10+ Best dog house for german shepherd in 2023

Best Dog House For German Shepherd

Are you looking for the Best dog house for german shepherd? Well, why you shouldn’t? Because German Shepherd is one of the famous breeds of dogs, and they are large dogs. German Shepherd is an obedient, loyal, and brave dog who has helped even the police lots of times.

For such a protective nature dog, I think it is important to have a dog house. Usually, dogs like the German Shepherd just keep running and wandering on your lawn.

As an animal, I believe it is also the right of a German Shepherd to live in a luxury house in which he can rest, take some naps and sit conveniently. 

According to my research, when you explore the market, there is a wide range of houses for dogs, or you can say for German Shepherds, however, it is a tough task to get the best dog house for a German Shepherd.

While having or choosing a dog house, you should keep in mind a number of things, which I’ll discuss later on.

In this article, you’ll get to know about the different best dog houses for German Shepherds of 2023 which are chosen on the basis of their features, design, size, pros, and cons. 

You just need to stick with this article until it ends!

Why Do You Need A House For A German Shepherd? 

German Shepherd is a dog breed with a good protective and loyal nature, plus he can be your best partner at your place.

Sometimes, due to changes in the climate or weather, can impact your dog’s health, which is obviously not acceptable for you.

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In my view, for the comfort of your German Shepherd, you should have the best quality dog house because it will also be safe for them.

Moreover, your dog will stay healthy and comfortable in the house. He’ll be protected from snow, cold and hot because in such weather conditions, you can warm and cool their house by using different devices or gadgets. 

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Top 3 Dog Houses For German Shepherd At One Glance

There is a wide range of best dog houses for German Shepherd available from different brands. Out of the 10 top dog houses, the editor has chosen 3 top ones.

After researching a lot, the following dog houses were found and chosen on the basis of their features, plus points, and quality as well.

Petsfit Wooden Dog House

The first choice of the editor is a dog house of Petsfit which is a wooden house and suitable for all sized dogs. It comes with ease of assembly and offers an even level on the ground. Moreover, your dog can live conveniently here and it is also durable enough to withstand rainy days.

MidWest Homes for Pets

The second runner-up of 2023 at first glance is MidWest homes for the pets which allows you to install the house without tools. If I talk about its recommendation for dogs, it can be used by medium and large-sized dogs. Along with a one-year warranty, it is waterproof and offers a weight limit of 80 pounds for a German Shepherd.

Petmate Aspen Pet Outdoor Dog House

Another top editor’s choice is Petmate Indigo dog house which offers protection from all the weather. Furthermore, it’s an outdoor and eco-friendly house plus the weight limit is 50lbs. It also comes with the ease of putting the house together.

List of Best Dog Houses For German Shepherd 

For German Shepherds, it is essential to have a dog house because it’s for their protection. You can’t just afford the dogs all the time entering your rooms or house, so it’s better to buy him a separate house.

  1. Petsfit Wooden Dog House – Best Dog Houses For German Shepherd 
  2. MidWest Homes for Pets – Dog houses for german shepherds
  3. Petmate Aspen Pet Outdoor Dog House – Insulated dog house for german shepherd
  4. ASL Solutions Insulated Dog Palace – Dog house german shepherd size
  5. Petmate Indigo Dog House – German shepherd house
  6. Confidence Pet XL Outdoor House – Dog house for german shepherd
  7. Suncast DH250 Durable Dog House – Outdoor dog house for german shepherd
  8. TRIXIE XXL Natura Outdoor Dog House – Dog kennel for german shepherd
  9. Fit Choice Elevated Dog House – Large dog kennel for german shepherd
  10. Petmate Precision Cabin Dog House – Best dog crate for german shepherd

After researching a lot regarding the dog houses for German Shepherd, I got above the 10 best dog houses for German Shepherd of 2022.

Now, there will be a detailed review of those products from different brands. 

Stay in touch!

Petsfit Wooden Dog House – Best Dog Houses For German Shepherd 

Petsfit Extra Large Dog House, Outdoor Wooden Dog House for Large Dogs, Red, 45.6"L X 31"W X 32"H
  • 【Large Dog House Outdoor Suitable for Medium to Large Dog Breeds】Our large dog house measures 45.6” L x30.9” W x 32.1” H/28.2” H and...
  • 【Durable Construction and Easy Assembly】100% made of Finnish spruce panels, thicker than others. Manufactured with stainless steel hardware &...
  • 【Protective Design and Open-up Roof with High-quality Pneumatic Braces】Log cabin design with a slanted asphalt roof & door flap provide...
  • 【Removable Floor with Additional Support Rails, More Sturdy and Easy Cleaning】The outdoor dog kennel is equipped with removable floor, which...
  • 【Raised Floor with Adjustable Feet Increases Ventilation & Keeps Your Pet Dry】For additional pet protection from harsh weather, the elevated...

The editor’s first choice is a wooden dog house that is big enough to be used by small, medium, and large-sized dogs.

This durable dog house for the German Shepherd is an ideal choice that offers good weight, however, you should first measure your dog and then decide whether it’s suitable for your dog or not. Moreover, don’t worry about its build quality.

It is a model of Petsfit which is constructed with wood and suitable especially for medium and large-sized dogs. Further, it offers easy assembly, and it allows you to clean it without any difficulty.  For drying the dog house, the floor has been raised a bit, which also increases the ventilation. There is an adjustable foot that is equipped for creating a ground or level platform.

If you ask me about its design, the design is protected and the roof can be opened up, which comes with appealing braces.

There is a log cabin that offers a slanted door flap to provide safety and also help the cabin clean, dry and comfortable for the dogs. According to the description, the opened roof assists in the maintenance of the house. Besides, this house offers a durable feature.

When it comes to material, that should be of high quality, and this house is made of spruce panels which are thick if compared to others.

Stainless steel is also used for the production of hardware and the door of this dog house is strong enough. To assemble this easily, it comes with holes that are pre-drilled.

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Key Features

  • Suitable for all breeds.
  • Comes with a protective design.
  • Offers a removable floor.
  • A raised floor is equipped.
  • Enough space.
  • Keeps the pet dry.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • Easy to clean or maintain.
  • Durable construction.
  • It is sturdy.
  • Increases ventilation.
  • Panel walls are thick enough.
  • Instructions for the installation may appear complicated for you.
  • The floor may break after a few months.

MidWest Homes for Pets – Dog houses for german shepherds

Midwest Homes for Pets Eilio Folding Outdoor Wood Dog House, No Tools Required for Assembly | Dog...
  • No Tools Assembly Folding Wood Dog House | Eilio outdoor dog house features our patent-pending no tools assembly and can be set-up instantly,...
  • Large Outdoor Dog House Suitable for Medium to Large Dog Breeds | Our large dog house measures 28. 94L x 45. 16W x 33. 12H - inches (weighs 74...
  • Durable Constructed Quality Dog House | Eilio is manufactured w/ water resistant stained wood, stainless steel hardware & strong asphalt shingles...
  • Large Opening & Spacious Interior | Outdoor dog house is large enough for your dog to relax in comfort & offers protection from outdoor elements
  • Elevated Base Increases Ventilation & Keeps Your Pet Dry | Eilio's floor is elevated from the ground providing great air circulation and a dry...

Our next runner-up for the best house for German Shepherd is MidWest Homes For Pets, and it is also a wooden house. You don’t need any kind of tools to set it up because it’s foldable.

Further, it is a ready-to-use house and I think this is the unique feature of this house if it is compared to other brands’ houses.

As far as the model is concerned, it’s a model of MidWest Homes For Pet, and it can be used by both medium to large-sized German Shepherds.

It can withstand harsh weather conditions plus offers a large opening and amazing interior. Most importantly, it comes with a one-year manufacturer warranty.

Besides, this large house provides the measurements of 28.94 in length and 45.16 in width, and for height, it offers 33.12 inches.

A dog with a weight of 74 lbs can use this house which is basically for medium-sized dogs, however, it varies for an adult dog that can be up to 80 pounds. If you are concerned about its durability, according to the description, it can last for a long time.

If I talk about its material, it is made of wood which is water-proof and the hardware is manufactured with stain-free steel. This house is large enough to make your dog comfortable and relaxed.

Don’t worry about its construction quality and protection from the elements. Furthermore, this house is foldable, in which you don’t need to install it_just unfold it.

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Key Features

  • No tools are required for assembly.
  • Offers good weight for the dogs.
  • Provides a wide space.
  • Comes with an elevated base.
  • It doesn’t allow your dog to get wet.
  • Equipped with an adjustable foot.
  • Suitable for medium and large dogs.
  • Durable constructed quality.
  • Ease of cleanliness.
  • Foldability.
  • No installation needed.
  • Offers one-year warranty.
  • It may not fulfil your requirements in winter.
  • The bottom part may break after a week.

Petmate Aspen Pet Outdoor Dog House – Insulated dog house for german shepherd

Petmate Aspen Pet Outdoor Dog House, Large, For Pets 50 to 90 Pounds
  • Durable Protection: This Dog house's all plastic construction and rear air ventilations system fleas and provides long lasting protection; Also...
  • All Weather Outdoor Dog House: This extended roof guard rim and raised interior floor helps keep pets dry; Pet home assembles with quick snap...
  • Kennels and Houses: Crate and kennel training is vital for your dog safety; We provide traditional travel carriers, wire training and exercise...
  • Aspen Pet: We provides every day essentials for pet parents, dogs, and cats; From leash cable tie outs, litter box accessories, pet toys, gravity...
  • Just For Pets: Petmate makes a variety of pet products for dogs, cats, birds, and other furry friends; Check out our brands such as Aspen Pet,...

Our next product is a Petmate Aspen Pet outdoor dog house, and it is a large house. For a dog house, it is important that it provides enough space to adjust and live comfortably for the dog. This product has quite wide space and doesn’t worry about the ventilation system because it’s already there to keep your pet dry.

A model of Petmate is a dog house, which is known for its own features and qualities. It’s a plastic house and also provides you with an installation with no tools.

Likewise, a dog or a pet who weighs between 50 to 90 pounds can use and live in this house. If you ask me about its dimensions, these are 238×29×30 inches.

The roof is extended for safety, plus the interior floor of the house is raised because it will not allow your dog to get wet due to rain or some other reason. Further, this house has the ability to withstand all weather.

Furthermore, in the manufacturing process, plastic is used. This house also provides long-lasting protection, and you will find a rear air ventilation mechanism.

According to the product’s description, it comes in brown color, and it’s not difficult to maintain it. Additionally, there is no requirement for tools when it comes to putting it all together.

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Key Features

  • Comes with plastic construction.
  • All weather dog house.
  • For outdoor use.
  • Also, provide traditional carries.
  • Offers everyday essentials.
  • Useful for other pets.
  • Offers a durable protection.
  • Keeps the pet dry.
  • Installation is easy through quick snap latches.
  • Provides good weight limits.
  • Promotes fresh air flow.
  • Easy to clean.
  • According to the customer’s review, this may fall apart after one month.
  • The water of the rain may get inside when there is raining.

ASL Solutions Insulated Dog Palace – Dog house german shepherd size

ASL Solutions Foam (Styro/EPS) Insulated Dog Palace, Standard, Brown
  • Insulated dog house that is both beautiful and durable
  • Up to 4" of real foam (Styro/EPS) insulation per panel for a comfortable temperature
  • Insulated outdoor dog house amenities include an easy pass-through self-closing door, raised floor, and cross-ventilation
  • Durable and easy to clean and to maintain

ASL solution insulated dog palace is the editor’s next choice, and it’s a beautiful dog house. According to the author, the style and the design of the house also matter, however, the quality should be the first priority. This house is made while keeping in mind durability, and it will also make your German Shepherd comfortable.

Moreover, it’s a model of ASL which is big enough for a dog to live inside comfortably. It provides a sense of fresh air because of the insulation panels, which are made of good material.

Apart from all these features, you don’t need to put much effort while cleaning it because that’s not tough to do so.

Along with the maintenance of the house, the roof is raised, and the interior floor is also raised from the ground, plus there is a feature of cross ventilation that does not wet your dog.

On the front of the front side of the house, there is a self-closing door that offers an easy pass or access to the house. Not only this, but this house is durable enough.

Foam is the main material used in this dog house of ASL and the foam is up to 4 inches is used for the insulation per panel, which contributes to providing a more comfy temperature. Further, this house is easy to maintain and as far as the assembly is concerned, it is easy to set up.

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Key Features

  • An insulated dog house.
  • Beautiful house.
  • Offers a comfortable temperature.
  • Provides an easy pass.
  • Comes with a self-closing door.
  • The floor is raised.
  • Ease of installation.
  • Comes with ease of cleanliness.
  • Style is modern.
  • Durable.
  • Best house for outside dogs.
  • Great quality.
  • This plastic house is little expensive.
  • According to the customer’s review, the parts of the house have to be forced to put it together.

Petmate Indigo Dog House – German shepherd house

Petmate Indigo Dog House (Igloo Dog House, Made in USA with 90% Recycled Materials, All-Weather...
  • IGLOO DOG HOUSE: This heavy duty dog house for large dogs provides insulation in hot and cold weather, and an offset doorway that shields pets...
  • DIMENSIONS: 43.8 x 34 x 25.8 | Weight: 50 lb
  • LARGE DOG HOUSE: The raised floors and side moats of the outdoor pet house drains water and keeps pets dry. Naturally sheds snow and debris from...
  • KENNELS and HOUSES: Crate and kennel training is vital for dog safety and comfort. We provide traditional travel carriers, wire training and...
  • Petmate: For over 50 years, we at Petmate are passionate about our dogs, cats in general. Starting with the very first dog kennel, we've produced...

Our next runner-up is Petmate Indigo dog house, which provides protection from all weathers. This is a heavy-duty house that is able to offer insulation in both heat and cold. Moreover, it comes with a design of offset doorway and is suitable for large dogs. It is made for outdoor use and just for pets.

This is a model of Petmate which is a brand with a passion for dogs and cats. In addition, this brand is intended to make eco-friendly dog houses. If you ask me about the comfort level of this house for the dogs, obviously it offers a wide space where a dog can safely sit and relax while staying in that. According to the description, crate and kennel training is one of the most important things.

As far as the design is concerned, the floor is raised and the side moats are designed in a way that they can drain water from the outside and also can keep the dog dry.

Further, the dimensions for the dog house are 43.8 × 34 × 25.8 inches and the weight for the dog is recommended 50 lbs. The roof of the house plays an important role in providing fresh air and this house is able to tolerate harsh weather.

According to the product’s description, blend material is used, however, the material is not clearly mentioned. This house is waterproof and made for outdoor usage, plus you can have this dog house in Taupe or in black color. Likewise, if you are concerned regarding its assembly then don’t be because that’s not rocket science.

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Key Features

  • Comes with all weather protection.
  • Offers an offset doorway.
  • Provides circulation for fresh air.
  • Large house.
  • Recommended for the large dogs.
  • Keeps the dog dry and comfortable.
  • User-friendly.
  • You can easily put it together.
  • Easy Maintenance.
  • Durable and Convenient.
  • A spacious pet shelter.
  • Wonderful dog house.
  • This dog house is made of plastic, which may smell after a few months.
  • According to the reviews, the entrance may be small for a large dog to enter the house.

Confidence Pet XL Outdoor House – Dog house for german shepherd

Confidence Pet XL Waterproof Plastic Dog Kennel Outdoor House Extra Large Brown
  • WATERPROOF - Re-engineered design helps to keep your dog dry during rain (though we'd advise bringing them in during torrential weather)
  • Made of tough and durable plastic for a comfortable, personal space for your Pet
  • Large room and internal volume for your dog
  • Please confirm the product dimensions are adequate for you size pet before purchase
  • 2 x air vents. Easy assembly Entrance Size (XL): 14 x 24.5 inches

The next runner-up out of the 10 top dog houses for German Shepherd of 2022 is the Confidence pet house. This dog house is made while keeping in the mind the size of the extra large dog, which is suitable for all breeds of different sizes. Furthermore, it’s a water-resistant, plastic, and outdoor house.

Likewise, this outdoor dog house is large enough for small, medium, and large-sized dogs. This is a model of Confidence brand which doesn’t allow a dog to get wet when there is raining. You don’t even need to move that house in harsh weather conditions because this house provides good protection.

Moreover, it comes in a design kennel and offers a large space. One more thing, according to the description, firstly you should confirm whether the dimensions of the house are suitable for your dog’s size or not. Further, the dimensions for the entrance are 14 × 24.5 inches. As far as durability is concerned,  this product can go for a long way.

To maintain its durability and water resistance, it is made of good quality and tough plastic, which does not let the water come inside the dog’s house and keeps your dog safe from rain. The high quality is used to make sure the comfort of the dog and is available in brown color. Additionally, it offers ease of assembly.

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Key Features

  • Comes in XL size.
  • The material is high quality.
  • Made of tough plastic.
  • The entrance size is good.
  • Offers a personal space for your dog.
  • Values the money.
  • Durability feature.
  • Safe for dogs.
  • Easy to use and convenient.
  • Assembly is easy.
  • Easy to maintain.
  • Suitable for all sized dogs.
  • It can be moved and picked up easily by wind.
  • It may leak, and thin plastic is used.

Suncast DH250 Durable Dog House – Outdoor dog house for german shepherd

Suncast Outdoor Dog House with Door - Water Resistant and Attractive for Small to Large Sized Dogs -...
  • Outdoor dog house: attractive dog house for pets up to 70 pounds is perfect for your backyard, patio and deck
  • Durable: constructed from heavy-duty resin with a crowned floor to keep your pet safe from all weather elements
  • Hassle FREE assembly: dog house snaps together with ease, so your pet can enjoy their new home right away
  • Good-looking: the contemporary house design matches most outdoor décor, and it resists fading and washes easily for years of quality use
  • Door included: vinyl door (Measures 11.75" X 20.5") provides additional security and insulation for your pet without obstructing entry or exit

Our next product to be reviewed is the Suncast DH250 dog house. This house is designed beautifully from both inside and outside, plus the roof can be removed whenever needed. Moreover, it is made of a unique material if compared to others, and it’s one of the most attractive houses for the German Shepherds.

Furthermore, it’s a model of a Suncast brand which is a large house, with enough space, and it can be your perfect choice for both your dog and backyard. Likewise, a heavy-duty material is used, which contributes to making it a durable house for the dog. A house in which he can live safely and comfortably.

Additionally, this house is suitable for dogs with a weight of 70 pounds. The measurements of the house’s door are 11.75 × 20.5 inches and are also useful for providing additional protection plus insulation for your dog. According to the product’s description, this house can be washed for years, and it can also resist fading. A high-quality material adds to its durability feature.

High-quality material is a clear sign of its good quality, and this house is made of heavy-duty resin. Moreover, this product offers a crowned floor that keeps the dog safe from all weather conditions such as heavy rain, wind and snow etc. If you ask me about its installation procedure, the snaps provide an easy setup process.

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Key Features

  • An outdoor dog house.
  • Constructed with heavy-duty material.
  • Offers a hassle-free assembly.
  • Offers a good look.
  • The door is made of vinyl.
  • It can resist fading.
  • Provides protection to dog.
  • Perfect for the backyard.
  • Waterproof.
  • It can be washed easily.
  • Good reviews.
  • Easy set up.
  • This house is not for a large dog.
  • According to the customer review, its light in weight and flimsy.

TRIXIE XXL Natura Outdoor Dog House – Dog kennel for german shepherd

TRIXIE XXL Natura Classic Outdoor Dog House, Weatherproof Finish, Elevated Floor, Brown
  • Designed extra deep and wide to offer ample space for larger breeds to walk straight in and lounge with a view
  • Heavy-duty mineral roofing felt, weatherproof sealer, and plastic cover feet provide ultimate protection for long-term outdoor use
  • Slanted roof sheds rain water fast; adjustable rot free plastic cap feet allows your TRIXIE House to be level, even on uneven ground
  • Elevated floor to keep moisture out on rainy days and proper airflow; floor panels are removable for easy cleaning
  • Interior Dimensions: 33.25" L x 33.75" W x 41.25" H; Door opening: 15.75" W x 25" H

Here comes another runner-up which is named TRIXIE nature’s classic dog house. This house is an outdoor product plus comes with an elevated floor. In addition, there are a number of materials that are used to give it a high construction. There is one important feature of this house which I didn’t find in others, is that two large dogs of any breed can stay in this house.

TRIXIE offers this house which is big and large enough plus provides enough space that two large dogs can enter and then can walk straight and there is a lounge too with a beautiful view. Due to the legs of the house, it will be even on the ground even though the ground is not even.

Likewise, this design is used for large dogs and provides good protection to them. The legs of the house are covered with plastic caps for extra safety and the house is weatherproof. The interior dimensions are 40.5 × 33 × 32 inches and the door opening is 15.75 ×c25 inches. According to the description, this house is durable.

In the construction procedure, plastic, wood, Asphalt Shingles, and metal are used. There is an elevated floor provided which keeps away the moisture or dampness from the house on rainy days and offers a proper airflow. When you feel like cleaning the house, you can remove the floor panels. Moreover, putting it together is easy.

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Key Features

  • Extra deep and wide.
  • Offers an ample space.
  • Suitable for large dogs.
  • Comes with an elevated floor.
  • Keeps the moisture away.
  • Floor panels are removable.
  • Its weatherproof.
  • Roof sheds the rain fast.
  • Legs are covered with plastic caps.
  • Offers a proper airflow.
  • You can put it together without any complications.
  • It’s for longtime outdoor use.
  • The customers have complained that it’s a cheap and flimsy product.
  • The wood which is used in this house’s construction is thin.

Fit Choice Elevated Dog House – Large dog kennel for german shepherd

Zooba 50’’ 2 in 1 Large Dog House, Dog Houses for Large Dogs Outside, Weatherproof 600D PVC Dog...
  • 🏡 LUXURY ELEVATED DOG HOUSE FOR LARGE DOGS: W/ the biggest size L48.8”xW36.2"xH50.7” for xxl dogs, Zooba extra large dog house gives a...
  • 🏡 Zooba's DOG HOUSE ELEVATE DURABILITY: Experience our latest Large Dog House upgrade, where durability soars. The Deluxe 600D PVC Oxford...
  • 🏡 UNPARALLELED COMFORT FOR OUTSIDE DOG HOUSE, w/ STRONG SUPPORT: This isn't just an xl dog house; it's a sanctuary of strength and snugness....
  • 🏡 ESAY ASSEMBLY 2-IN-1 LARGE DOG HOUSE OUTDOOR / INDOOR: no tools & screws are needed for the assembly, simply follow the easy-to-go...
  • 🏡 XlARGE DOG HOUSE FOR ANY TIME, PLACE, DOGS: This elevated dog house thrives in every scenario - rain or shine, indoors or out. Its...

Our second last runner-up is Fit Choice Elevated dog house which comes with strong beam support plus it offers a good weight limit for dogs of all breeds. In this package, there are lots of things included such as a 2 × 1 bed and a window of 1 × 1 plus there is an extra carrying bag too. Furthermore, this is a luxury dog house.

In addition, it’s a model of Fit Choice which is suitable for large dogs. This house provides a spacious space, and it gives them a sense of security and makes them feel relaxed. Now, you don’t need to be worried that your dog will burn under the sun or something else will harm them because this product is designed to keep your pet safe.

As far as the design is concerned, this is an elevated house that is sturdy plus water-resistant. The bottom of this house has a breathable air design which is made of mesh and is scratch-resistant. Additionally, this can be your ideal choice and your dogs can take a nap in this house. If you ask me about the durability, it is durable enough to go for a long way.

In this house, a water-proof, breathable 600D PVC and 2 × 1 Textilene are used. This product is easy to clean and maintain plus it’s warm and luxurious. According to the description, if you don’t have any kind of tool to install the house, don’t worry you really don’t need them. The installation process is easy to do.

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Key Features

  • Luxury elevated dog house.
  • For large dogs.
  • It’s a cozy product.
  • A strong bedroom.
  • You can build this house in minutes.
  • You can take this house anywhere.
  • Warm and luxurious.
  • Hygienic and water-resistant.
  • Scratch-proof.
  • Protects your dog.
  • Washable.
  • Easy to set up.
  • This house may cut off after a week.
  • According to the customers, its not a strong and sturdy product.

Petmate Precision Cabin Dog House – Best dog crate for german shepherd

PRECISION PET PRODUCTS Extreme Outback Log Cabin Dog House, Large, Natural Wood (7027013)
  • LARGE DOG HOUSE: Cabin dog house's sealed protective coating, raised floor, and slanted asphalt roof provide protection from the elements and...
  • Dimensions: 46.1 x 32.7 x 5.3
  • Durable: With solid wood and stainless-steel hardware, the outdoor dog shelter is strong and sturdy for long-lasting protection. The outdoor dog...
  • KENNELS and HOUSES: Crate and kennel training is vital for dog safety and comfort. We provide traditional travel carriers, wire training and...
  • PRECISION PET: Precision Pet offers a variety of heavy-duty products such as wire crates, chicken coops and rabbit hutches that provide pets with...

Here comes the last best dog house for German Shepherd, it’s a product which is named Petmate Precision extreme outback log cabin dog house. It’s made of natural wood plus a large dog house. To protect your dog from rain or snow, it is well coated and built with high-quality material which keeps the house comfy and dry.

It is a model of PRECISION PET and the style of this dog house is extreme. An offset door is equipped so that your dog can be protected from wind and sun. Likewise, this house for dogs accommodates large dog breeds and if you are concerned about its quality and water resistance, don’t worry about them.

Moreover, this dog house is available in different sizes and comes with a wide space. The floor of the house is lifted from the ground so that it won’t get wet and also keeps your dog dry.

The dimensions are 46.1 × 32.7 × 5.3 inches, and it is available in natural wood color. Further, the house is water-proof.

According to my research, the material is not mentioned clearly. However, according to the product’s description, this dog shelter is strong and sturdy which provides safety for a long time. The hardware of this product is made with solid stainless steel. When it comes to assembly, it is not hard to do so.

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Key Features

  • It’s a large dog house
  • Strong and sturdy
  • Safe and comfortable
  • Stainless steel is there
  • It lasts for a long time
  • Provides protection to dogs from rain & sun
  • A durable design
  • Adjustable for all surfaces
  • Safe to use
  • Assembly is not difficult
  • High build quality
  • Cleanliness feature
  • Some customers have complained, the rain may ruin it.
  • The floor may come apart in less than 3 months.

Buyer’s Guide Or Best Shopping Tips For The Best Dog Bed for German Shepherd

While choosing a dog house for your German Shepherd, it is crucial to choose it wisely and carefully because I’m sure you are not going to spend a handsome amount again on a dog house for a German Shepherd. You need to consider a number of things such as size, material, cooling & ventilation, style, and other things as well. Here are some of the things to be considered first before you purchase the best dog house for German Shepherd;


This is the first thing you need to consider or determine is the size of both the house and your German Shepherd. Initially, measure the size of your dog and determine whether the size is small, medium, large, or extra large. After that decide to have a dog house accordingly. In my view, a small sized dog house for a medium-sized or large one will not be suitable because that may be congested for them, So, measure carefully and make a selection wisely.


While exploring the market for a dog house, you will find that there are dog houses that are made of different kinds of materials such as plastic, concrete, metal, and wood.

If you ask me about the best and most commonly used material for dog houses, I will say that wood is the material which is mostly used and it also provides ease of easy working with. Further, plastic dog houses can be expensive because they come with other features as well.

Before you get one, make sure the material and it’s quality as well. Don’t go for low-quality dog houses because they will not be able to tolerate heavy rain or snow. 

Heating & Insulation

When you buy a dog house or choose one, make sure of the essential features in that dog house because that can make the house more comfortable and healthy for your German Shepherd. Not every house comes with the feature of heating and insulation however I think it’s one of the essential features which you should definitely consider. Furthermore, heating can warm the house in winter or heavy snowy seasons. It will also save your German Shepherd from dying from cold. 

Cooling & Ventilation 

Cooling and ventilation is also crucial feature in a dog house. If you are looking for the best house for a German Shepherd, then make sure that this feature is available in that house.

On hot days or months, this house will be able to give a cool feeling to your dog and he won’t get irritated from wandering on the lawn under the sun and sweating.

He can sit calmly and conveniently in the cool house and it will also take care of his health. You can look for a house with windows for the airflow. 


The next thing which you really need to consider is the probability because sometimes, you need to move the dog house like in heavy rain or maybe snow or in any other condition you get to move it around, so that’s why it should be lightweight.

Usually, dog houses made of wood or other material can be heavy but in my view, it’s your responsibility to make sure the weight of the house, otherwise, you’ll put much effort into moving it. 


If you explore the online and offline marketplace, there will be dog houses with a variety of styles. Now, it’s up to you which features you want in your German Shepherd’s house.

According to me, a dog house should be large enough and it should also accommodate its surroundings as well. The styles should be aesthetic and it should be washable too. Further, you should also look for additional features such as bowls for having food and drinking water plus a porch, etc. 


A dog house is nothing until it is not installed properly. Firstly, you should make sure whether the house for German Shepherd is easy to install or it’s tough and you can set it up alone or you need someone else to participate with you.

After that, according to me, you should also look for the manual or any kind of instructional guidance stuff if it is available and also consider whether the assembly instructions in the manual are comprehensible or not. 

If you want to have the best quality dog house for a German Shepherd, you should consider all the above things otherwise it will be a waste of money and time.

Tips for Maintaining the Dog House For German Shepherd 

When you have bought a dog house for your German Shepherd, now it’s time to maintain it like cleanliness or other stuff. It’s your responsibility because buying a dog house for your dog isn’t just enough.

You need to take care of this so that it will be clean and usable for the dog which will also keep him away from skin allergies, skin problems, and other diseases. Here are some tips to maintain the dog house for the German Shepherd;

  • The first step is to disinfect the house because it will prevent germs, allergies and etc. you can disinfect products from the market.
  • Secondly, you should clean the accessories and the dog house on a regular basis.
  • Thirdly, if your place is too cold in winter, try to give your dog extra care with a cold-proof layer because it will protect him from cold and he’ll not get sick.
  • The next step is to look for leakages in the house. If you find one then try to fix that because this can be due to rain or other reason.
  • This is the last but not the least tip, you should keep upgrading your dog’s house every year. Make the house hygienic for your German Shepherd.

Frequently Asked Questions 

How big should a dog house be for a German Shepherd?

Of course, the size of the house depends on the size of the dog which you need to measure first. Like measure the height and width of the German Shepherd, then decide which size will be more suitable for your dog. According to me, it is recommended for the German Shepherds that the width of the house will be 9 inches and the height should be 32.1 inches because it will be more convenient for the dog to live there.

What kind of home does a German Shepherd need?

German Shepherds need a house that has enough space for them to run, play and move around. Usually, it is suggested that the space should be at least 4000 square yards because, in this space, German Shepherds can easily run and catch a ball. Besides, this breed of dogs is energetic and large, so they need a wide area. It’s not like they just live in large areas, however, I think they can also live in small places or apartments. 

What is the best environment for a German Shepherd?

If I talk about other breeds, some dogs are good with warmth and others are fine with cold weather conditions. However, it is an amazing trait of the German Shepherds that they are hardy and can live both in places with heat and cold weather situations. For them, it doesn’t matter. I mean they know how to deal with a variety of weather or seasons.

Should German Shepherds be indoor or outdoor?

German Shepherds can be both indoors and outdoors however they are not naturally born to be kept and slept outside. You can keep them with the other family members because it will be more convenient and appropriate for them. In my point of view, it is important to make your dog also an important part of your life first before you adopt a German Shepherd.

Do German Shepherds need a fenced yard?

If you are thinking about the safety of your dog, then trust me you don’t need any kind of fenced area because you should leave them with the chain and run or play in the wide area. However, if you are concerned about your security or any other person’s safety who is not a member of your family and your dog doesn’t know that person, then you can go for a fenced yard. 

Is it better to have a male or female German Shepherd?

Both male and female German Shepherd has their own attributes and traits. Male German Shepherds can be more aggressive by nature whereas females are not. It also depends on your family members which gender of German Shepherd they want to adopt. Moreover, male German Shepherds can perform better when it comes to protection or guardians. 


German Shepherd is an energetic dog and it’s not good to keep your dog outside or let him sleep in the lounge because there can be an impact on his health which may be risky for him.

If you are looking for the best dog house for a German Shepherd then choose it wisely because after all, you are going to spend a good amount on it.

When choosing a dog house, you need to consider a lot of things and determine the dog’s size for the proper house size. you can take some guidance from the above as everything is discussed in detail for your comfort.

There are also reviewed 10 best dog houses for German Shepherd along with their key features, design, and negative points as well. now, it is your choice which one you want to choose but I will suggest you have one with the conscious mind.

Do you want to keep your German Shepherd in a comfortable and clean place where he gets every facility both in summer and winter for his protection than have a dog house for him?

What are you waiting for? Go and have one stylish, comfy and beautiful house for your pet. Best of Luck with Your Best Dog House For a German Shepherd!

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