you had used them or seen the reflective collars on other dogs, you may remember the lighting surrounding the neck of the dog. It is very useful for people who like to walk in the evening with their furry friends. You don’t have to worry about losing your pet in the dark. 

The material by which it is constructed produces the lightning effect, which helps owners keep track of their canine friend in a dark environment.

If you want to buy one you can, although I suggest you don’t need to buy a reflective collar for your Boxer.

Anti-bark collars

It is a great way to stop your dog from barking excessively. There are a variety of anti-barking collars that you can choose from. You can find one that works best for your dog. An anti-barking collar is a great choice for dogs with excessive barking. 

This works by emitting a shock when your Boxer barks excessively. Let me add something here, this shock doesn’t provide any physical harm to your pet.

Dog Harness

There are many different types of harnesses available, so make sure you purchase one that’s best no pull harness for boxers. This is also comfortable to wear and focuses on not harming your Pet physically..

It doesn’t tighten the skin around the dog’s neck only but arranges the pressure by the pull on the overall body of your dog. However, not all of them can be monitored with a remote. So, what is the purpose left for them? It doesn’t prove too helpful for training sessions. I don’t recommend this collar as to me it doesn’t be fruitful.

Dog Head Collar

These collars are a great option for dogs that pull or dig. They also make a great choice for dogs with short necks. These collars are often worn during walks or training sessions, so your dog won’t be able to slip out of them. The exact aim of this collar is safety which is fulfilled effectively. So select one of the best head collar for your boxer.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

Are boxers hard to train?

Most of people fail to train their boxers because he/she is stubborn. You need to understand their mind and try to train them accordingly. Most of the people train their boxer in a way they want to be trained and that’s not always the case. You may need to understand your boxer and what sort of training he/she likes.

Will a Shock collar work fine on the boxers? 

Boxers are friendly, outgoing, and sociable dogs. They make great companions due to their relaxed and non-judgmental nature. Boxers are great with children and other animals, and they get along well with other dogs.

What Size of collar I will need for my Boxer?

It’s best to go for a collar that is neither too wide nor too tight, but comfortable enough for your dog to wear. You can also make sure that the collar doesn’t chafe your pet when it rubs against their neck. The ideal collar length would be around 15 to 18 inches.

Do Boxers require high care?

Besides being just as cute as any other dog, they too share many of the same benefits as other dogs. You can train them, give them a loving home, and love them. But as such they don’t require special attention as to make sacrifice your other activities. They require the same timing as any other breed would.

Can I use electric bark collars on long-haired dogs?

You are free to use e-collars on your pets with long hairs/fur. Once you’ve checked that the collar touches the dog’s skin as well and doesn’t provide any hindrance for providing them a correction, you’re all good to go.

What is the disadvantage of having a boxer?

Boxer needs some activities so, he can discharge his extra energy he would anyway use to tease his home mates. It may become difficult for you when he makes noises again and again and doesn’t help recognize the reason why! 

Just a single negative point for this breed is that it is found of digging holes in the garden.

How long do Boxers normally live for?

From 8 to 10 years this breed has been known to live on average. They also can get caught by different disease during their life. 

How long can boxers be left alone?

Leaving your dog alone will make them anxious and unhappy. You can solve this by taking your dog for a walk every day. Moreover, you can spend 8 to 10 hours apart from them without seriously annoying them or making them act aggressively.

Do shock collars work for fighting dogs?

It is not only a training tool, but it also acts as a deterrent. It will only trigger when the dog is close to something dangerous, like a person, another dog, or a fence. This static shock collar will not hurt the dog, but it will send a static shock that is uncomfortable. And it is best for training purposes. I can be very effective for fighting dogs.

In most cases, the shock collar is used as a last resort when your dog is exhibiting stubborn behavior and nothing else has worked to get him to stop.

How does the shock collar work?

Electric training collars are sometimes called remote trainers or e-collars. They work by sending an electric shock through the collar whenever your dog behaves a certain way that you have decided is unwanted or inappropriate. There are several different types of electric training collars.

Some are fitted with one or two electronic probes that are placed near the collar, while others have a series of small probes that are placed around the dog’s neck.
Shock collars can be dangerous if used improperly. Some dogs will try to protect themselves by biting when they get shocked, while others will try to avoid the collar at all costs. But this is only a rare case

Would boxers be good in a street fight?

They can also get into your face and nip at your fingers, which can make it hard to punch someone back. Because of their independence and strength, they make good guard dogs. Despite the negative stereotypes, these dogs are still loved by many.

What do you need to know about shock collars?

Shock collars are usually used for training purposes, but some dog owners use them to try to control their dog’s behavior. They might be used with the goal of making your dog learn a certain command or obey a certain command. These training collars are a type of electronic collar that delivers an electronic stimulus whenever your dog is wearing it. These collars are a great way of helping you train your dog. 

How big should my collar be for an adult Boxer?

The collar of the dog should fit snugly around the neck. You should be able to fit two fingers between the collar and the neck. The collar should not be too tight and cause discomfort to the dog. The collar should be long enough to avoid folds at the neck and scruffy looking appearance.

A collar that is too long may cause the dog to slip out of the collar while running. A collar that is too short may cause the dog to trip. A collar that is the right length provides a secure fit and prevents discomfort to the dog while giving the dog a professional-looking appearance.

How effective are shock collars for boxers?

When you use a shock collar, you need to make sure to follow the instructions. Some trainers recommend gradually increasing the intensity of the shocks until you reach the setting where your Boxer responds. The most important thing is to remain consistent with the training.

Keep in mind that you can’t rely on e-collars alone as this can make you Boxer addicted to it. Use other methods like positive reinforcement along with it.

My Boxer is microchipped. Does it still need a collar?

Yes, it’s just as important to use a collar. Collars prevent injuries (and expensive vet bills) by limiting your dog’s range of motion and keeping it from biting unexpected objects. When walking your Boxer, keep children, other dogs, and objects in the distance out of sight to prevent a bite.

Keep in mind that Boxers are curious dogs, so be sure to keep a close eye on your pet when you let it loose. Other than that in case they get stuck somewhere, the collar is the only thing by which they can be pulled easily.

Is it a legal requirement for a dog to wear a collar?

It’s not so. It’s not a legal requirement to make your Boxer wear the collar. Boxers need to wear collars to keep from straying or chewing holes in your walls. Boxers love to dig, so a collar will keep your house’s carpet and drapes from being destroyed. You may also use it to identify your dog if it has losted.

Are shock collars humane?

These collars deliver an electrical stimulation that causes your dog discomfort, but it’s not harmful. If you’re concerned, check the collar specifications to ensure that it’s a low-voltage unit meant for pets.

Now, these are not the type of collars that can be used as a form of punishment. They’re only meant to be used as a tool to train your Boxer when it comes to unwanted behaviors. When you’re training your Boxer with a shock collar, make sure that you go through the training very slowly.

Give your dog a break before you start training him again. You can also try to take your Boxer on walks or playtime sessions during which he’s not expected to perform a behavior.

What size collar should I buy for my Boxer puppy?

The collar shouldn’t be loose and the collar shouldn’t be too tight, either. You want to be able to fit two fingers under the collar comfortably, but not so loosely that it’s falling off.


Boxers make excellent watchdogs as they will alert their owners to sounds and movements that they hear or see, and will often bark and growl to let their owners know if they are in danger. In terms of personality, boxers tend to be very outgoing and energetic dogs. They are known to be very loving and loyal dogs.

Nevertheless, some times Boxers can act aggressive and start barking. When you see they can’t be controlled by any other training method you can use e collar method to train your Boxer.

We know that there are many alternatives to shock collars, but they don’t work for all dogs, and they’re not a good fit for every situation.

In the end, we hope that our review helped you to choose the right dog collar for your pet. Stay safe and keep your pet happy!

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